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Totally exhausted from the running thingy earlier on😫

" ugly face will bring you amazing sound" can't believe it's the end of our SYF journey. I'm so blessed to be singing with all of you gals and (boy) 😭 it wouldn't be the same without you all🌈 we've had our ups and downs but WE SURVIVED❗️ I LOVE ALL YOU SO MUCH❤️

been keeping this cover for quite awhile now but heh here's a cover I did with Herry :D

LAST but not least is to my family for constantly being there for me and allowing me to reach whatever dreams I have in mind. @muhddanishs , I still don't like u.

+ to all of my friends thank you guys so much for constantly believing in me. and thank you for putting up to my nonsense during the campaign journey❤️

Student council investiture 2017!!! We're one crazy group but I wouldn't ask for another team❤️

wew crazy weeks ahead👼

We're nothing but 🎼. 17 days to SYF. We need a (rest).

I swear this is one heck of a messed up group but I mean we made it!!! 5 DAYS of non-stop nonsense with you guys was totally fun💀 we're so good at screwing things up I salute Mr Arfan for having the patience. Y'all are such cuties I cri everitiem😢 I MISS YALL ALREADY. COOK ME SOME MAGGI PLZ

OBS was fun and I didn't take a lot of pictures so here's one with my monkey.

My cover with Julie has got nothing to do with what I've got to say but OBS is in 2 DAYS. I repeat, OBS is in 2 days☹️

Must be crazy till I'd do a cover at night🤔

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