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Amber O.  Illustrator, Mom, Mobile Game AD📱SF Bay Area Native living in LA 👶🏻📷: @chubbycheeksjuniper

Happy first Father's Day to this handsome fellow. While I'm at the office, he's doing the real work of raising our girl. Everyday he feeds, cleans, teaches, and entertains her. He reads her books, takes her for walks, goes to the park, the library, the store. He plays with her for hours and shows her endless patience. I'm so grateful and proud. 💕

My favorite comic artist @lucyknisley generously did a series of amazing babby portraits for her Patreons! Here's the one she did for @chubbycheeksjuniper! It might be my most favorite thing ever. ✨⭐️✨
Thank you again @lucyknisley, you da best❤️

Also: Happy Birthday @peopleiknow, you dreamboat, you!

Bald baby love doodles

@mochamura and @chubbycheeksjuniper got some fussy cuddles in this weekend. Fun fact; my sister is 6 years younger then me and I remember helping take care of her when she was a baby. That said, probably twice a week I accidentally call June, "Meg."

@lucasmo and I read to @chubbycheeksjuniper a LOT, and while some of the books are amazing, most just aren't great. So when I stumbled over this workbook in the bargain bin at a bookstore I picked it up with the idea that I'd try to do one exercise a week. I'm annoyed at myself for constantly saying I'm going to try something and then not doing it; so here we are on the social medias to keep me accountable. The first exercise is creating a list of couplets about a blue mouse in a house ala Dr Seuss #childrensbooks #rhymes #writingexercise #kidsbooks

A little traumatized by her 6 month doctor's visit. She looks like she's seen too much. Also please note her anger uni-brow, which only appears when she's been screaming.

6 months! 🎉🎈💕✨

Babies who brunch. Please note the ridiculous hairdo June is rocking. Do I cut the last bit of hair off or keep doing the old man comb over??

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Finn!

Imma talk about some heavy stuff for a second, so here's a Finn pic to distract y'all.
These past 5 months have irrevocably altered who I am as a woman and a person. I had heard it would, but never really believed that it would happen to me. I thought a baby would add to my existence in the same way that traveling in a foreign country might; A deepening of experience and emotion. What I did not expect was to emerge from this someone I barely recognize. I'm trying to figure out who I am now, and in many ways this move to LA is to give me the space to do that unencumbered by history. I have moments of doubt, anxiety, and deep regret, but I know if I don't try I'll always wonder.

Packing rarely yields treasures such as this. #mancrushmonday

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