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Amanda Tress  Creator of the nationally recognized FASTer Way to Fat Loss® | Intermittent Fasting Expert | July 16 FASTer Way to Fat Loss® registration link👇🏻

10 years ago, we lived in a 500 sq foot apartment ... and to be honest with you — we had an absolute blast in that tiny apartment, and we were so happy. We’ve since moved 7 times. We’ve lived in a couple small apartments, our condo, and a few homes — 2 of which we’ve built. We’ve made the very best of every situation and in all cases ... we were happy. I don’t tend to get too attached to stuff or a certain house, and nearly two years ago (when this pic was taken) we actually sold or gave away all of our stuff and drove only our cars from Ohio to our condo in Florida to pursue our dream of living at the beach. Most recently we built a house with what we thought would be the “perfect” amount of space/rooms to accommodate our family and long term “plans.” Little did we know that after we got the roof on the home, Miss Lily would surprise us with her presence. God clearly has a sense of humor. 🙏🏻😜We went from the perfect size home to “not enough rooms” before we even moved in. Emma and Cole are currently sharing a room and Brandon is using Cole’s room for his office ... and we cannot hire our next Au Pair or host family or friends since we do not have a guest room. So, we are in the process of looking for a home to accommodate our family of 5. Check my IG stories for the updates. But as I consider our housing situation, I am always reminded — a big house is not what bring me happiness. Living my purpose rooted in fulfilling my spiritual goals is what brings me satisfaction. A sense of progress and passion is what helps me achieve happiness. A confidence in my strategy to save, invest and manage wealth helps me achieve peace. The ability to give generously brings me joy. I am excited about the home search and hope to find a place we can settle long term. I know things will work out exactly how they are meant to! 🙏🏻

Date night 👌🏻

It’s LEG DAY for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss community. I love a good leg day workout and cannot wait for a double date with our friends this evening. I plan to enjoy my leg day treat at an amazing new restaurant in Clearwater beach.

I’m going to introduce some solids in the coming weeks! What foods did you first introduce to your baby? I want to get her started with whole foods the right way!!! I started Emma and Cole with the traditional rice cereal but looking for the best possible options now that I know more about whole food nutrition, gut health, etc.

Cole had a wonderful day celebrating his birthday and we cannot wait for the Disney cruise in a few short weeks!!!


“I have been eating clean for about 6 years and had been running 25-30 miles a week for  about 4 years and could never lose the last 6-10 pounds that I needed to lose. Then I started gaining weight and knew I need to do something different. My friend, Mandi McCoy, posted something on Facebook about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and here I am in round 2. I am almost to my wedding weight! I have lost 10 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, 2 inches off each thigh...a total of around 14 inches total lost. I love how strong I am getting and seeing the muscles now that the fat is no longer covering them up :). Thanks, Amanda ❤️” - Michelle B.

Cole is FIVE YEARS OLD today! Cole is my sweet boy ... he is the kind who will give me a hug at the end of the day and say, “Thanks for making my day special.” ☺️ He loves technology, baseball, swimming, riding his scooter, cars, singing, and flirting with the little girls at school 😜. It’s hard to believe Cole was born exactly 5 years ago today!!!

Don’t let that smile fool you. I’ve got a biter on my hands this week. 😆😭 Any suggestions bfeeding moms? She doesn’t have any teeth ... yet. Needless to say feedings have been painful this week!!!

This email MADE MY DAY!!! “Amanda, I was part of your group that ended on June 9th. I wanted to get this testimonial to you sooner, but I was waiting on my blood work results from my MD. About 10 weeks ago I went to my PCP for an annual check up, and my blood work showed a complete imbalance of my hormone levels, low T3and T4, etc. My doctor explained could be the explanation for my constant feeling of fatigue, inability to lose fat , and gain lean muscle although exercising and eating what I thought to be a balanced diet. About the same time my friend told be about her success with FWTFL, so I decided to give it a try. I could not have found FWTFL at a more perfect time. I will be 39 this year, have two young children, and a demanding career. I literally felt as if this is what 40 was destined to be like; puffy and tired. Little did I know my constant fatigue and inability to lose fat wasn't a destiny written in the cards for my 40's, but rather my body's response to years of over training and intentionally under nourishing it. I had my blood work redrawn during week 7 of my FWTFL bootcamp and got my results this past Friday. I think my doctor was even a little surprised at my results! To quote her, "what have you been doing? Your hormones are complete in balance". She was most concerned at my extremely low Testosterone level, and it went from 14 to 26. Still on the lower end but in the normal range and headed in the right direction. I also lost 9lbs and 6 inches!!!! My blood work and weight loss are just the tip of the ice burg of what this program as done for me. This truly has been the most positive lifestyle change for me! In addition to a better bikini body ;), it has given me the ability to better manage my time and put the focus on things in life that really matter... family!! I no longer feel this "need" to go to spend 1.5 hours+ in the gym after work, nor do I get anxiety over missing a workout. I can knock most of my work outs in early and spend more time with my family in the evening. I also don't feel as restricted with my diet.” Read the full email on my Facebook page!!!

These are powerful words from my amazing client, Karri. 🙏🏻
“As someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder (but who has been healthy for years), I have always been leery of plans that restrict me too much. I've been lucky in that I've been able to work out and eat healthy and maintain a healthy physique. But that all changed the year after I turned 40. It was like the healthier I ate and the more I worked out, the more my body morphed into something that was foreign to me. So something had to give. I watched Beth (from S+S) do the program for a few rounds and was amazed at how well it worked.  So I figured why not. The FWTFL has been a godsend. I am still eating healthy, but now I am making sure to balance my macros with each meal and at the end of the day. And intermittent fasting has been wonderful for my gut health. I love that this is a plan that can be a way of life (unlike something like Whole30). And now, halfway through week three, I have lost an inch in my hips and a half inch in my waist. I am sleeping better and I have more energy than I did 3 weeks ago. I am so happy that I decided to embark on this journey — personal health and wellness is the ultimate act of self care!” Karri

Am I right FASTer Way ladies?!! Phew! The workouts this week are 🔥🔥🔥. Whether it’s in fitness or business, we’ve got to put in the WORK and often ... a little sweat. 💪🏻🙏🏻👌🏻

TEAMWORK makes the dream work. Don’t be fooled. There is NO way I could pull off a record bootcamp launch without the help of my incredible team. We spend hours (HUNDREDS) behind the scenes prepping for a bootcamp start and work SO hard to equip and empower our clients to be successful. Monica, Lindse R, Lindsey M, Harry, Brandon, Morgan, Misty, Tasha, Emily K, and all of the FASTer Way coaches who co-lead my groups — just to name a few. Today we welcome thousands of new clients into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss community and I could not be more thrilled to watch lives transform over the next 6 weeks. I am so grateful for my team and thrilled for BIG things to come. We are just now scratching the surface.

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