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Anett Z. Poetry  My name is A.Z. I write poetry. Here I share my poems & photos woven with themes of environmentalism,womanhood,love,social justice, liberation,healing

River the world
Summon ecological abundance
At the whim of every body palm
And swim into this wild path exhale
At the depths of prehistoric roots
And intertwine with these origins
At the center of all birth & death

Before we entered the river,
our skin was made of city, cement & computer analyticals
At the touch of the liquid exotic
Ferns sprouted from all cerebral resonance, like cellular staircase
And made itself home in my synchronicity, in our serenity
At the frequency of love & childhood dreams

River the world
Summon an escape route at the height of all lifeless skyscrapers
And fall into a portal trance
Made of tropical realm and the scent of raw oxygen breathed in
The canopy is of the bodily caress - touch to begin again

Before we entered the river, our skin was made of dead-lines, critiques, & morning traffic
At the touch of the liquid exotic
Merging & melting into mitochondria found balance
Like the traces of human dna dormant in gaia soil of our
Civilization spawn from 3 million years of travel in the cosmos
To 3 billion life forms sprouting from the core of our Mother

River the world
Summon the blues and greens threaded into spirit Life drenched
In the shade of another day
Watch it pour down onto the driest hearts made of metal, synthetics, & sickness
Like how rain doesn't discriminate
Like how palms provide shade
Like how magnificant passion is gleaming from our iris
At the sight of wildness & the smell of lush tropics & the touch of the jungle ground upon soles
Our souls speak the language of awe to the tune of the equator
In the epicenter of its humidity & heat, we melt, float
Like the way seperation never existed
Like the way city's illusions were broken into 1 million shattered vanity mirrors
Like the way our organic reflections in rivers were the yearning calls of the tropics to return home

After we entered the river, essence of plants & our love transcended
In awareness that wild flows as its own messenger
To river the world
Is to soak humanity in its eternity
And enter the tropics in harmony
As to speak its vibrancy
To the entire world uncertain of what is tranquility
Preserve this holy

By A.Z.
Image by A.Z.
Of my favorite place on Earth

Fall Onto Me, Leaves By A.Z.
Images by A.Z.
It feels so good to return to this platform to share my poetry with you all. Love. I will be working on a website where I will share more of my poetry and reflective essays of my various epiphanies, synchronicities, and messages channeled from Earth to help align society, ourselves and a collective community. For healing, empowerment, authenticity, imagination, love, compassion, vulnerability, darkness, depth, and wildness. Embracing life's seasons and hues of emotions as lessons and messages to be integrated, seen, and heard
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Plant stems and promises, more please
Wishes become alive introspective
of this alluring life
Retrospective each millionth synchronicity dive
Herbal tea pour it in every sonic union, heartscape planet our aura
And record play inside my sacred cellular premasis
Togetherness to harness the undying infinite,
the soul's thirst quench
The evolution is made of eye-gazing and Blues
It is the nucleus star-gazing
and recognizing itself
It is you holy in the morning
And midnight laughter kiss covered moonrays
As haze unravels into shades of plum indigo and silloutes

Plant stems and promises, more please
A healing beckoned to enter euphoric landscapes cocreated
In the texture of cotton fiber
and outdoor shapen hands
My revelations blossom into orchards of star seeds and mango trees, ripened
Fallen yet liberated into awakened palms
As every oneness and I dance to the bineral wavelengths of Venus
We are mere galaxies colliding
We are the meeting of again, the pastlife reverbs and echoes encircling as twinflame
I was born today into us under each willow tree, weeping into love bliss
Melt and merge into eye landscapes of trekked mountains and Sundays
These rooms caress each past loveless brokenness into
our new shapen collages
As I embrace momentary spiralized catalysts in birthed gratitude and romance
By A.Z.
Image: A.Z.
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Chlorophyll every story
Into pools of wild exotic flowers
Lie down naked into resilient stems and shadow traces
Of liquid love and thrills, watered
On each spec of Earth, out to see
The thorns beholden arms bare
To catalyst an ounce of a feeling
To exude the world's evolution
Inside only seven petals, nothing less of magnificence in this sanctuary presence
Eyes meet plant's iris in middle planetary touch, to plentiful blossom season
To touch the fragrance in reverence, to reconcile the societal cynicism
In the standstill frame of a miracle
To beseech miracle in front of eye
As sun knows no separation, no hatred, no destructed, never obstructed, horizon birthing
Flow meander and rain down Life giving, in the core middle of a world yearning for an ounce of Love's sustenance
When it is softly inside every seed, rooted in flourish, in opening, in them, in us
Lament intertwine leaves embrace, it is but us in soul's resemblance

It is but a mamma pachee lovesong, to witness rhythmic interstellar intracellular
In lush abundance in every droplet of our humanity supply
Pouring down into collective leaves, to every core depth
Of the same cellular species
Difference in perception
Sameness in life's divine vibrance
A renewal and rebirth telling novel
Both fickel and flowing, all of the same knowing, balance of darkness and light all imperfectly holy, vitally
There is hope in every chlorophyll story

