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Joel Anthony Caruso  ⛄️🎄Liquid Color Commentator @Vivino🎄☃️


Typical Los Angeles-type move @amaroangeleno #shelfie

Me trying to be Italian.... 🚲 🍷 🤦🏻‍♂️

Mezcal e musica

This stuff is 🔥. Also Bloody Mary magic. Cause Long Beach. #ciminospeppersauce #madeinlongbeach

Made sense at the time to put these bottles next to this statue. I’m big on aesthetics.

Fantasizing about the lobster rolls @atriumdumbo first thing on a Monday doesn’t make living on the West Coast any easier 🤤🤤🤤

👨‍⚕️🍹Doctor....Doctor, Thank you doctor. Chartreuse is as grand a tonic as any. Grand! Do you concur, Doctor? I concur doctor. I concur. 👨‍⚕️🍸 #onlyforthepicture

The scallops @tacomaria are 🔥 🔥 FYI

This is really good “holiday” beer 🍺🎄 . @glbcfamily. Actually, It’s just good beer.

Who’s tried it?! Highly recommended. @senseswines racking up a wildly high 4.5 ⭐️’s, you can find it through through the @vivino app!

Introduced to me by @js932, this exceptional Pinot Noir from Italy’s Alto Adige ranked in as one of the highest rated wines of the year with an average rating of ⭐️4.1 ⭐️ Technically pronounced Luh-Gay-Ter, I’ve asked the man himself and he wouldn’t specify. So say it La-Guh-Der if you want he says. Idk. I however do know... that this wine is phenomenal and you can buy it on @vivino.

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