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Amber Bertoldo 

"you don't need the prince charming at the end to have a happy ending" 👑 - K.P

"you can't clip my wings, can't wilt my flowers"🌻- K.P

"so keep calm, honey, i'ma stick around for more than a minute, get used to it" 🐝- K.P

"acceptance is the key to be truly free"🔑- K.P

I can't explain how happy I was that this had happened as I only attended amplify just to see you because I fckn love you so much and never thought that I would have the chance to meet my favourite iconic badass bitch like what do you mean? but here I am and I would just like to say that she is legit the sweetest person!! and I will continue to support you no matter what and am so grateful to have this opportunity as it was the greatest, I still can't get over the fact this this happened as I have been waiting for years to even see you live and that it isn't a wish anymore thank qqq ❤️ @tanamongeau #proactivxamplify2017 #proactivxamplify #postivebeauty #tanamongeau #amplifylive2017 @tanamongeau


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