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Anett Z. Poetry  My name is A.Z. I write poetry. Here I share my poems & photos woven with themes of environmentalism,womanhood,love,social justice, liberation,healing

Letters to the ethers
Conjoined body parallel cellulose
Unified living century statues
Giant earthly oxygen power plants
Communicators of symbolic cellf-worth beckoning
On the brink of extinction
Nature dwellers on the brink of extinction, subconscious exclusion
Ancestral homes on the brink of extinction, colonial intrusion
Molecular houses made of cosmic dust, safe spaces for widlife pranic
The humans cut down acres and veins today
The humans planted plastic and cement today
Where curious roots gave a damn
Now dammed into subliminal goodbyes and f yous
By the masses in mass hysteria
That their belongings went missing
While the belong-ness of nowness necessitates mighty Beings on this planet
Now cornered by pretty parties
Celebrating new city pavements
While roots bleed floods of consumer repetitions, fictitious happiness on the tongues of glutinous
Solidarity in longevity of their limbs holding hands
As we hold there's, in front of bulldozers and towers and elite powers and cowards
Foolish society thinks they're better than you, dear natives
Live on sturdy, rooted, bold, wise,
tenacious Beings
Live on standing your ground
At the cusp of battle grounds
Aiming to denounce your rights
Your rights are written in the bark that dared to fight for wild Life
May the day be birthed when
Your land is all yours in all eyes
Reclaim terrain, all seeing wonderous
Ecosystem ecological wilderness
Photos by A.Z. (Today I met this glorious ancient giant life-form, sprouting plants, roots & stems from its core. A house of ecosystems. A home of the wilderness longing for itself. I held Her & bowed to Her, for we are to share space justly with fellow Earthlings. I will speak up for these Beings until the end of my days. I will listen to them and hold them for eternity. I will respect & honor mamma Earth until the end of time. The laws of Nature rule more than anything)
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In honor of Womxn's day this week, and every week quite honestly. Bless up to all the incredible women in the world, the ones understood and also misunderstood. The ones respected and the ones disrespected/abused. The ones cherished and the ones treated like shit. The ones that are with others and the ones that are completely alone. The ones healthy and the ones sick. The ones able to do to so much and the ones unable to take care of their families or themselves. The ones loud and extroverted and the ones quite and introverted. The ones wearing whatever the hell they want either covered or uncovered. The ones that feel sexy and the ones that feel unappealing. The ones that like sex/affection and the ones that don't. The ones that don't like to smile and the ones that do. The ones that are creative and the ones that don't care for it. The ones that are gentle and the ones that are boldly intense. The ones that have short hair and the ones that don't cut their hair. The ones that like men and the ones that like womxn. The ones that are active activists for causes and the ones that don't get involved. The ones who work and the ones that don't. The ones that don't have a vagina and the ones that do. The ones that are mothers and those that never want to be. The ones that like classical music and the ones that like metal. The ones that were assigned a gender they aren't inside, and the ones assigned a gender they feel good as. The ones that believe in God and those that don't. The ones that express all their feelings and the ones that keep them in. The ones that are any shape, size, color, texture, feeling, sexuality, mood, thought,experience, background, and story. All of you are worthy and miraculous.
And a big shout out to womxn and girl Earth warriors and healers, and Indigenous herbal witches. Patrons of the Earth. Liberators. Tap into the fierce wilderness that we are. Connect with the healing powers of Earth's fruits, vegetables, and herbs for oneness alignment. May we celebrate one another's powerful presence and possibilities. I'm so damn proud of my free-spirited nature intuned womanhood. And shouts out to mamma Earth, the original Source life Force

Crying Flesh by A.Z.
Photo by A.Z. (of a sad tired young cow I met that was held captive, soon to be killed for beef. I really connected with Her. With her deep emotive eyes that tell a story of wanting to experience the world naturally & freely, instead of behind bars. I held her soft face in my palms and sensed a sentient smart spirit within)

