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AMBC  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable trail access for off-road bicyclists.

“Sometimes you give a beating, sometimes you take a beating” says local legend Jeremy MacAskill. **No trails were hurt in this video.** There’s still time to buy raffle tickets to win a @transitionbikes‼️ 🚲Wait there’s more! @noxcomposites @industry_nine @fox complete your dream bike. ✅

It’s not always sunny in Knoxville! There are trails you can ride...BUT... we want more for our #yearroundgetdown! Money from your ticket will help us make Marie Myer a great ride no matter the weather. The other news is that you could win a BIKE!

Blah blah blah, but tell me about the bike. You ask, we listen. But your ticket by clicking the link in our BIO! Who needs a new kick ass bike? No really, you might. 😬 awkward. @transitionbikes @noxcomposites @tnvalleybikes @fox @industry_nine. WIN IT

#tuesdaytagging! Have you gotten your raffle ticket yet? Fall Fest is right around the corner! Link in BIO‼️ sorry about your face 🤣😳 #yearroundgetdown with @transitionbikes @noxcomposites @industry_nine @fox @tnvalleybikes

You’ve waited for it long enough. Ok, we know you better, it’s ok we’ll give it to you anyway! For those in the back it’s the one the only JEREMY MACASKILL. He’s ready for Fall Fest are you?
Follow our raffle partners @transitionbikes @industry_nine @fox @noxcomposites and @tnvalleybikes‼️ Link in BIO **no Transition Bikes were harmed in this video**

Ain’t no party like an AMBC WORK PARTY 🎶 Get your volunteer spirit on! We have a work day October 14th that is going to be helping bridge building in Marie Myers, working on small projects at Baker and Re route on chain ring. Meet at Baker Creek! ** LUNCH ** @sokno_taco 🌮

Bring gloves 🧤 , water 💦 and a kick ass 🐴 attitude. (kickass attitude optional) #mtblife #workday

The magic that is @fox in a box‼️ Great tour and we look forward to the gift shop and seeing you at #FallFest. Thank you for being part of the #yearroundgetdown. 🦊

Just took a little tour of @industry_nine. It’s going to take a minute to process all the RAD! So many colors and processes. Thanks to Freddie for the throwdown tour and knowledge drop. #workhardrideharder

When you are heading to @visitasheville to see @industry_nine and @fox you stop at @wildlovebakehouse to bring them a taste of heaven. Don’t worry @noxcomposites we’ll try not to eat your. 😉 #roadtrip

Have you met Jeremy MacAskill? He’s a legend round these parts. So as not to give you the vapors we’re just teasing you tonight. Click the link in our BIO to get your raffle tickets. Picture it your own @transitionbikes with @industry_nine, @fox and @noxcomposites. Now see yourself riding in the Urban Wilderness. 🔮

We were so busy thinking you were playing the air guitar that we almost missed the dog! 🤣 📷 @powdrskier
Gotta gotta get up to git down...year round! #yearroundgetdown #ambcfallfestival #moguldog @ambcknox

Who is ready for #yearroundgetdown❓ @fountain_city_pedaler that’s who! We warned you that we’d be showing up...

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