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Amber Lewis  Momma,wife,designer,blogger, Reality TV buff,cat wrestler, kindergarten graduate,head honcho @shoppe_by_ai πŸ‘»//amberinteriors

From moody walls to just about the brightest room you can get! Check out the other angles of this art and sleeping loft we did for #clientforrealzthenicestpeopleontheplanet // πŸ“· @tessaneustadt //

Moody walls, moody rug, super cozy sofa = the perfect combo for a cool den. #clientztotheetothenagain // πŸ“· @tessaneustadt //

Love a corner... don't you? Especially one that looks like dis one from #clientradtrad !! // πŸ“· @tessaneustadt //

I sure do love this little Shoppe of ours. We will be celebrating 2 years open as a brick and mortar on September 17th and holy moly...
How has it gone so fast??!! I am fortunate enough to get to run this biz with my hubs (who BTW has a big birthday on Thursday) and I could not have asked for a better partner to ride this wild wave with! Every year we continue to grow as a business and as a couple, and being able to accomplish these lofty and seemingly impossible goals with the person you love the most, is rare and special. So anyways, this is a weird poSt, but the bottom line is... thanks to all our our continued supportive customers both new and old, thank you to our vendors who continue to inspire us daily and provide such beautiful and unique things to fill our store with, thanks to @mikerlewis for being 100% awesome, thanks to a team who kick the most ass EVER, and please, if you don't follow @shoppe_by_ai you should, cause it's good and stuff!! #sappypost #shoppeisdope #shopsmall #ilovemyjob // everything in this vignette from the store is for sale, just ask @shoppe_by_ai !! //

Bummed we never got to shoot this house professionally.... so #crappyiphonepicsaremyjam will be the only way to check the splendor of the largest island on earth! #clienttupacmeetsbiggietodecoratethesediggies

Who designed this kitchen??? PLEASE INTERNET... TELL ME! I need to call them and thank them for being kick arse! UPDATE:: DESIGN @oliviaobryaninc

After a day like today I could use a cocktail. In fact, I could sit at this bar all night actually... but I can't cause I am now sitting on a delayed plane again with no fancy bar in sight! Not complaining because it's a damn dream job that I get to go to... but still, a girl can whine, while dreaming about wine.. right?? // πŸ“· @tessaneustadt #clientztotheetothenagain //

This is a STARK white contrast to the majority of all of our build projects right now. You MuST check my Insta Stories for a look at all the behind the scenes. This pretty master bath is from #clientztotheetothenagain πŸ“· @tessaneustadt
QUestion... I am on the fence about showing progress photos.. but would you guys dig them? Or should I Lee them for the stories? Do tell!

What a day everyone!! What is new??? Tell me?! I haven't come up for air in hours!! Here is a little room from #clientztotheetothenagain πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ“· @tessaneustadt

I love this!!!!! The green, the tile, the brassy bits... 😍 SO PRETTY! Credit via @space.v.t.interiors

Knowing real work life starts back tomorrow is pretty scary. I am still in Mexico Mode and my inbox is "the shining" movie scary. HEY, ya know what else doesn't help and is equally as scary? An attempted break in to your office on a Sunday afternoon. Thank gosh the extremely loud alarm must have freaked them out and they ran without Robbing us blind. Lovely Sunday evening scare πŸ˜‘ ANYWAYS, I will always love this bathroom, at least that's positive #clientohhiojai πŸ“· @tessaneustadt

Usually by day 5 of vacay, I am ridden with anxiety and itching to get back to work. This trip to Mexico, I literally could have stayed another week, happily and anxiety free! So back to work i go, but no complaints when work looks like this!! Sweet vignette at @shoppe_by_ai where literally everything is purchasable!! #homebound #shoppeisdope

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