This is dedicated to all the animals that are held captive in cages & prisons. All the Lives that are exploited/manipulated for profit, for human's greed&enjoyment. All the Lives scared, oppressed & kept quite in far away facilities abused, misused & killed. A truly just world includes the justice and freedom for humans as well as the animals & the wilderness of this incredible Earth. This is all connected. We are all connected. Enslavement of any life is enslavement of all of us, of humanity and of true expression. The core of the solution is to dismantle the patriarchy that perpetuates this aggression, abuse & consumption of these entities. An injustice towards one group stems from the same goals as an injustice towards another group. So, many movements can unite. Go vegan for the animals, and all.
Marginalized groups of people, animals & Earth habitats are worthy of love, survival, joy & freedom. They want to experience a full life. They are being deemed as inferior, hurt & killed by those in power and through our actions disconnecting us from the core of humanity and connection to this planet/all Life. Human, animal, and environment (water,air,soil,habitat) lives & voices are polluted every day and this is a call to action for compassion, justice, and liberation. A call to action for all of us to make a conscious effort in our minds & daily purchases to decrease support of industries that perpetuate the violence/hatred towards others in this world. May we find the wisdom within that can lead us all towards more empathy. May we continue to fight the powers that have corporatized & dominated the lives of humans, animals & nature. This is also dedicated to all those that give their energy&time towards animal, human, & environmental liberation from prisons so that day by day there can be less suffering in this world.

I am 1340 A.D.
I am B.C. ruins
Rubble and ash
Inside deep underworlds
Entrenched into wandering soles
Old soul reverberates in me
Planets don't have names
Places don't have names
I do not own anything
I do not owe them anything
Nothing was discovered by human
In a universe that found itself
That trekked density and calamity
For itself to fruit into holy remedy
Stone cold skin cracks open
Broken ceramic tiles authentic
Is my broken ceramic dermis
of this bloody dreamscape
Escape into my stunning hallways
I escape into my handsculpted old ways
Gothic antique eyes
write my passage limitlessly
The ceilings don't mournfully rust
The time can't exist in contemplation
Smells of ocean salt and root dwellings
Dark cellars feel like the womb
Dark cellars make me cry
With bliss, caress each wall alive
The clocks have been buried here
Into stone bricks of enlightenment
By monks walking these halls at dusk
At dusk I merge into palm petals
And float down the spine of wind
My spine aligns with the flesh of spirits
As my elderly shadows enliven this face
As light enravels each iris into geodes
Light interplay with shadows
Inside my dwellings, flirting eternally
With Gothic pillars dripping intricate history
Gods found me wrapped in real entity
I strip myself of illusions and conceptualizations
That stole every fiber of my being
And tied it into a million deadly renaissance knots

I am 1340 A.D.
And I unravel everything before and after me
Into ancient apiphanies, held as secrets in old soul buildings
I listen to old walls talk, into me, through me, with me
Whispering stories sprinkle each antique feeling
Unchanged needs and desires encapsulated
To be mezmerizingly observed and understood
After centuries of avoidance by the human race
Come into the rubble rebel dwellings sculpting each face
I am its broken and mended imperfect cracks
It's jagged limestone edges birthing shadows
At the presence of light bearing, bellow all material shallows
At the edge where humanity meets itself lacing history at the caress of worldly ethers,
Each eye sculpting multitudes
Merging from the emergence of sunlit cold stone divinity
Photos by A.Z.
(At Ancient Spanish Monestary)

