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Amar  Inspire yourself first - the rest will follow.

It’s lit. #Diwali #Diwali2017

As my dad was catching his flight back this time around, my brother asked to have me take a photo of him with this shirt. It struck me as important because it's a moment where I realized how much has changed so quickly, and much for the best, for my family - working hard for our goals no matter the obstacles runs deep in our blood.
Shaan's acceptance to CSUN comes as the culmination of a long chain of events where neither of us saw much of my dad, and we both endured many hardships. Working full time in a management role and attending school was no easy feat, especially when looking after your younger brother, mom and grandparents. He managed to do it all despite the odds being stacked so high, and now embarks on a big new chapter in life.

My dad has for a long time made the last ten years of his life about working on a bigger vision for all of us. Those were tough times for us all, but we all came out stronger because of the support we found in each other: in reminding ourselves to retain integrity, and sharing many hard earned values we each learned.
Life changes, but we press on.
#FamilyGoals #YNWA

Today, we conquer our egos. Tomorrow, the world. (And maybe AYCE Korean BBQ in between) #PursuitOfBuffness #Goose #Maverick #BreakTheBar #YNWA @chand0130

Looking over my shoulder, making sure the past is further behind than yesterday πŸ‘€ #GenericPoseNumber8282974836 #ICantTakePhotosWorthShit

Looks like I'm lucky enough to have two sets of parents in this lifetime.

My dog niece on Discovery channel's latest documentary. @claudbelle @la_shaan

Just two gangstas out here in the everyday struggle. #DogsOfInstagram #Doggo

We can only embrace the Fall into the Winter of our discontent, as the sun fades in Summer.

Thanks again @jkbejasa and @overlordwilliam for making this trip out awesome in every way πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

I can only begin to imagine how long these mountains, rocks and plateaus have all stood the test of time; and then realize that all my own, I too, should not be weathered so easy. #YNWA #IntoTheSunset

My all time favorite anime movie incorporated into a visual mashup - I stopped everything I was doing for like a good two or three minutes when I saw Akira. #HardSummer2017 @zedsdead

One 🐟, two 🐟
Red 🐟, food 🐟
#PlentyOfFish #ISeeSeafood

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