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amanda jo zone  ✍︎ uncensored (coming soon) ♡ find my art+botanicals+zines (wip) ☠︎ find my fried chicken shop @howlinrays

write down everything you’ve ever said to yourself about yourself. what do you think about what you see? im surprised to see some of the things that I’ve said about myself. ☮︎ #eyeswideopen

angel aura rose quartz intermission. (practice shot from our new hq studio!)🌙

lil’ yuki & @ajbarone at the beach in sarasota part 1.... all of my sisters are powerful young women and I’m madly in sister love with all six of them. this is my sister, Alison. She is the second oldest (just three years behind me) and doesn’t ever want me to post pics of her. isn’t she so beautiful tho? she is my inspiration today for my IWD post. the levels of courage and tenacity she has exhibited under some of the most difficult circumstances in the past three years has literally schooled me on what it means to be a strong, powerful woman. she is a natural healer and her steadfast approach to life and adversity leads me to believe she will leave no stone unturned in finding her true passion and making her dreams come true. I will absolutely be there to support her every step of the way. Ok, now help me convince her how stunning she looks in the pic so she will let me keep it on here! this is part 1. 🌈 #internationalwomensday

omgaaaaaaah first portraits! Yuki aka SIS did so good. I posted the rest with all of our pups in my stories. 🥳Sooo adorable I can’t believe how great the photos turned out. @mypetgarden 🐶

I try to take some photos for each month of sobriety so I can go back and see the evolution of everything in my life. took this one the other day and I barely even recognized myself because I have just been thinking so much about other things that I’ve barely even looked in the mirror lately. I’m now at 20 months of sobriety and man have the past 3 months been rough on my brain and my soul and my hands. For some reason, us moving triggered the release of some major childhood/early adult baggage that I guess I never dealt with, even tho I thought I had worked through most of it. It’s true that you just never know when a dark night of the soul will hit you. something that has really helped me come out of it is the discovery of the book ‘the artists way’ by @juliacameronlive and the morning pages. For anyone going through a block creatively or emotionally or even just for an overall tune up and recharge, check this book out you guys. You can get the audio version too on iBooks. I got both versions and it has been EXTREMELY helpful. The morning pages esp is a game changer. Pls pls check it out if nothing else is working. I will even buy it for you if you need, just dm me! ♥️ #selfcarethreads

“you are a cosmic traveler; your body is temporary, but its essence is eternal.”
- Dave Zebian 𓁺 #dreamfilter #cosmicgrl

stay collected, remain calm, create good vibrations wherever you might go. but always be ready to fight for what you believe in. 🐞

🥳 PARTY 2018. @howlinrays @velofilms #itsawrap

I’M COMING IN. ☺︎ #hiiiiii

takin all the fuck ups, missed opps & blessings unaccounted for and makin me a recipe book. 🥘 #feedmethefuture


what 2019? u didn’t I’d be ready for u? well I am. me and my stubby little arms are both ready for u. ok bye fr now. 🍦

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