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what?!? We're old?!?

a picture of me with my favourite Minah and ah lian // BUT YAY TO THE END OF FIRST SEMESTER🎉

20 days left!!!🎭

congrats @muhddanishs , you're finally good at something!!! // but wew last pic throwbackkk I can't

Happy mommas day🌈

what a unique way to celebrate the 3 weeks of misery🎉🙆👻

SWIPE for a Mendes cover🙆

This post is dedicated to the guy that would run the extra mile just to make sure that I'm a safe human being⛄️ One of the few friends that stayed throughout all the craps that I've done. For some inexplicable reason, you taught me the real meaning of love and friendship & I thank you for that. Cheers to more dumb talks, funny rants and try hard Micheal Jordan shots. Happy 15 birthday jermy. Stay nerdy.

& one with the singing buddy🤘😜

all the best for em papers frens🤘🌈

Totally exhausted from the running thingy earlier on😫

" ugly face will bring you amazing sound" can't believe it's the end of our SYF journey. I'm so blessed to be singing with all of you gals and (boy) 😭 it wouldn't be the same without you all🌈 we've had our ups and downs but WE SURVIVED❗️ I LOVE ALL YOU SO MUCH❤️

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