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  PA based wedding photographer nestled in on McLain Mountain with my little family • Happiest when barefoot + outdoors •

We made it to OBX and the sun has been kissing our skin all of the days 💗

We are headed BACK to @riverdale_manor for the 4th and final time this year for Ben + @lmkida’s wedding today! This wedding is so special to me because last year I photographed Ben’s sister’s wedding... and the year before that I photographed (stay with me here 😂) Ben’s sister’s husband’s sister’s wedding 🤪 I love that ANP is a #familytradition for some of you out there!

4 years ago today 💗 I was trying to think about what I’ve learned in the past 4 years and although I’ve learned a lot, “family first” is the biggest lesson I’ve learned. We try so hard to be something to everyone that is important to us... a good friend, a good employee. And while those things are important, I’ve come to realize there are 2 people in this world who I am absolutely irreplaceable to. My husband and my daughter 👨‍👩‍👧 I’m one lucky lady.

Let it be known to all you young people... year 28 is when it all changes.
Getting out of the car after an hour drive hurts. You’ll go from a 28 year old traveling from point a to point b, to an 80 year old trying to get to your front door.
Sunglasses become like another appendage you never knew you needed. Forget them on a sunny day and feel your corneas burn out.
Your body begins to hurt when you wake up. Pulling a muscle or pinching a nerve can happen in your sleep.
Sleeping with your contacts in or studded earrings? Forget it. You’ll wake up numerous times throughout the night annoyed that you did both.
Hangovers happen with less alcohol and take longer to recover from.
Ability to drive at night: gone. Turning down the radio as if it’ll help you find your destination: real. I specifically remember making fun of my mom for this!

Going to bed by 9pm makes a world of difference if you usually stay up till 10pm or later to get some quiet “me” time while the kids are asleep.
Speaking of kids, if you have any by this time in your life, your house will never ever be clean ever again. Despite your hardest efforts, just give up. All your friends who don’t have kids yet will understand one day. And if they don’t, always try to hang out at their house so your kid can destroy a house other than your own for a few hours.
You’ll dig through 2 of your clean, unfolded laundry baskets looking for clean underwear only to find none. You’ll instantly become mad at your mom for not keeping up with your laundry, only to remember that you are now the mom, or wife, or fiancé, or significant other.
Buckle up young bucks.. if you think you have at least until your 30s, you wrong.

Can I be real with y’all on this rainy Monday morning? Last week was a tough week for me. I was seriously considering quitting my business for the 2nd time this year. We went for tacos and beers with a friend on Wednesday and in the restaurant hung a sign that said “never ever give up”, and the minute my eyes saw the sign, I directed my gaze elsewhere. “Get out of my face, you stupid sign!” is what I thought. I hated that sign. That sign has no idea the rollercoaster of emotions that come with owning your own business and how it affects your life. Thinking of that sign now, it was my first of many needed signs that maybe I’m ok and doing what I’m supposed to be doing. My next sign was Friday’s wedding... I was on my way to the salon to meet the bride when a heartfelt DM came through from someone telling me how I inspire her to pick up her camera. A 60% chance of rain all day held off till all important events were complete. My bride was absolutely the sweetest thing and gifted me a coffee mug. I had Saturday off with my family, then got to celebrate my best friends birthday... something I might not have been able to do if I worked for someone else. On Sunday I got to photograph the newborn session of someone I’ve know since elementary school. I mean, how amazing is that?! With the gloomy day we had yesterday, to my surprise the baby’s nursery provided the perfect light, and she slept the entire time! I got to come home and watch the @steelers play some ball and had the most delicious meal cooked by my hubby. Friends, there will always be hardships. And you might feel like quitting more times than you can count, but you have to keep going. In the words of @autumncalabrese: You don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when your finished.. and I’m not done quite yet.

One week until we’re beach bound ☀️🌊

What a blessing... when your baby gets to be a part of your wedding 💗

Happy wedding day to @huntchels + Scott! Jessie and I are so excited to be a part of your day! This weekend has taken me to 2 new venues... the ever beautiful @stonemillinn + @pineridgefarm2001 🤗

Life moves along in different stages, and not every stage is forever. I remember just about every bit of Addie’s life. After all, we’ve been together almost 24/7 since the day I became pregnant. It wasn’t hard to watch her grow up until now. And I think it’s probably going to be hard from here on out. She’s definitely not a baby anymore, has almost outgrown the sink (where I’ve bathed her since she was a newborn), and has recently gained this extreme sense of self. Last night I told her how sad I am that she’s growing up so quickly, and her response was “don’t worry about it”, as she leaned in and gave me a kiss 😭 like, way to break a mama’s frickin’ heart! I think the saddest thing about it all, is that we don’t ever realize when we pass thru one stage and on to another. And while the next stage can be equally as beautiful— maybe even more beautiful— let us remember to live well where we are now.

I got a heart like a wheel, baby lets go.

One of my dear brides has been in cahoots about doing a first reveal or not on her wedding day. She’s been so back and forth, asking everyone for their experience with/without doing a reveal. In the event that my love (or your photographer’s love) for first reveals might influence you to do one, here is your reminder that this is YOUR wedding day. That these photos are for YOU. You need to do what’s best for you + your fiancé. You need live out the dream you’ve been planning since you were a little girl, and if that’s doing it the traditional way that is ok!!! I will not be upset if you don’t do a first reveal, so while I talk often about why I love first reveals, I still love the tradition of waiting to see each other until the ceremony. So stay true to your vision, do your thang, and let’s create some beautiful images! 💗 flowers: @everyone_deserves_flowers

Happy wedding day to these two beautiful souls 💗

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