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Amaro di ANGOSTURA  Amaro di ANGOSTURA® is a new lush liqueur from the House of Angostura. A Caribbean twist on a classic amaro.

We’re well-settled into the weekend here at @foursistersbars, sipping on this lush Herbal Fizz: - 25ml Amaro di Angostura
- 15ml triple sec
- 15ml sugar syrup
- 10ml lime
- 3 drops of orange bitters
- Fresh tarragon
- Shaken
- Top up with tonic water
- Garnished with orange twist

Amaro Saturdays are the way forward👌🏻😉🥃 @sdupreyangostura @angostura_uk @angosturahouse @angosturamixologist @drinkntaste @weareskal @lightboxbrands

It’s an Amaro Di Angostura kind of ‘Affair' @quaglinos this weekend as they serve up this fruity, Caribbean dream.
Introducing ‘The Affair’: - 30ml Amaro di Angostura
- 20ml Pineapple Rum
- 10ml White Rum
- 5ml Solerno
- 15ml lime juice
-15ml lemon juice
- 15ml Orgeat syrup
- 3 dashes of Jerry Thomas bitters
- 2 dashes of Whiskey Barrel bitter 😋😋🍹 @sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angostura_uk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @lightboxbrands @weareskal @drinkntaste

We’ve partnered with @wigmorelondon for @cocktailsinthec to bring this epic 'Storm In The City' for you to recreate at home! WIN 2 tickets to #CITC this Saturday by following @wigmorelondon and @amarodiangostura and commenting on this post with #CITCLDN. We will announce the winner on Friday morning, good luck! @cocktailsinthec #win #london #amarodiangostura #competition

We’re kicking back @themadisonlondon on this fine Friday, soaking up the views with a Treasure Chest bursting with enough Amaro Di Angostura and Rum to serve the crowds (ok, 6 of us...but who’s counting?!) - 80ml Amaro Di Angsotura - 80ml White Rum
- 120ml Orgeat Syrup
- 120ml Lime Juice - 400ml Pineapple Juice - 4 cans Tropical Red Bull
- Shaken & served in a treasure chest garnished with fruit and flowers 💐 🍉 😋😎🍹#Fridayfeels

@sdupreyangostura @angosturamixologist @angostura_uk @angosturahouse @daniyeljones @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste

Introducing the Cocoa Calypso from Aviator @hushmayfair to brighten up your #humpdayblues ! Dream you’re in the home of calypso with this heady mix of aromatic Amaro di ANGOSTURA® and chocolate bitters… - 40ml Amaro di ANGOSTURA® - 20ml PX Sherry - 15ml Laphroaig - 10ml Lemon Juice - Dash of chocolate bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice, serve with a large rock ice, edible butterfly and lemon peel.

@sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angosturauk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste

The blend for Amaro di ANGOSTURA® contains the iconic Angostura® aromatic bitters, spirit and spices, creating a delicious, candied bitter-sweet liquid, which is what makes it a favourite cocktail ingredient amongst the most prolific bartenders. @thebloomsburyclub in London have created this epic twist on a classic - the ‘Reversed Old Fashioned’ and we couldn’t help but share: - 40ml Amaro di ANGOSTURA®
- 10ml dark rum
- 6 dashes of Mozart Dark chocolate
- 2 dashes of ANGOSTURA® orange bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice, serve in a tumbler over ice, zest with orange peel and garnish with maraschino cherry and orange peel 😋🥃😋 @sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angostura_uk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste

We just can resist this one...! Thanks @hammambar 👌🏻🍸🥃❤️. TAILOR FROM NICOSIA • par @themartinezkid@amarodiangostura / @vermutlustau / @angostura_aromatic_bitters ORANGE / Etko St Nicholas Commandaria

Things are hotting up @thecoralroom as they get set to launch their new menu...and there’s a brand ‘NEW SMOKE’ in town 💨 - 20ml Amaro Di Angostura - 30ml Double Black Johnnie Walker - 20ml simple syrup - 20ml lemon juice - 25ml egg white - 75ml pear cider 😋😎🍹 @sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angostura_uk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste

It’s that time on a Friday and there’s only one thing for it..! @bagatellelondon in Mayfair is serving up this classy Caribbean concoction to quench your thirst this weekend and beyond: - 25ml Amaro Di Angostura - 25ml Mandarine and cardamom syrup - 15ml lime juice
- topped with champagne are welcome! 🍹😁 @sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angostura_uk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste

G’wan...treat yourself to a ‘Quiet One’ @thecoralroom 👍🏻🍹 - Amaro Di Angostura - Belsazar Rose
- Kamm & Sons - Tonic Water
@sdupreyangostura @angostura_uk @angosturahouse @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinkntaste photo credit: @jollytd

Cheers @todays_tipple - we’re excited about this one too 🙌🏻🥃 #Repost

Today’s drink is something I’m pretty excited about! A cocktail recipe and photograph I recently worked on for @caffeinemag
Oaxacan Gold
35ml Ilegal Reposado Mezcal
25ml Plantation OFTD
15ml Amaro Di Angostura
7.5ml Benedictine
25ml Pour Over Coffee (Vagabond Finca Los Laureles
1 Dash Chocolate Bitters

Stir ingredients well and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve alongside dark chocolate sprinkled with smoked sea salt (Damson Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 95%) @benedictineliqueur @amarodiangostura @bobsbitters
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Friday feels in the doesn’t get any better than this! 👌🏻😎 🥃

@sdupreyangostura @angosturahouse @angostura_uk @daniyeljones @angosturamixologist @weareskal @lightboxbrands @drinksntaste

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