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Amber Lewis  Momma,wife,designer,blogger, Reality TV buff,cat wrestler, kindergarten graduate,head honcho @shoppe_by_ai 👻//amberinteriors

We are currently doing a couple houses that we are remodeling, but trying to make look original and older, but totally modern and timeless!! It’s basically nothing but fun times and takes some skill level! This kitchen looks pretty damn gorge and had the older but newer vibe. Image via @ruggles_mabe_studio !! Also, is #sundaykwanda time!! DM me your questions and I’ll answer by 8pm PST.... TOMORROW NOW ! Sorry :)

Would love to just curl up here all day and watch all the seasons of Arrested Development from the beginning, for the 26 time !! Who would join me 🙋🏼‍♀️?? // 📷 @tessaneustadt #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses //

OK so I have ALWAYS been a big fan of green... like literally my fave color since I was a kid. However this Kitchen, which you have seen no doubt 9,346,732 times, is my ALL TIME FAVORITE USE OF GREEN IN AN INTERIOR EVER. ALSO, because I don’t want to get virtually pinched by 550k people ( hi all you new followers👋🏻!) I will show you this photo AGAIN! #sosueme #clientohhiojai // 📷 @tessaneustadt //

SO we are a GO to break ground on our house!!!!!!!!!!! We have cleared the city and all the crazy steps that must be taken, and checked all the bureaucratic boxes so we can pick up the permits on the 24th!!! You better believe I will be the worst client I have ever had. I am still deciding on my Cedar siding, to black siding, to white board and batten, to black roof ratio... and for sure i will make my mind up and change my mind 432 times. Then, as if I wasn’t annoying enough, I stumbled on this beauty... and BAM makes me go straight back to being confused! Thanks @mhousedevelopment for making me more confused with the beautiful exterior of this all black house. #clientmemyselfandI 📷 @stofferphotographyinteriors

“Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead” ... Next time you visualize your unique path in life....visualize this hallway. It is essentially a life metaphor now, you can thank me later for all your success..ha! #hallwaymetaphors HAPPY FREAKIN FRIDAY!! // 📷 @tessaneustadt #clientohhiojai //

The obsession for this room just wont go away. In fact, in our new house we literally start building in a month-ish has floor to ceiling windows just like this, and it makes me THE MOST EXCITED!! Who’s with me? We still all obsessed with the steel floor to ceiling windows 🙋🏼‍♀️ // image via @c.magazine // @jennikayne old house!!!!

YOU GUYS.. ok sorry I’ll stop yelling at you. NO BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. I HAVE HUGE NEWS!!!! Guess what will be coming to a bookshelf, side table, Amazon, coffee table near you????? MY FRICKIN BOOK FINALLY!!!!!!! Just last week I finally signed on with the publisher of my dreams @ClarksonPotter with the help of the best team @niconiconicot and @angelinborsics who are quite literally superstars!!! It’s gonna be a long wait, but I promise to let you in on progress along the way. Hard work pays off PINCH ME!! // this bed would look great with my book on it... just sayin// 📷 @tessaneustadt #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses // BED FROM @shoppe_by_ai //

Dark blue tiles on this powder room from #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses make me “H”’to the “A”’to the “PPY” ... double tap if you are equally as happy ❤️❤️ 👆🏻 and don’t forget to head to the Notorious B.L.O.G for the full home tour!!

There will be no stopping anytime soon... because why would I ?? I LOVE THIS HOUSE, and I LOVE getting the chance to do something different! The biggest compliment I have received after y’all have perused this project, is that even though this is such a different style than you are all used to from me, it still looks like something we designed 😊 That is truly the goal! Thank you! #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses // 📷 @tessaneustadt //

If you missed the HEADLINE NEWS ON today.. THIS FULL HOME TOUR is up on the BLOG! The link is up there 👆🏻, so please go look! Don’t forget to double tap before you leave though... cause I am into begging for affection now. 😂👌🏻❤️❤️ // #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses 📷 @tessaneustadt //

IT’S ALIVE!!! AND LIVE! After years..literally #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses is up on the Notorious B.L.O.G for your perusal! I linked it up there 👆🏻 BUT before you go...double tap! // 📷 @tessaneustadt //

Ok I promise the blog post will go live tomorrow... I PROMISE!!! Don’t worry it will be worth the wait 😊// #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses 📷 @tessaneustadt //

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