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Amanda Ciurdar  After 2 years of infertility, I am the luckiest mama bear to little Lucy! πŸŽ€ Betrothed to @SamCiurdar πŸ“§:AmandaCiurdar@me.com


"You'll find that some of your best parenting happens when you're humbly bent down on your knees."
I read this quote recently and for me lately it couldn't be truer. Lucy had a wonder week that helped her learn a number of really important things, but it also seemed to help her forget how to nap... and on top of fighting her to sleep daily and her only sleeping in 30 minute increments, we're pretty positive she's cutting her first tooth! 😰 She's been a toughie lately and I know she's going through so much, so it's hard not to be able to help her sometimes! But, this is just one of many reminders of how important it is for me to stay in prayer and strive to learn and grow in my faith. I know I cannot be the best mother possible without guidance from the Lord and I'm trying to stay intentional about my time with Him! #butfirstJesus

This sweet girl and I partnered with @buttpastebaby recently! As a working mama, diaper rash is the last thing I have time for! Boudreaux's Butt Paste keeps the rash away so we can work (me) and play (her) all day! Okay, I play too... if squishing Lucy all day long counts as play! πŸ™ˆ #buttpaste

Guys! A friend of mine opened up the sweetest shop, @niftypackageco! Since I'm the worst gift giver ever (I draw literal blanks when choosing gifts!), I love the idea of letting skilled people choose crafted gifts for me! Not only did they send me the yummiest treats with some curated matches and candle, but every little piece was so well designed. Wouldn't you love to receive an adorable gift like this, tailored to your tastes?! 😍

One time, I went to Oregon and my friend @ladycascades met me there. She took photos of me in the trees and later at night would edit them while sitting next to me. During the editing process, she saw fit to give me a unibrow and erase my front tooth so I looked like a hillbilly. She laughed real hard and I just shook my head because that's Susanna! Lucky for her I didn't feel like jacking with her face this time. 😜 So here she is in what appears to be an accidental sunglasses ad. 😎

These two with each other... my heart cannot actually contain itself! Everyone says watching your husband become a father makes you fall in love all over again, and they couldn't be more right. Though we've learned some hard lessons as parents so far (more fun times to come I'm sure 😜), Sam is the absolute perfect daddy for Lucy. She's going to grow up and feel for him what I feel for my own Papa! And that is something I am endlessly grateful for.
And, as always, I'm continuing to think of you whose holidays have been tainted by no-longer or not-yet. My hope is that you'll find joy around you and comfort in our Heavenly Father who I'm celebrating today, too. Thank you Jesus.

We've been spending so much time outside lately, I even have a little color on my shoulders. 😏 I'm Italian but basically a fake one, I really don't tan very well haha! Looks like @ilovelucyciurdar has my skin... sorry kid! 😬 By the way.. why is @UppaBaby so fantastic?! 😍 We are UB fans for life. ✌🏼#UppaBaby

"How complicated love becomes
when rivers want the sea
and the sea wants the shoreline
and the shoreline wants the city
and the city wants the forest
and the forest wants the mountains
and the mountains want the clouds
and the clouds wants the rainfall
and the rainfall wants the rivers.
How blessed are we
that I only want you
and you only want me." -@tylerknott
Hair by @megownsartistry

How. HOW ARE YOU SIX MONTHS OLD @ilovelucyciurdar?!?! People say time flies once you have a baby... but like, it's basically warp speed. This girl isn't just the light of our lives, she seems to be a light everywhere we go! We get comments constantly on her gorgeous eyes or her crazy hair! But my favorite things about her are how sweet, squishy (and getting squishier!), and talkative (have seen our IG stories? πŸ˜‚) she is! She is rolling EVERYWHERE these days! She's tasted avocado and carrots but so far needs some of mama's milk mixed in with them or else she gags. 😜 She constantly is babbling "dadada" and "bababa".. she smiles when she sneezes and she loves watching our dog Charlie! This girl. How can my heart contain such big, fat love?!

"How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great."

I've had so many questions about our opinions on the @dockatot! So let me just tell you it has been a LIFESAVER for us. Lucy co-slept with us for the first 10 weeks of life. Then we transitioned her into the DockaTot & put it in the pack n play, and she's been in it ever since! AND she has slept through the night since 4 months old (sleep learning! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ). We took a trip to Portland and since it was only a few days, decided against bringing the DockaTot. Figured she'd sleep in the pack n play, right? WRONG. This girl was so unsettled the entire 3 nights we were there. Constantly wriggling, smashing her face against the mesh... I even tried unswaddling her to lay on her stomach and she slept face straight down. πŸ˜‘ We even bought a snuggle nest to try and help her settle and for us, that thing was pointless because it wasn't cozy like the DockaTot is! So none of us slept all all. Well, when Tennessee came around, I was SURE to bring the DockaTot. We kept her on CA time, brought her travel crib and put the DockaTot in it - she slept through every single night we were there (one in hotel, two in the treehouse)! Clearly it does not matter where she is, as long as she has the DockaTot she is one peaceful sleeper! This is a MUSTTTT you guys! 😍

Man, marriage has been filled with so many incredible things for us. I once heard that marriage is like a box that you have to put things into before you can take from it. We've worked hard to put prayer, love, selflessness, commitment, honesty and so many more beautiful things into our marriage box. We've had some tears, some fights, some victories and a trillion moments of laughter! I've been so incredibly blessed to be this man's wife for 6 years now, and I can't wait for Lucy to realize just how lucky she is to have him, too. She already FREAKS OUT over him! 😍 I love you babe! Now let's watch Gotham. 😍
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