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Amber Tamblyn  Official Amber Tamblyn page. Author. Director. Actress. PAINT IT BLACK in theaters this April. UNCERTAINTY poem:

Oh hi there. Guess what? According to the Constitution, If Donald Trump colluded with Russia and obtained the Presidency illegally-- meaning by cheating-- and if he is forced to resign specifically over said offense, then it's not Mike Pence who takes his place and becomes the President.

It's someone else.

My multi-talented sister America directed her first episode of SUPERSTORE and it airs tomorrow night. So proud of her and can't wait to watch! #Repost @americaferrera with @repostapp
"Once I started to see [directing] as something I would like to do, then I had to start asking myself, Well, why am I not doing it and what’s standing in my way? Truth be told, a lot of what was standing in my way was the feeling that I might fail. Fear of failure stops us from doing a lot." The episode I directed of @nbcsuperstore airs tomorrow night and I had a great conversation and photo shoot with @vulture and @nymag about it! We may have also touched upon my activism, my Latino identity, and just about everything else! Read the whole interview and see the rest of photographer @miss_ramona 's gorgeous pics via link in my bio.
Thanks to #MariaElenaFernandez for a wonderful interview. And big ups to the glam squad:
Hair: @hairbyaviva
Makeup: @sagemaitri
Styling: @tiffanichynel

Happy #NationalPoetryDay with this beautiful, small, painfully true gem by Nayyirah Waheed.

My daughter is growing her payos out nicely. Good morning, world! Marlow loves you! #Repost @davidcrossofficial with @repostapp
Somehow my wife gave birth to a 55 year old furrier from Crown Heights. I'm investigating.

My wonderful friend @elsamariecollins wrote a powerful essay for Lenny Letter on talking to her kids about race. A must read. #Repost @lennyletter with @repostapp
Elsa Collins didn't think she needed to talk to her kids about race when they were still young. She was wrong. Read her essay on our site now. #LennyLetter Illustration by Maria Herreros

The one day I decide to put mascara on Hillary Clinton sends us this letter for our daughter. Crying now. A letter from one spectacular woman who has lived so much to another who has only just begun. My heart is as full as this diaper I'm about to change. Thank you, Hillary,grandmother to us all.

Imagine something comparable being said about a man speaking at the UN. Yeah. You can't.

Europe! If @emilywellsmusic is coming to your city on this tour,go see her. Do everything you can to see her. She is one of the best live performances I've ever seen. She is a living, breathing, singing poem.

#ADayWithoutWomen #Repost @amypoehlersmartgirls with @repostapp
What is life without women? Smart Girl @AmberRoseTamblyn tells us in her poem "Uncertainty." Click the link in the bio to read the full piece 👆#ADayWithoutWomen

Inspired by A Day Without Women. New poem up at Smart Girls: U for UNCERTAINTY

At dawn on this day,
men wake as slivered lunar shadows;
waxing masculine,
waning strands of strength;
partial projections of living,
the lonesome s’il vous plait of silhouettes.
Men yawn, reach for a bigger, better breast,
stare at their ceilings and think about
what they can control today.
Men roll over in bed and kiss
no one good morning,
on this particular morning,
on this particular day.
Men rise, dress, don’t eat breakfast, drink weak coffee and share mediocre jokes
with the kitchen curtains.
Men spend the day sharing
very little with each other
and even less with themselves;
their hearts hungry,
wholly alone souls
like spooked colts adrift from a harras of mothers.
(What’s a mother, They ask each other.)
Men get ready for work,
walk by a room in their house
built for a daughter
they do not have,
they step out onto the street
and fall in line
with the rhymthless strides of other men--
a sea of them.
Only men.
All day they shake hands, their worlds
a stench of shoelace and old pillows.
Men eat soft steaks for lunch and daydream of rare, tender mouths.
They do not bathe.
They just put cologne over the problem.
Men spend the day
surrounded by themselves
and the repetition of their own-ness, the monotony of same alchemy; chromosomal homogeny.
They are their bosses, their friends, their waiters, their teachers, their house keepers,
their President, their mail man,
their strippers, their family, their cooks, their artists, their care takers, their activists, their accountants.
Men spend the day fighting
other men as a form of conversation, speak from what they know, never what they feel. Use weapons as sex,
and get into wars as ways
to say I Love You. .
(What is love, They ask each other.)
Men come home to silence.
Men come home to television.
To the succulent scents of past, to hollow refrigerators,
to unopened shaving kits and the echoes of their snores.
They greet their egos at their front doors...(full poem in bio)

I'm doing this. And will have a new poem up today at Amy Poehler's Smart Girls inspired by it. #Repost @bust_magazine with @repostapp
Tomorrow is international women’s day and we will be participating in A Day Without a Woman Strike. Here is the deal, if you can safely strike, do it, do not engage in paid or unpaid labor, if not, and we understand that many women cannot, here are a few options:
1. Wear RED in solidarity 2. Avoid spending money (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses that support gender, racial, and economic equity/Day Without A Woman) 3. Over on we’ve started to compile a list of women’s owned businesses that we will be expanding on this year. 4. Find a protest in your area. NYC is convening at noon up near Central Park. 5. Hang out with your sisters, help a woman out.
Make sure to follow @womensmarch for more info. #DayWithoutAWoman #IStrikeFor
Image by @marisolmuro

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