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Amelia May  nerd | intersectional feminist | floral lover | rollerskater | vegan | glitter bug | one half of @two_wheelers and instructor for @rollerfit

I call this: 'Images From Pinterest' subtitle: 'What I Did Today To Help Me Feel And To Not Feel'

Birthday crown for @jessicamargaret__ featuring her cat Charlie ✨made by me ✨full inspiration credit to @rosynicholas (love your work) ✨#pussypower

His jacket was too dazzling I had to close my eyes

Next week I celebrate 10 years married to this absolute babe.
His kind eyes betray his true nature. I saw it then, as a 15 year old kid who was pretty afraid & sceptical that a relationship could bring more happiness than hurt. And I see it now, sixteen years into our shared lives. To have someone to hold your hand gently through all the pain and joys of life was a gift I never asked for or felt I deserved, and yet fought so hard to grasp and to keep from the very first time we touched hands. Some days I'm still grasping. I never want to become complacent or to diminish what we share.

Matt, thank you for your courage - for living your passion to see justice and equality - for your curiosity - for always calling me on my shit - for supporting my every dream as well as every boundary, and helping me uphold both - for respectfully watching on as I formed myself - and, though you're not a gambling man, for always betting on me. 🙌🏻 I freakin' love you more than the 'Mars' directors loved cheesy close-ups and clicheèd dialogue 🌙💫☄️

When your creative genius husband makes you a collection of earrings for Christmas 😍🎄 you're a bit fabulous @thewhittler

Flashback to this pretty cake by @ziggywoods for the wedding of 💖 I put some flowers on it 🌸

Delicious waratah jungle ❤️💃🏻🎒🦀🍎🍒 thanks @daily_harvest_farm aka Mum

5 seconds later dude came outside and acted like we were stealing his car 🌸 bro I'm just interested in them cherries 🌸🌸🌸

as printed, painted and planted by Matt @thewhittler 😍

Too beautiful not to share ❤️🌊 my honey @two_wheelers sure can take a photo. Adventures with @staceyskates at #bondibeach last weekend.

When you colour match to da x-treme 💜 thank you so much @dd_co @jessica.didonato for all that is fresssh #besthairdresser #purplepeopleeater

Little art work I made today from still life (see previous picture on my instafeed). Pen, watercolor, card, and of course sparkles ✨