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Go follow my new insta. Fresh start. <3

New meal plan came in this weekend along with my new workouts:) #happy #healthy #fitness #weightssexandprotienshakes #proteinshake #oats #almonds

Good luck to Johnny and his beautiful bride in a long happy marriage #pattersonwedding #justromance #wedding #bestwishes #bride #groom

This makes me happy because this cat use to be scared of me:) buddy and I are buddies now. Ive even got him purrin like a babe. Just call me the kitty whisperer from now on. Btw hes about as big if not bigger than my top half #kitty #catsofinstagram #cat #buddy #mainecoon #maincooncat

Because im the worlds best at picking out the most annoying #birthday cards #happybirthday #funny #spongebob

But seriously. I don't feel like picking out dressy cloths to wear right now

She likes eggs too so much she dug her claws in my leg. #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #kitten #cat #petsofinstagram #muffins #mybaby

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY to this night he broke my shades when we were boxing. I know he left earlier this week for basic but @harrybones92 I have you have fun with the navy! #twinkies #bestie #navy

#tbt to something a lot of people don't know or didn't know about me I've struggled with a eating disorder my whole life I can't say im perfect now but I do eat and healthier too. I bounced from 100-110 bls these were all my most recent pictures before I took control of my life. my senior prom my dress was a size 0 and still too big. The week before every cheer competition I wouldn't eat at all not even like a bite or two of something or a friends lunch and I would always come off stage blacking out. But that is who I WAS not who I AM now. I can't say I dont still skip meals but I can say I don't force it back up. Im not proud of what I did to my body but I'm making it better in the gym and eating. I wasnt happy with my body even when I was that small but im happier now im not where I want to be but im getting there. We all have our own stories and they make us who we are.

Perks of having Hunter knight as my coach >>> things are getting real. #training #fitness #health #personaltrainer #middleschoolbesties #cantwait #timetogetshredded

My beautiful Aunt Freda Gail. Yes I'm named after her and she's my godmother and was my twin till I went long and black but now we look like sisters again. Honestly one of the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Wig shop...

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