The lioness frequents
Upon brave shore sprouts
Surviving callous winds of
inner in her outer out her
valiant passioned storms
Calming rustic dycotomy parallels
Turning into perpendicular
new wonders
Grazing, glowing,
galvanize the blunders
Here the palm trunks
don't stand on command
Only if they want to, called to, facade dead
Dead ends to societal traps, solidarity stand
The winds don't tear down
collective fibers of resilience
They resist any ideology so rigid,
pliable mendable brilliance
She and they travel
the curvature of confidence fortress
Confide into the ancient
eternal survivors on my shores
Survive again and again
Turmoil the exploitation to end
Condemn the silence, powerfully defend
Those voiceless, choiceless, repressed
Hurry into wise cloud bazaars
in the skies above below
Below the known, seen,
too clean, let go
The palms dazzle in enticement
all eyes to mend
The raw ripe taste of duality,
sweet grungy vital polarity
Like the daylight light up
in Earth's defence
Like the nightsky fill up
in space to slowly tend
Both horizon suns hush
the chaos in thought clutter
Two uniquely birthed sides
to the same unexplainable existence
Culminating into one written landscape caress
Lightness cloaks cosmic crystal particulates
As the darkness strings magic into dusk
Dreary, delicious, dense, daring,
Her delectable darkness fortelling
universal silouttes in intuitive bareness
People don't know
nor care at the awareness
Ever sensed the awe
wonder until eyes cry
Until it's only you and
the space retinas fill
To the expanse of neither seeing
or believing, but knowing
To know that beings can survive
the unthinkable, the undreamable
The proof streams into our
kolidescope of fears, everything heals
Innerstand this at the tall stance
of Beings upon deepened ocean cores
Becoming lioness of brave shore sprouts,
on storms edge ergo
The tastes of evolving salt breeze intuitive me
into me they see, the decrepit rest forgo
Photos by A.Z.

Creative force
In the dance of trees
Within, with all
In the dance of you
Nonlinear sky lacing
In the dance of I
Lace into tropical branches
That hold source
That hold redemption
Free fly in the root eye
Free fly from trapped lie
Meandering cell mitochondria behold
Art form, bold, untold
Sought to break inner complacency frivolously
Seeking wild sanctuary
Earth is thy creator
With Her in raw presence
Create your cellf sculpture
Within, with all
Skies of abstract nirvana
Beckoning to draw upon
Creative force
Remember close thy source
Photo by A.Z.

Stunning are the plants we get to live with. Home is where the wilderness & wildlife is. Earth is a majestic work of Art. Trees are creative sacred nonlinear Beings. They don't follow rigid ruled boundaries nor dogmas. They create, love, expand, evolve, supply,cleanse, & stay grounded in strength/power in their art form. To return home is to return to a creative grounded wild force within, igniting everything we are. Nature is my biggest writing influence. The Earth holds ample kinetic energy to act upon expansion. Align with the creativity of nature, take care of all that it is, reconnect with the land. For it is the truest of homes & sanctuaries, for us, for all Beings. Paradise exists on this planet. It is in nature. Look & you shall see and feel this power. Look & you shall ignite such creativity from this source that life will begin to feel fulfilled. Manifest it in yourself & return the favor by advocating to preserve &conserve the last of the ecosystems that remain. Earth is crying for help to be freed from grasps of destruction, deforestation, pollution, & exploitation. She wants freedom, she wants to grow abundantly in all shapes & colors, empowered in self-agency. Reduce, reuse, recycle products &overall consumption of everything. Look, observe, listen, understand. May we keep the most beautiful art & Life alive.

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Leaving, Returning by A.Z.
<im ready for my travels and temporarily living by the ocean. I have manifested and worked towards this dream of mine through a lot of self-reflection, gratitude practice, determination, passion, and meditating through the ups and downs. All of the hellish challenges in my life have brought me here clearing paths for me to trek, to evolve even more. Damn. What a blessing, to be able to take in the fresh air, sun, fruits, Earth grounding, and stillness. Its all a culmination. Its all a powerful drive in me to liberate myself and other beings from the grasps of self doubt, abuse, and exploitation. I am damn amazing and beautiful in every way. The wild shores of Mother Earth, you have called for me over and over, and I am ready to heal in your presence. From the physical, emotional, and spiritual ailings that have ruled over me. From those that tried to diminish my worth and incredible Beingness. I am breaking free, surrendering, honoring, cleansing, connecting deeply to nature, hearing the cries of wildlife/wilderness so I can better serve as an advocate for environmentalism, veganism and social justice, and becoming the compassionate warrior and alchemist of my entire life>
<I will be posting photos and poems from the ocean shore and forests for the next few weeks. My new home. Bless up.>
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