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Refleskhun Lucas  당신을 사랑합니다!


Catch me here with my squad @thuggyd_ and @julabae it’s a Goddess party. All Gods pop out and show love to @nd.yo and @itsarichi and the other Goddesses that will be perform and sharing their art. Mad love to y’all the Gods ✨🌏🌿

1st time decorating a tree. How did I do?

✨Sitting on the floor thinking about you ✨

Fantasy is great until reality retaliates

✨💜Tell me, when you look at me what do you see... a Reflekshun of you or a Reflekshun of me?✨💜

Focus is a foreign word when I look at you
Looking into yours eyes is like being in a Field of lilies that is 6ft high. Walking through and getting lost but have the time of my life. It’s odd how so many emotions can happen at once
Floating between the water ways of my mind.
My mind seems to get lost on its way back from trying to find every reason to leave
The list is too short so I do it over again
Hoping that I’ll find another reason to stay
I know I must go
But I leave the door cracked and spy through the peep hole
You entertain the fool outside the door
Throwing compliments and sweeping glances across the floor
If only they ended up in the trash
Yet they stay on the floor in a cute little pile
Waiting for the fool to sweep them into her dustpan of a heart
Sweeping the floor for broken pieces of herself and the love she left behind. 🌸BY:AMARIFIRE🌸

Tonight festivities have been so wild
Wilder than a horse 🐎 in Wyoming
the time is right
When you speak I listen
I heard you tonight
Becoming more aware of myself
Allows me to be aware of you.
You the universe
My universe
I create you
Just as you create me
We are one
We dance around each other like the Sun and the Moon.
Goodnight 🌌By: AMARIFIRE 🌌

I’m stuck
Eyes fixated on you
Glued to a sky of color
Color so bright make my eyeballs melt
Melting into a black abyss
Searching for myself
I think I’ve lost her
Trapped in our minds
Overthinking the process
Slow that shit down
But I’m stuck, trapped, caged in by what idk
All I can feel are the cold black walls that surround me.
I am blinded by the darkness
Unable to climb out
There is no floor only walls that trap me
But I look up
Keep your head up they say
Find the sliver lining
Maybe I need my eyes checked
But my line seems a bit gray
Maybe even a little blurry
chopped up into pieces
That sliver lining is more of a Smokey mist add in a sprinkle of broken glass and you’ll see what my sliver fucking lining looks like.
some days when I look up I can see the sun
Shining so bright and yet I still feel dark, cold,& alone
Still surrounded by my own darkness
i see that Smokey mist with the shards of glass
The suns rays bounce off the glass making them shine
almost like glitter
So no I don’t have sunny days
I have dark nights
Dark nights that hold me
And sometimes in those dark nights I can look up and see that mist of what i would call glitter
So fuxk all that silver lining shit
I have Glitter linings
But I can only see them in my darkest of nights. 🌌✨By: AMARIFIRE✨🌌

Musik meets me right here every 49.9 years. Takes me way back. A time travel of the mind, if you will.
I’ve been think about something Sirius lately
About How our souls dance with each other making double bows around one another like twins playing under the belt of Orion
You’ll find me in the Cosmos jamming out to the sound of your star. so bright yet light travels faster than a single glance. Ill see you in the Cosmos baby!
🌑✨💫By AmariFire🌑✨💫

NEED. MANIFESTING! I will be here soon. Just wait. Ask Believe Receive

A night to remember .GTCB.

Big thanks 🙏🏾 to @rugawdmusik for have such s DOPE SOUL N SOUND. He made me cry when he Whipped out the Steven Universe intro. I wasn’t ready!!! He has a NEW song out called GHOST 👻 link in bio. S/O to @rhythminaction he looks so happy playing the drums and he sounds good too.

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