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Amber Rhodes  Dog mom. Actress. Model. Vegan. Cooking show host. Crystals. Freelance hustler. Natures child. Master creator.

What do I do on my Friday nights staying in with Rowdy while he recovers? Make wolf hair necklaces! (Naturally shed) Some with and without crystals. 100% of proceeds go to the @wildlifesciencecenter reserve yours now! Etsy store coming soon! (Vials w/o necklace avail as well) Swipe to see close up pic #wolf #spiritanimal #jewelry #wolfhair #nature #animals #pack #love #loyalty #instagood #instadaily #nonprofit #naturejewelry #poweranimal #wildlifesciencecenter

The CT scan image of my child’s body. I see so much beauty. Each bone, each organ, and his heart. His beautiful, large heart. There it is. How can something be so beautiful and perfect? Then you see the disease monsters clouding up that beauty with their cancer sickness.
My child doesn’t look like most children, & the way people talk about my child’s life when you tell them about the disease monster & your child’s age of 9. They say, well they are pretty old, & wow those surgeries are so expensive, why go through all of that. Shocking I know. How could anyone talk about the LIFE of your CHILD that way? You look at your baby & see their love for you, & you as a mother, would do ANYTHING it takes to keep them alive and happy. You’d give your own organs if you could. Anything to take the disease monsters away. You don’t want to leave them ever, but you still have to go to work, you still have obligations. When people ask you about your child, and you fill them in they are sympathetic and in awe of how good they are doing all things considered, then you tell them your child is a dog, and their demeanor changes, they aren’t AS sympathetic for you, they go -Well it’s just a dog, they don’t live that long anyways, or “Oh I thought you meant a real human child was going through this” So I ask you, what’s the difference? Because his physical form? Doesn’t matter the physical form. As a mother, I still felt & feel all of these REAL emotions, I was & am still up with my child at all hours of the night if they aren’t feeling well & I am equally as destroyed as any other mother finding out about these disease monsters now trying to take the most pure heart that you’ve ever experienced in your life. Am I crushed? Yes. Am I frustrated & pissed off? Yes. Am I going to give up? Hell no. My son is so full of life & is living it to it’s fullest each day. So I start new research. At home chemo starts in 2.5 weeks. I will take on this disease monster. #barkcancer #teamrowdy #imamom #myson #herodog #loveconquersall #mychild #instadaily

Need my prayer and good vibes army for sweet Rowdy today as he goes for a CT scan and surgery for removal of a tumor. He's smiling and vibrant and full of life and I know he's so strong and along with my love and strength, all the good vibes and prayers out there from all of you, will help him keep rockin and rolling for years to come! #teamrowdy #barkcancer #herodog

Got the most beautiful gift from my mom for Mother's Day, a found animal scull. So much beauty and I am curious of the life he/she lived.

Small break between filming 📽. Tea aaaand coffee 😳 #ohboy #caffiene #sunshine #saintpaul #film #coffeebreak

Last shot of the night clearing the killers house for "The Entity" • Day 3 here we go! ☕️🔦📽🚔 photo by: @ohbloodyhale_ #actor #onset #detectives #la #mn #indie #whipsandchainshandcuffs #booty #whysoserious

So much fun on set tonight, and so lucky to be working along side such amazingly talented actors! #detectives #horror #horrorfilm #copdrama #indie #actor #setlife #mnmade

Day 2 filming on set playing bad ass detective for "The Entity" with an awesome cast and crew! #film #actor #ilovemyjob #pretenddetective #howsmyrestingbitchface #instagood #setlife #la #mn

Full moon tonight lovers! 🌕 don't forget to set out your crystals to clear and set new intentions for yourself #mooninscorpio #amethyst #crystals #quartz #agate #fullmoon #moon #luna #love #light

For all the dog moms out there takin care of their pups like LADY BOSSES. 🔈watch the rest link in their bio. @bark worth it. Well done ladies. #dogmom #redrocket #fritofeet #animalsoverhumans

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