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Amber Smith  Happiness is real when shared. Love people, use things // ♻️🐾🌱☯️ //

Change of times🌞🌉

Change of scenery🌕🏙

••when people said that it was raining all the time I see sunshine, cause I know that you are mine🎶•• 🌲🥀

We enjoyed some macarons and spent some time with these sweet baby angels at the sweetest cat cafe this weekend. This place is helping so many cats find forever homes🐱🐈🌻💛 #adoptdontshop

Be guided by your intuition. Coincidences do not happen by chance. Everything and everyone is where they are for a reason. Once we become aware of these coincidences we can be more receptive to the messages the universe is trying to give us.

••🌿grandma’s house vibrations👁•• growing,changing,evolving👣

“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.” Can we just love one another already. Hatred, resentment, violence, revenge - where does that get you?

••Mindfulness for today•• Anger is a natural emotion that will occur, but it is about HOW you deal with this anger that matters. Staying angry at something is completely YOUR decision you are making for yourself!! YOU CHOOSE to stay in that mindset. Find the tolerance, find the peacefulness to recognize the anger. Ask yourself, “why am I angry?” Is it really worth depleting your energy over something that someone else did? Maybe you are angry at something you did. MOVE ON and realize the mistake and LEARN AND GROW from it. Leave the past in the past and be in the present moment. Do not let anger overtake you.

••Appreciative of these beautiful fall days. Take some time today to just be. Enjoy the nature around you. Don’t worry about the time or the work you have. Take the time to connect with our Mother Earth in whatever way that may be for you. Truly appreciate what we have••🍂🥀🍁🌞

••We are born free of prejudice, free of judgement, free of hatred. We are born as loving and compassionate beings and that is still inside each and every one of us. We need to go back to our roots of compassion and free ourselves from judgement and hatred for others. Compassion and love for ALL LIVING BEINGS •• 🌿🌻👁🐄☀️ ( photo is quote from Marianne Williamson )

••Oct.25•• giving thanks to our wonderful Earth for all the beauty it gives🌙🌏🌻☀️

••Our physical body is a shell for our soul to reside in. Our body is our home, it is our temple we should treat it with love and care. Celebrate and appreciate it••🌏🌸🌙👁

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