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AMANDA LINNEA ♥️🌍🌱  🤓📚 empowered legal counsel & digital entrepreneur lived in 5 countries 📍stockholm #writtenbyamandalinnea ✍🏼 ♥️be kind

Dinner with my brother, colleague, inspiration, boss, friend, and hopefully one day partner. Dreamteam ♥️ @sebbanmichel 👑

Summer pls hurry 😍

I’m currently on my way to the gym for a workout with weights. The thing about consistency and the key to fully understand is that you won’t always feel motivated. People tend to ask me how I can always feel so motivated and full of energy. Of course I don’t. However I do know self-discipline, and because of that I drag myself to the gym, or write that thesis when I was in Law School, even though every single part of my body tells me that it doesn’t want to. Self-discipline is our best friend on days when we can’t count on our motivation. Furthermore I always remind myself of the incredible feeling afterwards. The same goes with anything in life. We either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. I know what I choose. 😈

Just want to wish my angels a lovely Friday. In 3 weeks I’m back in our house in Marbella 🌴🇪🇸



I choose a healthy lifestyle because it makes me a more positive person. A happier person. It gives me energy that no coffee, energy drink, or similar is able to give. It makes me feel unstoppable and confident, from deep within. It helps me focus on the right things in life. It makes me love myself and care about myself, not only food wise or exercise wise - but with everything in life: I’m selective with what I read, people I surround myself with, what I think, and what I focus on. I find it easier to achieve any goal that I have if I’m living a healthy, positive life. I attract everything that I feel within - and health does attract more health, success, and inner peace.

3 weeks 🌴

My neverending positivity comes from how I see life and choose to live it. Once you truly understand that your actions can take you anywhere you want to go, every day is a new opportunity to fulfill your dreams. I’m so proud of our generation when it comes to following our passion and turning it into a business. I see so much power everywhere in different forms and I choose to get inspired from it on a daily basis. Impossible doesn’t exist in our world, and just the possibility of having a dream come true makes life so exciting. Thinking outside the box is normal for us. Now please embrace everything that makes you unique because being different is what makes you irreplaceable, dare to own your femininity in all kinds of situations - in your career particularly, never apologize for being powerful, learn how to be independent and your own biggest support, stay humble in your success but never lose your confidence, educate yourself daily, be open-minded, and stop listening to what others think - if they haven’t been where you’re going then stop asking them for directions. And if they have walked a path that you want to walk, get inspired and give them your full respect but understand that their success is not a limit for what’s possible. Just do things your way - that’s something no one else can compete with. 😈

🍑 ”To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise” - in collab with @fitazfk I’m using their fitness app in my workouts. The sessions are 18 minutes, easy to follow, and sweaty! Good bye to not knowing what exercises to do, literally everything is in this one app and it doesn’t matter if you’re not having a gym membership, if you’re abroad traveling, at home, or in the gym - with this app you’re able to take care of your health literally everywhere! Last time I posted about this app you were so many telling me that you just downloded it, and I hope you’re as happy with it as I am. 🤗 (watch until the end 💃🏼😜)

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