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Amber Blank  Not all those who wander are lost.

Sorry ladies he’s TAKIN. Sorry if you find my puns PANDA-ering.

*FRIENDS theme song begins to play in the distance*

I am a year and three months sober today, clean from drugs, alcohol, bulimia and cutting. I look back at how things used to be and I’m so grateful to be free from the blackouts, the hangovers, the withdrawals, and the trauma that comes with a life of addiction. Sobriety has brought me so much, health, friends, a desire to do good and be good to myself and others. I’m getting married??? Proud and happy to be alive today. And to not look like something that crawled out of a sweat lagoon.

Friendly reminder that someone who is blackout drunk cannot consent! This is not simply a moral concept, it is science. Nothing in the front brain is firing off when blackout drunk. Practicing safe sex means pursuing consent! Sober sex is better sex! Take care of each other ❤️

Recreation of which iconic group of meddlers? 🐕

R.I.P. the full Juul pod I lost

Me and my fiancée at dinner post proposal where he had surprised me by having my parents be there waiting to celebrate with us (yes I cried ok I’m human)


idk if ya’ll know the story but these two 30+ old men were roommates in rehab and these two young ladies were roommates in rehab and against all odds (and rules) THEY ALL FELL IN LOVE and now those two are MARRIED with a BABY on the way!!! And it’s EMILY’s BIRTHDAY!! I’m so proud of her journey and strength, I love her dearly!! This whole bunch is so full of love, recovery, and hope, I’m so grateful for each of them. Emily, your life is such a gift to me and I wish I could give you something to rival it on your birthday, all I have is my love ❤️❤️❤️

⚪️⚫️ Thank you @forresthicksphoto

ANOTHER beach photo?!

Unstable cliffs!!

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