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Amanda Jane Jones  Freelance Graphic Designer and mama

Guessing I’ve got another week or so of fitting in this @aceandjig dress 😉— I’m on my fourth bra of this pregnancy which seems a little extreme, haha. My body must be anticipating a hungry baby. 🤷🏻‍♀️So funny how each pregnancy differs from the next. Almost 22 weeks! And our little guy is kicking like crazy which makes me want to do cartwheels...literally the best/most comforting feeling in the world. #ajjworn #pregnancy #aceandjig

We survived our first family flu experience and hope it’s our last. Jane got it first, then Cree the next night. He barely had eight hours to recover before miles and I started throwing up simultaneously. Ah, what a week. I’d suggest everyone steer clear of us for a couple more days juuuust to be safe 🙅🏻‍♀️🤢🙈(took this before the flu hit 😂 thank you for the sweet pjs @lewisishome!! They’ve since been sanitized 😂🙈)

G I V E A W A Y (Closed) // Ah! So excited to team up with @wobbelboard to giveaway one wobble board! So grateful for this little community —I love that we get to host these with brands we love. We’ve had this board for a couple months and looove it. Great for balancing, fort building, and just great for general play. And of course you know by now how much I love toys that when left out feel like a part of your home rather than clutter. To enter just follow @wobbelboard, @wobbelusa, and @amandajanejones. Tag your friends below and like this photo! I’ll announce the winner on Friday! #goodluck #wobbleboard #giveaway #amandajanejonesgiveaway

I’m walking proof of Amy Schumer’s pregnancy joke—always cradling my baby bump. 😂☺️👶🏻 top by @aceandjig — tap photo for other sources #ajjworn

A little walk to the lake and some rock throwing is always the perfect cure for a bad mood—especially mine ☺️ (staying dry in @fairechild) 💛

His new favorite place to maternity pillow 😂💛

It’s a.....

Those little hands in his pockets. ☺️ Ever since kindergarten started it’s just been him and I during the day and it’s been a really sweet time— our year of mama/miles dates. With this new babe on the way, I’m just soaking up my one on one time him and feeling grateful he’s not sick of me yet. ☺️

Oh my- this was such a fun Photoshoot. AND these dresses are 50% off with the code AJJXWJ over at @wrenandjames photos by @kylejohnphoto 💛

Oh my goodness gracious! Thank you for the well wishes and excitement for our little babe. It’s been an emotional time filled with a lot of anxiety, but we feel hopeful that we’ve turned a safe corner and by the grace of god, we feel at peace. I’ve been itching to share these aura readings we had done in the new year by @radianthuman_ —it was such a special experience that brought tears to my eyes. Cree’s spoke of strength, loyalty, support and then she explained that the white spot at the top meant overwhelm, someone that is taking in everything all at once. Which made so much sense— he was taking on so much to care for us and also do his church and work duties. 💔 Mine was special to me because it spoke of new beginnings, will power, strength and creativity — which was good to hear when you’re in the midst of morning sickness survival mode and uncertainty. We’re so excited!! Here’s to new beginnings!!! #aurareading #pregnant #18weekspregnant #radianthuman

Suprise!! 18 weeks—We just came home from our ultrasound and our little rainbow 🌈 baby is healthy and strong which is all we could ever ask for! