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Anett Z. Poetry  My name is A.Z. I write poetry. Here I share my poems & photos woven with themes of environmentalism,womanhood,love,social justice, liberation,healing

Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
The mythology is real
in the eyes of iris
She sees vines as story dwellings
Crawling on clorophyll skin, on abnormalities of humanity sin
Meandering into the silloutes of a million new wild creatures
On the edge of discovered silence
On the edge of resonance Now
Life blossomed under the world's feet, while the humans turned away into metal & brick
While the pavement poured onto the tree canopies, like morning liquid mug musings, endlessly
Covering, burying, solidifying
the essence of softness found hidden in the mountain meadows

Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
The color green means nothing anymore, to them
Where did the wild spirit hush
when words turn the world grey
Photosynthesis ancient philosophies on the cusp of the deadened, the hallowed, and fear stricken
Strike a match inside decaying leaf hearts & industries
Burnt to ashes to ashes
To growth to grown, evolution lives inside every wonderous awe
Touch the land with bareness of the palms and soles, recollecting the way the multiverse touches space then pours down water
Like the whispers of seed comets inside soil homes
Intertwined revelations sit beside every waking travel in the dawn of awakening
Diminishing the sound of psychology footprints inside shadows of corrupted, exploited, poisoned

Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
Tell us the last page of your fairytale, here and in the morning
When the conscience is pure
In the language of flowering vined tribal trees
In the language of ecology and unequivicle manmade eulogies
Tell us your unspoken yearnings
Inside the flesh of human discovery, uncovering of your magic on paths leading nowhere
Nowhere smells of lush rain and rebirths, cycling into abundant Life flora & fauna
The Earth mythology is real
But it's dying & abandoned
To explore into the eyes
of lush forests,
the book of the wilderness storytale becomes eternal

By A.Z.
Images of A.Z (in the enchanted wild forests of The Great Smoky Moutains)

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An eternal drive
into catalyst flame
Burning through
thought stratosphere

Deep red the ready nightday
atop each sky bright iris connection
Horizon every disposition, set rise
on the flesh of sweet whispers golden

Sway inside rebirth wombs
at the heat of freed palm trees
The roots grasp and twist
engraving and unforgettable

On this open road - fly, soar, howl, catapult
each shattering epiphany into
the spherical ancient planets
Paralleling every one of us

An eternal drive
incarnated pastlives ash to ashes
To sorrow to changes to messes
To the sound of a million drums

Hollow the poison veins
Flooding dusted nebulas
Quenching the collective thirst
of dying lightyears in every soul

The meandering human home
Road, open, free, ecstacy remedy
Inside the memories & stainglass
The dewy skin of land resonates

Find me here
Inside the magic of setting fire &
exquisite sleeping palm leaves
Inside tropical silhouettes &
conscience harvests melodies
Inside every wild road layer &
journeyed path, intertwining vined lives
at the painted desire and the edge of the world

An eternal drive
Into catalyst heart flame
Into awed shadowed glowscapes
Lives to be found, unearthed, liberated,
held, grown, in the landscapes -A.Z.-
Photo by A.Z. (The most beautiful sunset I've ever layed my eyes on to the tropical silhouette to the glorious freeing open roads during my recent travels) .
(I'm happy to be back to writing and on Instagram with this new poem :) .
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Rebirthed I by A.Z.

