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Amaranthine Fibres (Morgan)  Canadian maker of hand dyed yarns and fibre. Knitting, spinning, dyeing and dog.

🌿Happy liberation day, Madame Cannabis!🌿
I digress from your usual feed of yarn porn for something close to me heart.
❤ From today onward, you don't need a medical prescription to legally obtain and partake of #cannabis in Canada. As a #spoonie & sufferer of #chronicpain, this means that access to life changing pain management is easier and accessible without having to attend yet another doctor's appointment. 💯 Legal and accessible, yes. But the stigma is still there: I myself suffered much longer than necessary because of that stigma and fear of taking cannabis. #THC triggers my anxiety and depression, as it does for many. I was reluctant to try #CBD products (the cannabinoid in cannabis that makes you relaxed, cozy, and pain free) because of a fear of those side effects. I only tried it a few weeks ago, and if the stigma wasn't there I might have found relief 10 months ago when my head injury occurred.💀
🎁Let's share what doctors won't. Let's increase awareness of the effectiveness of cannabis. Let's work to fight the #stigma that still abounds now that people can come out of the cannabis-closet.

Sometimes my creative ideas don't work out... this is NOT one of those times 😄 I am so in ❤ with how PHANTASMAGORIA knits up!! 😍

Enjoying what will probably be one of the last outdoor knit-and-lunch days of the year. My Halloween #sofadedsweater only has a few inches to go!

I'm considering upgrading Devil's Night from seasonal Halloween yarn to permanent collection. I can see this firey 🔥yarn fitting into so many seasons and project ideas! ❓Any suggestions on a new name? Puns get preference of course! I'm a terrible word nerd 😎

PHANTASMAGORIA is one of the new colourways being added this week. Inspired by the horror 💀adventure point-and-click videogame of the same name. This red is SO RICH 💎 it would make an excellent statement accessory. I gave one skein to my mom, she'll be knitting held with a skein of LONDON FOG ⛅, my soft grey speckled yarn, to give a marled fabric with a little less contrast. I can't wait to see how it looks!

@anah2121 is the winner of a $50 CAD gift certificate for Amaranthine Fibres! Enough for a free ball of yarn + shipping. Enjoy, and thanks again to everyone for following along with me the past couple months. The shop will be updated later this week :)

🍰"You can never have too much yarn or pie". ☔The rain has stopped and its a busy brisk day @popupatthebarns, perfect sweater weather! We're here til 2pm today, in the park beside @thestopcfc farmer's market 🍁

PUMPKIN SPICE has been restocked! More coming soon, pending Etsy maintenance and how much energy I have after prepping for this Saturday's #popupatthebarns .
🎁Also a reminder that the contest is still running for one more day. Look two posts back for details!

🎃TRICOT TREAT... Now available in super silky SW Merino top!

😮500+ followers!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who chose to let me into their daily 'gram life and keeping things engaging! 🎁As thanks for all the support Amaranthine Fibres is giving away a $50 (CAD) gift certificate to the Etsy store. All you have to do is:
◾1- follow @amaranthine.fibres (and still be following at draw time)
◾2- tag a friend in the comments below (unlimited entries, each tag in a separate comment)
◾3- stay awesome
📆Contest ends Fri. Oct 5 at midnight. North American residents only (sorry, haven't mastered international shipping yet).
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The days are getting shorter 🌓 and the mercury is dropping, but that doesn't mean we need to stick to muted hues and 🌎 Earth tones. As much as I love the classic Autumn colours, it's nice to see a splash of sunshine 🌞 amidst grey skies.⛅ Yellow and grey just pair so happily together - it makes me nostalgic for big yellow ☔ rain boots and splashing in puddles 💦on a stormy day ⚡⚡
🔄Clockwise from Left: Canary Cave-In, London Fog, and The Mine is Fine
💻Follow the link in my profile for these colourways and more!

Today I've been making headway on my #sofadedsweater and I couldn't be happier 😍 with how this black turned out to be anything but basic. When I was dyeing my Halloween Farts test, I fumbled 😥 on the colour sequence and decided to just dye this one black for my fade set. Well, I didn't make the black quite dark enough, so it just glazed over the existing colour.🌈 When the light shines I can see the faintest orange, purple, and green lying beneath. ⛅
What seems at first like a mistake might turn out the be the coolest feature yet 💖 Follow your gut and take all the risks and the universe will be yours for the taking ⭐🌠⭐
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