By A.Z.
Photo by A.Z. of an absolutely divine tropical plant I saw in a garden
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Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
The mythology is real
in the eyes of iris
She sees vines as story dwellings
Crawling on clorophyll skin, on abnormalities of humanity sin
Meandering into the silloutes of a million new wild creatures
On the edge of discovered silence
On the edge of resonance Now
Life blossomed under the world's feet, while the humans turned away into metal & brick
While the pavement poured onto the tree canopies, like morning liquid mug musings, endlessly
Covering, burying, solidifying
the essence of softness found hidden in the mountain meadows

Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
The color green means nothing anymore, to them
Where did the wild spirit hush
when words turn the world grey
Photosynthesis ancient philosophies on the cusp of the deadened, the hallowed, and fear stricken
Strike a match inside decaying leaf hearts & industries
Burnt to ashes to ashes
To growth to grown, evolution lives inside every wonderous awe
Touch the land with bareness of the palms and soles, recollecting the way the multiverse touches space then pours down water
Like the whispers of seed comets inside soil homes
Intertwined revelations sit beside every waking travel in the dawn of awakening
Diminishing the sound of psychology footprints inside shadows of corrupted, exploited, poisoned

Enchanted symbology
on the lush periphery
Tell us the last page of your fairytale, here and in the morning
When the conscience is pure
In the language of flowering vined tribal trees
In the language of ecology and unequivicle manmade eulogies
Tell us your unspoken yearnings
Inside the flesh of human discovery, uncovering of your magic on paths leading nowhere
Nowhere smells of lush rain and rebirths, cycling into abundant Life flora & fauna
The Earth mythology is real
But it's dying & abandoned
To explore into the eyes
of lush forests,
the book of the wilderness storytale becomes eternal

By A.Z.
Images of A.Z (in the enchanted wild forests of The Great Smoky Moutains)

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An eternal drive
into catalyst flame
Burning through
thought stratosphere

Deep red the ready nightday
atop each sky bright iris connection
Horizon every disposition, set rise
on the flesh of sweet whispers golden

Sway inside rebirth wombs
at the heat of freed palm trees
The roots grasp and twist
engraving and unforgettable

On this open road - fly, soar, howl, catapult
each shattering epiphany into
the spherical ancient planets
Paralleling every one of us

An eternal drive
incarnated pastlives ash to ashes
To sorrow to changes to messes
To the sound of a million drums

Hollow the poison veins
Flooding dusted nebulas
Quenching the collective thirst
of dying lightyears in every soul

The meandering human home
Road, open, free, ecstacy remedy
Inside the memories & stainglass
The dewy skin of land resonates

Find me here
Inside the magic of setting fire &
exquisite sleeping palm leaves
Inside tropical silhouettes &
conscience harvests melodies
Inside every wild road layer &
journeyed path, intertwining vined lives
at the painted desire and the edge of the world

An eternal drive
Into catalyst heart flame
Into awed shadowed glowscapes
Lives to be found, unearthed, liberated,
held, grown, in the landscapes -A.Z.-
Photo by A.Z. (The most beautiful sunset I've ever layed my eyes on to the tropical silhouette to the glorious freeing open roads during my recent travels) .
(I'm happy to be back to writing and on Instagram with this new poem :) .
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Rebirthed I by A.Z.

A poem I wrote in honor of a huge milestone in my life. To share my story in hopes it can maybe inspire others. From my heart to yours. 1 year ago today I decided to make a big lifestyle change in order to take my health & overall wellbeing into my own hands. In order to reclaim my autonomy & sovereignty over my own body&health, away from the control/lies of corporate powers of the mainstream medical/pharmaceutical/animal ag industries. I've experienced that being under their manipulation/exploitation while feeling helpless, we cannot fully experience our truest nature & fulfilling life. I was sick, tired, & unhappy. Unfulfilled. Part of us has been given away, things can feel incomplete &scary- life is not lived to the fullest holistic soul's abundance.
One year ago today, July 13th, I was reborn. Actually, I was born. It's when my life truly began. I started eating a raw vegan diet & still do. After a lot of unlearning of misguided nutrition info & months of learning biochemistry from brilliant healers,I discovered the mastery of self-healing. I started consuming our species specific diet of fruits & greens as well as herbs (& removing all processed & dead foods) which opened up every avenue of my life that was stagnant,closed, &uninspried. Fruits have been the greatest catalyst to my awakening &body, soul, mind enrichment & healing. This has unlocked the human potential of raw electromagnetic vibrant living energy that I am feeling for the first time. That not many have ever felt in a society that feeds us toxicity & addictive numbing cooked synthetic stuff & body parts in the shape of food.

As the anniversary of my rebirth- it's my real birthday. The birth that returned me to my roots as a frugivore species, the birth that is connecting me to mamma earth in a deep soul level, the birth that is detoxing/regenerating my entire body, the birth that is not consuming animal flesh or secretions, the one that is empowering all that I am & blossoming into. Although this is just a day, this is symbolic to me in many ways. I encourage others to start taking back power over your own body,mind,& spirit. It's life changing <3 Fruit up. Nature heals

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