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Amanda Nicole Smith  Living to create and share the best version of myself for my daughter, husband, Chico-dog, and everyone I meet! ❤purifiedlifestyle.com‬


Pretty excited that this move is getting better and better the more I try! At first it felt impossible, now it feels pretty solid! This is probably my 20th+ attempt over a course of 4 weeks. I know many get frustrated if they can’t do it the first or even fifth time, it’s important to understand that some things take practice and patience. Using @polesmart and @itac2 to help make it happen. #pdcherryribbon #flexible #training #hardwork #poleworkout #polesmart #flexibilitytraining Thanks @vixen_trixie for the video!

💭“Oh just sitting up by myself....no big deal” 😲 I love watching her figure things out, love on her daddy, and put her foot in her mouth, it’s pretty magical. And I can’t believe how tall she’s getting, she can touch her feet on the ground in her baby einstein!! #5monthsold #babygirl #growingup #love #babyfeet

Finally caught up in the #letthewheelsturn challenge but I still wish I could’ve practiced everyday and perfected these poses to the best of my ability. I find myself shouting at the videos, “reach...reach!! Extend, push forward, lift!!!” Etc...lol. I also threw in my #pdironx from last night since it’s the first time since giving birth that I felt strong enough to hold it! I keep reminding myself, it all requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance. #keeppushing #flexibility #strength #yogachallenge #postpartumfitness #letthewheelsturn @cyogalab @palomahuner @gmcyoga

Playing catch up on the second week of the #letthewheelsturn yoga challenge. I wish I had more time! I don’t consider myself a yogi, so many of these poses are new to me. I can see what needs to be fixed and mostly it’s just a matter of my brain telling my body what to do. I always like to review my recordings after each attempt and try to fix myself but it just takes a lot of time. So this is the best I could do with the 30 minutes I had. My time is zapped throughout the week because currently I am building a mobile app for my flexibility routines from flexibility.purifiedlifestyle.com . I’m hoping to finish it by the end of March and launch in April when I start my #100dayflexibilitychallenge . I always start with these routines to help me warmup and build flexible strength for these poses. I’ll definitely be reworking these poses come April, this is pre-season!! 😉 #flexibility #challenge #yoga #aerialist #postpartumfitness @cyogalab @palomahuner @gmcyoga

Everyday with her has been filled with #cutenessoverload 💖Adrianna has been trying new foods and especially likes sweet potatoes. She was fussy in the beginning of the video because I went to get the camera and wasn’t continually stuffing her face. 😂 She is also fascinated by Chico and he doesn’t seem to mind her grabbing, kicking or laying on him. #babygirl #5monthsold #loveher #tryingnewthings #boxerdog #love

This #letthewheelsturn challenge is really kicking my butt. #day5 was yet another difficult pose for me. I practiced for an hour before teaching classes and could only do this up against the wall. Then during my flexible strength class I was almost able to do it without the wall and get my legs flat, I’ll definitely be revisiting this one. @cyogalab @palomahuner @gmcyoga #flexibility #yogachallenge

A little combo from last week, kinda sloppy but it’s a work in progress. 🤪#spinpole #polecombo #pdsuperman #poledance #polefitness #postpartumfitness

Continuing the #letthewheelsturn flexibility challenge. Day 2,3 & 4 had to be consolidated into one day, I’ve been a busy momma. I started with my consistent routine from flexibility.putifiedlifestyle.com and then tried each pose 4x on each side with 10 deep breaths. Every pose was a challenge, especially the lunging backbend, holy back strength! I feel I have a lot of hip and shoulder opening to work on. But after my 2 hour practice today, I felt so good!! The first hour baby girl was sleeping, then Dominick took on daddy duty so I could continue to practice. #lovesundays #sothankful @cyogalab @gmcyoga @palomahuner #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #yoga #fitmom #makingtime #workout

Here is day 1 #wheelpose after completing my dynamic and static stretches from flexibility.purifiedlifestyle.com link in bio. My upper back still won’t budge. I haven’t done a lot of persistent hardcore stretching since baby girl was born, so this will definitely be interesting to see how much flexibility I’ve lost in the last year and how much I can gain in a month. #letthewheelsturn @cyogalab @palomahuner @gmcyoga @jamie_waldo #postpartumfitness #flexibility #challenge

Starting this challenge at the request of @jamie_waldo even though I’m still in #hibernationmode and lacking sleep from my beautiful precious baby girl teething! #noexcuses #letsgo 😂 @cyogalab @palomahuner @gmcyoga

@_circus_city wanted to do a backbend in the hoop, so we came up with this. She is way bendier, so her shape is bit different and more amazing, but this is still a pretty cool shape! 😉@pnkcadycourtney swipe right to see the trick you asked me to look at, we can do it again next week!! #aerialist #lyrahoop #shapes #backbend #flexy #flexibility

Eating loads of nutritious food this month to keep the family happy and healthy. 💚 @doozypoledance and I made pak dong, a sweet and spicy fermented cabbage, and tepache, a fermented pineapple drink. We’re thinking of starting a monthly fermentation get-together!! I also found an amazing farm named Chocolate and Tomatoes, he goes to the @olneyfarmersmarket on Sunday. He grows in tunnels, which means if you’re like me and you want to eat in season, local and organic for optimal nutrients, you have options and don’t have to live off of just root vegetables stored in root cellars. 😉And lastly shout out to the best husband ever @thedonkc7744 for making fresh juice for us every weekend! #juicing #fruitsandveggies #fermentation #tepache #pakdong #roastedveggies #winter #farmersmarket #healthnut #healthyfood #deliciousfood #thankful

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