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Marany💋  Authentic Soul 🌞 touching ❤️'s Aspire to Inspire before you Expire #LoveIsKey 🔑 ..A warrior's mentality w/a poet's soul 🙏🏽👑🇰🇭 NY-CHI ✈️


My baby getting chubby Lol 💙


He's getting so big in such little time 💙😩 My baby boy

Once I pressed play, my whole life change just like that ❤️ I love you Mase

The way he looks up & stares at me ❤️ He knows his Momma got him

You come 2nd to none 👑 MJB

God's greatest gift to me 💙 Mason Jabriel Brown 👑 April 4th, 2017 🍼 5 lbs & 18 inches 🙏🏽 Born at 35 weeks.. The sweetest thing I ever met ❣️

Nobody's about you how Im bout you 💙 I could of taken the easy way out but that never crossed my mind, I'd be loosing out on the biggest blessing from God #StrongMom #DontWorryYaMommaGdUp

Officially 30 weeks today 💙 From the moment I found out I was having you, I already knew I was keeping you. Despite all odds formed against me..We became one. I choose to create peace within & around me 🙏🏽👼🏽#YouCanAlwaysRelyOnMe

My favorite sound 👼🏽💙 There are days Im tempted to rest but I'd rather keep going cause you'll deserve everything 👑 #MommaGoinHardForTheKid


B̟e̟e̟n̟ t̟h̟r̟o̟u̟g̟h̟ t̟h̟e̟ m̟u̟d̟, b̟u̟t̟ I̟ n̟e̟v̟e̟r̟ l̟e̟t̟ i̟t̟ t̟a̟i̟n̟t̟ m̟e̟ 💎 #S̟o̟l̟i̟d̟A̟s̟A̟G̟e̟m̟

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