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Ambi Pur India  Make your home guest-ready this festive season with Ambi Pur!

Glad to have been a part of this refreshing memory, a good trip down memory lane @namratabs @boman_irani :) .
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29th June 2015 - A Day I Will Remember for Eternity

I had won a contest run on Twitter by #AmbiPur, for which the prize was the opportunity to meet the charismatic @boman_irani who was their brand ambassador. Soon after, I got a call from the firm representing Ambi Pur India that not only was I getting a chance to meet him in person, but they were also flying me out to Mumbai for the day on an all expenses paid trip!

I was nervous, excited, apprehensive and confused all at the same time.

Nervous because it would be the first time that I was going to leave my kiddos behind.

Excited because who wouldn't be at the thought of meeting a genuine Bollywood celebrity!

Apprehensive because I wasn't sure if my kids were going to be OK in my absence.

Confused because feeling this mix of emotions was something very new for me, I had always been (and still am!) a super confident woman used to making spur of the moment decisions.

But then, my family rallied around me. They encouraged me to go, reassured me that my kids would be well looked after and promised to keep me updated every hour of the day (although later they never did any of those, and frankly I was having too good a time to even bother, because I was secure in the knowledge that they were well looked after!)
The day itself in Mumbai was surreal. The team who was with me all day was awesome. They took me around Mumbai, I saw how an ad was shot in the studio and of course, met THE MAN Boman Irani himself. He was a thorough gentleman, speaking to me like he was my best friend and happily posing for a selfie with me. He also gifted me a pair of golden Swaroswki earrings that I cherish till date.

This trip was important for many reasons. Not only did it give me chance to step out alone for the first time since becoming a mommy, it reassured my belief that my kids would be OK even if I went back to working full time (which I did soon after!) and also strengthened my resolve to allow myself some me-time once in a while, to rejuvenate and relax!

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