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amateur_casual  Nature-Infatuated Vegan. Music-Obsessed Cycling Fan. Animal-Loving iPhone Photo-Snapper. TV & Movie-Watchin’ PS4 Gamer. Enjoy a Stroll. South-East 🇬🇧

A bit of Sunday evening reading 📖

Appreciating a bit of nature-music today 🎶🐦 🎶 🐤🎶

Great to be outside with @vegan_di again - and in such lovely weather, too 😊

Because of @vegan_di ankle-break in February we haven’t been able to get out together a lot, so we’ve missed most of the early signs of the changing seasons, but we got out today and managed to check our local pond, which was full of tadpoles and newts 😊👍🏼

First walk with @vegan_di today since she broke her ankle on 8th Feb. Great to see her out in the open air & mobile after so long, even if she can’t walk quite as fast as she wants to 😊

This song popped up on my iPhone today, as it often does, and it caused me to have a quick look at just how long ago it was that lil Chris died - just over three years ago in 2015.
Such a sad loss, ‘Checkin it Out’ remains the only reality TV song in my collection, and in my opinion it’s still the best song from a musical reality TV show that’s been released. R.I.P Chris! #chrishardman

Already a beautiful, sunny, Monday morning, but made even better by finding these treats on my desk when I got to work, gifts from the young chap I’m training. Makes a Monday morning more bearable!

On ITV4 now, one of my favourite films of all time.

Less photos, more fuss, please...

Remember that moth from Tron?

Absolutely my favourite TV show of the moment bar NONE - and I virtually never say that about American comedies, but this is a bit special. @thegoldbergsabc

Went roaming on my bike yesterday & found a new place for us to take a walk when @vegan_di is all healed up. #riversidenaturereserve

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