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Amber Harmony Simon  Wife of @keirsimon Mom to Xavier James Founder of Health & Harmony Nutrition (DM me for info!) Marketing & Events Extraordinaire ✌🏻 Dallas & Buffalove

5 months with Xavier James. ❤️
He is the happiest baby even though he hates naps and rarely sleeps during the day lately. He loves to smile and flirt with the ladies. He’s crushing tummy time and can roll over like a champ. He’s even sat up a few times on his own. He still LOVES kisses and snuggling with his mom and dad (thank goodness!).
We love you Baby Zay. Keep crushing life my sweet boy...
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Buffalo in the fall is the place to be. 🍁 🍁
So thankful I was able to go home this past weekend with Zay. We had the best time ever with the best people ever but we missed @keirsimon the whole time. We all can’t wait to be home for Christmas! ♥️ 🍁 🍁
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Apple Cinnamon Pancakes are the best way to kick off one of the first days in Dallas that actually feel like fall. 🍁 Ready to learn more or sign up for Health & Harmony Nutrition coaching? I create customized meal plans including dishes like this that will get you to your health & fitness goals? DM me for more info. I’ve got some fall specials I’d love to share!
🍎 Check out my story or highlights for the recipe.
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There are times when he is in my arms where everything just seems so right. Like, this is exactly where I am meant to be and my love for him is unlike anything else.
Other times...I’m just trying to get him to sleep. 🤣
His smiles are best part of my day and his coos make me do whatever it takes to hear them. He’ll be rolling over before we know it.
4 months in with you Baby Zay. You’re amazing in every way. 😍
Cc: @keirsimon

The three best friends that anyone could have. ❤️
Cc: @keirsimon
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I’m so lucky to call my family members friends. ❤️ Best weekend with the best people. #buffalove #babyzay #xavierjames #firsttimetobuffalo #love #family

3 months old, forever to go.

This little man has our heart.

Watching you grow is our new favorite thing, Xavier James.
cc: @keirsimon
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Two months with Baby Zay. ❤️
He couldn’t be any more perfect to us.
📷: @keirsimon

Bath time is the best time. 💕 •
#zaysmom #babyzay #xavierjames #sweetboy #family #love #bathtime

6 weeks
43 days
3 nights in my own bed
1 home cooked meal (thanks @krinkjazz)
Countless visitors
Many heartfelt texts, prayers, good vibes given
About 500 ham and cheese omelets bc that’s all that was good at the hospital
2 jars of peanut butter
10+ incredible nurses
1000+ photos taken
A few tears, lots of laughs and countless smiles...
Finally, we are home and loving life with Baby Zay. ❤️

Our sweet baby Zay kept us in Dallas at the hospital this past weekend but my heart was in Buffalo with all my family celebrating my Grandma Gail’s life.
She was a spitfire, a strong woman that didn’t back down, a mother of 5 girls who she loved so dearly, a grandma to a ton of kids (see photo!) who she made feel so special, a wife, a bowler, a golfer, a softball player, a sports fanatic, a great cook, and a beautiful person inside and out.
She loved when @keirsimon and I visited her when we were home and we loved it just as much.
She helped me fall in love with sports at a young age which changed my life forever and led me to where I am today.
She helped to get me the coolest summer job ever at Bryncliff Golf Course where I made countless memories and friends.
She was my first visitor (with my mom) when I moved to Dallas. She loved/hated that trip and thought the airport was just WAY to big (😂) but she loved the zoo.
She planned the best holiday parties at the bowling alley.
She had the most beautiful gardens and we loved walking them with her every time we went to her house.
She loved a quality “cheeseburg” and made the best cheesy potatoes.
She raised my mom, @michellemichalekreile, and she did it right bc my mom is the most wonderful, hardworking, giving, smart, fun person I know and her 4 sisters are just as incredible.
I could go on and on...
Gosh, she will be missed but memories of her will live on forever. I wish she could have met Xavier but I know she is looking down on him with the cute smile she always had when babies were around her.
Family is everything and we are so lucky to have an amazing one to lean on during these times whether near or far. ❤️ I love you all and know that you celebrated Gram’s life to the fullest on Saturday.

5 weeks in with Baby Zay and we’ve decided we really, really like each other. ❤️ (PS-How has it been 5 weeks already?!)
#actuallyweloveeachother #zaysmom #babyzay #xavierjames #love #family

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