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Amanda Nicole Smith  Living to create and share the best version of myself for my daughter, husband, Chico-dog, and everyone I meet! ❤‬

I was determined to make our engagement/wedding rings, I wanted them to be made with love and truly one of a kind, so I went to this awesome store for inspiration. They had gold wire and these beautiful Ruby gemstones, which is Dominick’s birthstone. They also had sapphire, which had no meaning whatsoever, and yet I felt compelled to add it to the ring anyways. It wasn’t till a year or so later that I would find out the Sapphire really did carry meaning, it’s Adrianna’s birthstone!! ❤️☺️ I love it when pieces fall perfectly together but you only realize it in hindsight.
Last week I broke the ring doing handstands and lost one of the sapphires! Thankfully that store still had them, I was able to upgrade the design and make it stronger! I added the black spinel because not only is it pretty but I love the meaning it carries. #wirewrappedjewelry #wirewrappedring #homemaderings #rubyring #sapphirering #goldring

The past two days have been rough. We went to the beach again on Thursday and that night Adrianna had a fever of 104. The next morning her fever broke and she ate some watermelon and peaches which helped to restore electrolytes. After a worthless visit to her pediatrician, she rested and nursed the whole day. Yesterday she seemed back to normal but as the day progressed her fever returned and she was back to nursing and sleeping on me all day. Her fever broke again last night, she slept seemingly well, and now she seems perfectly normal again. 🤞

A lot of things come to mind when your baby is sick, the first is what could have caused this?!And since I had a whole day with baby on me, I had plenty of time to research. My bet was that it was a bacterial infection from the water, she was trying to drink it 🤦‍♀️. The Chesapeake bay, like most bodies of water near big cities, has its fair share of pollution. Almost anywhere you go swimming there will be risk of bacteria and viruses, wether it’s from pollution or natural causes. Rather than live in fear, I trust that our immune systems have been built up by the plethora of nutrient rich food we eat. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Even so, events like this make my “save the planet mind” kick into full gear. I’m always thinking, how can I do better 🤔. It’s these very thoughts that urged me to create my purified lifestyle business. My mission is to educate people on how to live more clean and pure, and to help organize all the information through the use of journals and thought provoking questions. Some days it feels like and uphill battle but there are a lot of amazing people trying to save the planet, maybe they’re outnumbered by the people who are destroying the planet, but nevertheless there is a growing number of people who care and that gives me solace.

One big way that we can limit pollution is by eating local organic food from the farmers. Why organic? Because pesticides and herbicides are leaching into our bodies of water causing a whole host of problems.

Why local? Because we can limit unnecessary cross country trips that use an obscene amount of fuel.

Let’s make a difference together!

Made a raw vegan pizza and crunchy chocolate bars made with sprouted buckwheat. 😋 If you’re brave enough to try these super healthy recipes, they’re on my website #rawveganpizza #rawveganbars #rawveganrecipes #rawvegan #healthyrecipes #yummyandhealthy

Dominick captured some great shots yesterday at the Agricultural History Farm Park! They have pigs, goats, roosters, trails, gardens, and a mega “Master Garden” that has pretty much every plant and veggie native to Maryland. Adrianna was so cute watching the roosters and goats, while sitting content on the little bench. #ilovemaryland #exploring #onthefarm #inthegarden #familytime #babygirl #enjoyinglifetogether

For every bad day, there’s a good day like today. Yesterday we tried going to our local aquatic center where there’s 3 outdoor pools and a splash park but not only was the whole world there, everyone’s hair and bandaids were floating in the water. 🤮😂We left immediately lol. But today we went to our favorite beach park on the Chesapeake Bay and had a fantastic time. Adrianna thoroughly enjoyed herself!! 😄 #beachday #terrapinbeachpark #chesapeakebay #maryland #ilovemaryland #familytime

She’s just like me, she’ll eat everything and anything. #littlefoodie 😄Today she had cherries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, apricots, broccoli, snap peas, green beans, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, and potatoes. #babyfood #babyeatsgood #9monthsold

I just made the greatest mistake cookies ever!! I started mixing the coconut oil with coconut sugar and I realized I had no milk so I made a quick almond milk in the blender. Then I realized I didn’t have enough flour so I made some oat flour and almond flour and ta-daaa! I was worried but luckily they came out perfect!!!! 😋 #vegan #chocolatechipcookies #vegancookies #cookies #almondflourcookies

I’m ready for surgery. I really wanted to keep my wisdom teeth but they’re more trouble than they’re worth. 😒 I was prescribed amoxicillin, Vicodin and a mouthwash, but you know me, I’m going the natural route instead. Today’s meal plan includes Nettle’s infusion (filled with iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin c, silica, chlorophyll and more), echinacea, milk thistle, and clove tea (anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotic, detoxifies liver from anesthesia) and I made a ginger/clove mouthwash. I will also have fresh apple juice, kombucha, my green drink made with 100’s of different herbs, roots, barks, berries, seeds and veggies, and my favorite cashew banana milkshakes. 😋#naturallife #noantibiotics #nopainkillers #healwithfood #wisdomteethremoval

Thanks for bringing your pole over @jamie_waldo ☺️ that was fun! #poledancing #pdcocoon #pddino #pdelbowgrip #fitmomsofig #somuchfuntoday

Slipping to the ground every time, making it nearly impossible to hold moves and reach full flexibility....oh well, still loving this combo. Thanks @vixen_trixie for requesting #pdmarionamber I probably wouldn’t have revisited it without you. Cheers to more OG moves😊#pdayesha #pdelbowgrip #poledancing #fitmom #momswhopole

‘Twas a berry good morning 🍓😉 lol. Have you ever had a purple raspberry before? They’re so much sweeter than red raspberries, you gotta try! #purpleraspberry #blackberry #blueberry #redraspberry #strawberry #nettleinfusion #stingingnettle

The farmers are trying to get rid of last years apples so we got 70+ apples for $10. 😍Dominick and I each drank a quart of apple juice from 12 apples, not even putting a dent in the bushel. #whowantssome #freshapplejuice #goldrushapples #juicing #farmersmarket

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