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Ash  Mann kahe ki mai le aaun chand aur taare saare, Inn haathon par mai chand rakhun, Is maang mein bhar doon taare. . 👑 .

@beatking_sumedh Aap na hote toh humara kya hota, hum gareebo ko Sumedh-La-La-Land mei waqt ka pata hi na chalta 😭
PS. For you to realize how much a part of our lives are you. You are is jagah, us jagah, har jagah ❤


Happy birthday baby love ❤

You know how dear you are to me. It is great to have you around, always. Stay happy, stay beautiful. Keep laughing, keep loving Sumedh. Think a little less, live a little more, idiot. Be super famous and rich. Make me proud 😂
With love and prayers. ✨

Take care, God Bless x
PS. I love you.
PSS. Tere liye shayari in the audio 😂❤ @beatking_sumedh budday wish for the budday girl pleeeeeej ❤

My khaandaan asking for @beatking_sumedh's haalchaal 😂
Now she starts crying as soon as she looks at me because 💔💔💔💔😂😂😂😂😂😂

Neither does this man get out of my head, nor do his writings.
@beatking_sumedh You givin' me company in flight through these 😉
Good luck for #Manjha dilbar dilbar ❤
PS. Twitter password bhoole nahi toh waha bhi kabhi tweet Kardo. Kya khataa hai us bechare ki? 😭

Basically me, if ever I meet @beatking_sumedh.
Maybe this is why there is no chance of me ever getting to see him in person 😂 haaaye 😭😭😭😭

@beatking_sumedh 😌

Nainon ne thaari kaisa jaadu kiya re @beatking_sumedh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #CAS #sushim #sumedh #sumedhmudgalkar

Because behna wanted, choolhe se nikla, fresh fresh garam garam 🐯
यू आँखें मूंदे जो कुछ आर्जू आपके दिल से निक्ले, है रब से फर्याद यही कि पूरी होने सबसे पहले यही दुआ उसके घर से निक्ले @beatking_sumedh ❤
Pic credits @sumedhian.anku 💋

Thank you for this beautiful picture!

Two years back on this same date was when I watched 'Gusse wale Rajkumar' for the first time.

Started off with not much liking towards him but ended up in #TeamSushim. What stopped me from skipping his scenes and walking away each time he came on screen were his eyes. And I had to fall for him because woah, whattay character that was 👏 the bad boy for most of the people including me, but its only when you try and understand him is when you realize why and how is he what he is and that is what makes you hate him a little less, or say love him a lot more. Everyone is jealous of someone or the other, everyone is arrogant about something or the other. The only difference was people don't show it, and he did show with no fear. He was determined to achieve every desire of his heart and did what not for it. He never gave up and I love him for that ❤ He loved, he hated, he killed, he won, he lost, he cried but stood up each time to get back into the race to the throne, with earnest desire of winning it any how. With every new shade of his character getting unfolded, I kept getting closer to understanding him better and loving him in the end for his qualities that shined through those million flaws. Duniya gayi tel lene, i'm his Aradi chahe kuch ho jaae 🙄

Two long years of knowing the actor who played Sushim brilliantly. Bcuz I can't help but be besharam when i talk about him or else pheeka pheeka lagta hai, SUMEDHHH, do saal 😱 matlab do saal of tumko non stop taadna 😱 Which means taking your name 36478 times a day, fighting a 25374846 people because they forgot they were talking rubbish about my husband 🙄 replaying your videos a 436484648472 times because I can never have enough of them, looking at your pictures 12 hours a day, wondering "Sumedh kya kar raha hoga.. 😍 " 4 hours a day and I have to sleep for the rest 8 hours and dream about you. Remain as humble n hardworking as you are. Fly higher and higher and higher each day winning more hearts. Keep taking up the extra ordinary and make sure you kill it each time. Sending lots of love from Sumedh-La-La-Land all the way to where you are.

PS. Haste raho, ache lagte ho 😉

Beshaq mazboot khoon ke rishte hote hain,
Lekin khush qismat toh wo hote hain, jo dil se bhai hote hain.
@beatking_sumedh @thesiddharthnigam


Because I'm missing sush more than usual these days 💔

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