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YouTubers💥💁🏼  london💜 lιvι💚 ellιe💙 laυren❤️ claιre💛 ғιve crazy gιrlѕ wнo love тo нave ғυn😛 ѕυвѕcrιвe тo oυr crazy cнannel👇🏼

making a video! what should I do?

Hey everyone it's Ellie here! I am going to do a amazeball.gals video soon what would u like me to do?

Hey y'all so it's Tutorial Tuesday and I have no idea what to do! Comment below please! 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

Congrats! @jackienguyen30 has won the Amazeball Gal Giveaway!

Had a great time with u lets do it again!!!

50 subscriber giveaway!!! Rules:
Repost using the hashtag #AmazeballGalGiveaway tag us, and a friend that you think would be interested, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow out Instagram account!! Enjoy!! Good luck!

Hey y'all, so most of you know we have a TV series called 'The Notes' it's about a girl who gets kidnapped by another girl who in love with her boyfriend. We wanted it to be a horror thing, but the more episodes we make the funnier it gets. Please watch and subscribe!!!

please welcome the newest member to the amazeball gals... *drum roll* @soon2bbrdwy make sure to watch for her in our next video!💞

thanks to Ellie Echols the amazeball gals now have signature bracelets!😆😊 😎

Lauren and I (Ellie) are doing Q&A video comment ? Below

first photo❤️

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