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Amani Richardson  📍Connecticut 〰️ Editor @sadgirlsclub 〰️ Writer @everystylishgirl 〰️ Beauty Writer @everythinggl Self Up.🌈

Excuse me, I have articles to write, story ideas to pitch and books to read. 🙂 On my journey to finding a way into the editorial space— Whew chile, the to-do list runs for days.
What are your goals? What do you aspire to do? What are you doing to get there?
Talk to me in the comments :)

Still learning—
Ways to love on me,
Ways to heal my wounds.
+ Still learning—
The spiritual practice of non-attachment.
Still processing.❤️

NEW BLOG POST “Full Moon Reminders: Be Easy + Worry Less.” On this full moon to come around midnight, I am reminded of where it all started.
At @healhaus, during @hellolaurenash Spiritual Downloads. I’ve learned how to cultivate a sense of ease through my journey post graduation. While I could have all the fears and worries in the world, it was the energy in the room on that evening that I realized, none of it mattered. For as long as the worry and fears within me cause stress and self-doubt, I’ve learned that I can’t make room for them to coexist in a life filled with Ease.
This night I was full, this night was magical. This night I will forever remember as the New Moon dawned and set the tone for us all. Now, I can only hope that as the moon comes full circle tonight, all of my worries I had that evening will manifest into the dreams I’ve wished and worked so hard for.
I LOVE YOU MUVA.❤️ (Read more, link in bio!)

Let kindness, gratitude & compassion lead you today.
If you’re feeling down today, just know you get better with time. If you’re feeling amazing today, just know that you deserve to feel this way everyday!
Happy Wednesday.❤️

Happy Tuesday.❤️ Tuesday’s are usually rough days for me & my depression. I honestly don’t know why, but it’s always a weird ass day. Instead, this Tuesday the sun is shining, I’m cooking my favorite meal (Salmon + veggies), filming my hair lewk that you all love in my last post, & a scheduled shoot w my fav photog @venesajco.

It’s so much easier for me stay curled up in bed, but I rather feel free, bask in the sun & do the things I enjoy. This is how I blossom.(What’s on your To-Do list today?) Self Up.🦋

NEW BLOG POST.🦋 “3 Things To Know Today”
1. Everything you’ve asked for, you already have.
2. Find your quiet.
3. Release when you’re ready.
Happy Monday! I hope this pick me up is just what you needed. Read up, link’s in my bio!
Self up.❤️ (

Recognize your power. You always have the choice to make up your mind to be whatever you want it to be.
I choose Happy because happy brings ease. Happy sparks creativity. Happy creates the vibes and happy spreads light.

Self Up.❤️

Make it count & do the work.👩🏾‍💻 Enjoy!

• Sex, Dating + Depression. •

My love bugs over at @moxxiemade asked me to share what courage means to me and how do I cultivate a spirit of courage to live more wholeheartedly—
Courage is finding the strength to be the light for those who are clouded by their own darkness. Courage is sharing the things we experience in our lives that many others are afraid to share.
Blogging is just how I cultivate my spirit of courageousness. Many people don’t realize that with Blogging comes a high level of vulnerability in order to be relatable and transparent with your followers. So without further due, in my latest blog post I get the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and for the first time share my experience and thoughts on having depression and my encounters with sex and dating.
Eeek. A little nervous for y’all to read, but it’s necessary & is a topic that goes unnoticed. Feel free to give it a read— Link’s in my Bio :)

I’m not the greatest journalist, shit I didn’t even go to school for it (so can I even call myself one? Haha— awkward) But the thing about doing what you love is that there’s always room for growth & you grace better with time.
If I still had up my old website from the age of 16, you’d probably be like wtf am I reading, but it’s apart of the process. You grow & you learn along the way.
As long as you stay hungry, you’ll always do better & be better.

Happy Sunday.❤️

Daily reminder:
Don’t force it, don’t rush it—enjoy it.❤️

Happy Saturday.❤️ There’s a NEW Video on my YouTube Channel!
I miss YouTube a lot & I’m still brainstorming the redirection of my channel, but for now I wanted to let you in on a few life updates & personal advice on my experiences. From Post-Grad life, being single, the fears of not finding a job, and a little taste of my Happy Playlist— I lay it out all in my Q+A.

Again, just here to help & inspire another girl like me finding her way. Click the link in my bio :)

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