A poem I wrote in honor of a huge milestone in my life. To share my story in hopes it can maybe inspire others. From my heart to yours. 1 year ago today I decided to make a big lifestyle change in order to take my health & overall wellbeing into my own hands. In order to reclaim my autonomy & sovereignty over my own body&health, away from the control/lies of corporate powers of the mainstream medical/pharmaceutical/animal ag industries. I've experienced that being under their manipulation/exploitation while feeling helpless, we cannot fully experience our truest nature & fulfilling life. I was sick, tired, & unhappy. Unfulfilled. Part of us has been given away, things can feel incomplete &scary- life is not lived to the fullest holistic soul's abundance.
One year ago today, July 13th, I was reborn. Actually, I was born. It's when my life truly began. I started eating a raw vegan diet & still do. After a lot of unlearning of misguided nutrition info & months of learning biochemistry from brilliant healers,I discovered the mastery of self-healing. I started consuming our species specific diet of fruits & greens as well as herbs (& removing all processed & dead foods) which opened up every avenue of my life that was stagnant,closed, &uninspried. Fruits have been the greatest catalyst to my awakening &body, soul, mind enrichment & healing. This has unlocked the human potential of raw electromagnetic vibrant living energy that I am feeling for the first time. That not many have ever felt in a society that feeds us toxicity & addictive numbing cooked synthetic stuff & body parts in the shape of food.

As the anniversary of my rebirth- it's my real birthday. The birth that returned me to my roots as a frugivore species, the birth that is connecting me to mamma earth in a deep soul level, the birth that is detoxing/regenerating my entire body, the birth that is not consuming animal flesh or secretions, the one that is empowering all that I am & blossoming into. Although this is just a day, this is symbolic to me in many ways. I encourage others to start taking back power over your own body,mind,& spirit. It's life changing <3 Fruit up. Nature heals

I Will Write Again by A.Z. (Because I will never abandon my dearest love - writing. It brings me back home to myself, grounds, reminds, allows stillness, breath, liberates, allows rawness, breaks free & provides clarity to the depths of my heart and thoughts that run around the subconscious yearning for an outlet to outpour with authentic heart space reality & divine heavenly. Writing poetry is a huge aspect in what is saving my life. On days I don't write, I don't fully live & experience. I've missed it so much lately, having less time but I will always share here what my mind & heart pours into words, dear friends. Because poetry is forever apart of who I am in this life & beyond. The intermingling & interplay of words extracting imaginative imagery and feeling is what breathes new air into passion. .
Writing has the capacity to convey and inspire important societal and environmental as well as speak of deep beautiful feelings all in one verse. Art can unite, tie together, foster, awe,& be a catalyst for new discoveries & paradigm shifts. It births in us artists & those captivated by it a space of innerspection & interconnection with us, all Beings, &galactic other. It's energy can flow into the ethers & flow into the eternal collective conscious intelligence beyond this material plane. The inner artist has the origins of a holy source of creation & nature moving through each of our cells that all can tap into. It is the in between material &non, a free piece of haven of nirvana dwelling in a safe space of our cores, just for us to see,& the world when we're ready. Creative expression & flow is the saving grace within the core wounds of our internal & external words. It's where we can process, encompass, harmonize, & look eye to I with our truest cellfs&selfs - connecting with others, & nature in new wondrous wild ways like never before. I love you all

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Possession by A.Z.
In honor of my stance saying no to the indoctrination of possession, ownership, enslavement, property, entrapment of another person, thing, group, animal, or earth.

My poem as an ode against borders, control, and exploitation - in response to recent racist events of people striving for surivival being put into cages, stemming from sociopolitical ideologies of possession engraved in society within all aspects - relationships, consumerism, toxic food/medical industries, body autonomy, education, etc.

We are not to be anyone's commodity/property,
nor reign over another.
We are not to place borders on traveling, love, or community. Our hearts, bodies and souls are innately naturally nomadic. As are the seasons, foliage, and fauna of this planet. Before laws and restrictions were placed and followed.
No one's mind, autonomy, or body should be trapped in a literal or metaphorical cage.
We resist and free.
Human, animal, Earth, and mind liberation.
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The jungle baptized me
In a pool of sacred sap
Inside the new moon red clay
On every side of my flesh
Inside the epicenter
of denial's death
Purged from the
leaves of Kali, held sunken
Dynamic silence intertwine
vines transcendence on I
As ancestors dance this
world away in frequent
Revealing levitating
macheted colonized tree hallows
Echoing my holy webbed
brainwaves every
line recited on my skin & human's & freedom & aphids, burrowing orchids play harmonies here
Notes streaming down
each hair strand, planetary tears
Made by falling & falling, crawling spirit spiral downward innards caligraphy sculpt me
I resurrected three times
to the sight of this paradise
As my grandmothers lie in the soil that birthed every blossom inside my skull, inside this fiery mantel
Twist the leaves & roll
each branch on palms, smoked invoked
With those that dare
to ceremony bury
their pastlife bodies
Into the place of
jungle's conception
Redemption the entire
luscious plant kingdom
On the first spec of cosmos,
ethos pathos osmosis wildness

