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Amanda Witdarmono 💃🏻 

To limits stretched and the self-discovery that follows, to growing love and infinite forgiveness for the self and the world, to sacrifices and the sincerity of the hearts that allow, to continuous learning beyond the academic degree and to going through the days with a lot of laughing and dancing (in the company of our dear friend Jose) - congratulations babysis, we’ve made it through today and am so very proud of you ❤️ #witdardwi #ftw #roarlions2018 #backonfinstaohyeah

The paths can meander and the waves can be too strong but the cores remain the same. Grateful for a rejuvenating day with Ibu @helenaabidin, and of course, am thinking of @oliviswara a little bit more than usual today 💕👩🏻🦋💎

Shwe, with, me 🌝💫 missing all of this trip including Burma’s Burger King and of course my wonderful saboteurs friends...

This weekend’s celebration: the new dog year and our grandmothers turning one year younger, wiser, more graceful, and less lazy than we all 20yos are 🍷💃🏻❤️🐶

Somewhere amidst North Jakarta’s waves of humongous vehicles, transporting goods brought by the cargo ships in and out, there was a dream tucked in one of the alleyways. A dream of a young-at-heart man called Pak Ig who dedicated his tiny plot of land to provide schooling for 374 students, in clusters on mornings through evenings. From the complexities of bureaucracies to the rigor of national exams, Pak Ig stood the test of times having served the community since 1975 through the school. Excited to see what is ahead as we work together with Pak Ig and his teachers, and so very grateful for endless fuel that continue to ignite our fire 👨🏻‍🏫✏️📚📌 #amdg #solucky

Excellent medium rare steak, well curated selection of red wine but nothing compares to a company that nurtures you to grow and gives you constant warmth 😇

Office for last week sharpening all our nerdy research on teachers and delivering lectures on our school projects in Indonesia at the institution I had admired since undergrad years. Pinch. Me. #wtt #solucky 👩🏻‍🏫📑📚✏️💙

2018 plan: dance more to my heart’s beat, even though Despacito is (still) playing everywhere 💙
📷: Prince Arab

Jalanan jokes, modern sappiness, and heartfelt conversations over fluffy pancakes and Magic coffee, served by nothing less than Oxfordian manners. Beyond grateful for wonderful companionship that knows no timezones nor longitudes ❤️

Clean air, gem so rare 🌬🍃

Cherry picking was cherry fun. Cherry catch and throw was not cherry easy though... #spotthecherry #witdardwi #neverbored

Thank you Berita Satu for sharing the stories and dreams of One Fine Sky. Cheers to a more exciting year ahead delivering new uniforms and new spirit to Indonesia’s young’s hands 💙☁️ #becausewhaatt #becausewerealldreamers

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