I was baptized by the jungle
In a pool of sacred sap
Womxn's lineage draw into the bark
with fingers enveloping sharp crystals, to pierce
oppression, lessen, sleep, reveal
The Earth's bible,
unseen & unspoken, unwanted
At the eyes of disbelievers
killers, machismos, false heroes
Until liberation is written across ours & land's spine,
divinely breathed
The amygdala channel ecstasy
My renaissance is made
of tropical nebula & palmtrees
Sweat, earth, & blood glistens as I float every sorrow planted into these soles on sccared rocks
Ancient palms of the land
carrying every visible & invisible inch of me
The merge feels like being ok
Maybe we'll all be ok & beautiful
This morn into evening eye canopies
I sky high the flora onto eyelids glowing apiphany
Pulse in synch with giant trees forged from passed goddesses
That leave barefoot imprints of flowing bodies in essence
Entering new phases, sun phases, their breath as us
I sink my barefeet into every root, rock,mystery &mistake
Into every careless &caring
Stories & soaring
Freeing my Being, my creature within humid cleanse
World's spirit rebirthed
I am jungle, we are

By A.Z.
Photos: A.Z

Hexagons fold into
one another eternal
What are shapes
but a spiraling paradox
Into and into triangular
perpetual triangulation
Prismatic pyramidal vulnerable
Of the same first origin
Universe once a spec
Smaller than world's dignity
Spherical resurrection now
exposed at the core, beliefs
A dichotomy drenched
in painful duality
Create and then abolish
Love and then extinguish
Birth and then kill
Metopharical bloodlust
In pleasure, in midnight lesure
Cylindrical tunnel abscractions
Niche myself into comit's trance
And then fold unto the rarest iris
Compass themselves
until direction is a hindrance
Aimlessly encircling
A desire for guidance
Not from doctored tyrants,
But from inner cell's spirals
The ones born in ancient rock layers and papyrus
The ones made of
intuition and quartz, falling
From the sky, the
resurrecting alibis
Circumference every
globe of cell membranes
And rain down tribal philosophy

I lived everywhere
once and twice
With them
At the hyme of persecution
Quarry our entire existence
Brevity inside and naked lie
Down, down spiral out of control
Spun fractals flowing amiss abyss
Abismal the sea again
anew hexagonal bliss and prism chase
Down my weakness and drench
With sun rays radiating through
The rigid soft shapes made of planets,made of stories and sorry's, brilliance and disasters
Which natural disaster created
The stunning shapes upon my palm
The tectonics, the argument, the sea of wrinkled papers on the flooded floor, the ones that held my identity and sanity
The shaman has been inside
The feeling is made of plants
This took 3 million years to form
Like 3 beings inside a body

How many lives does it take
To beckon a change
To revolt at the sight of greedy
To transcend false programing
When will stardust return
To save us from ourselves
If not now, if not the calling
If not the shadows piercing through,ready to free
Rays at the edge of clouds
I will
The world will
Merge into hexagons folding
Into one another,flowing transformed reflective onto every table, & shower, & coward, & battle, & goodbye, & breakdown, it will reach
To the darkest caves, the bloodied sight of abandoned to mend them
Hold it all this alluring healing

By: A.Z.

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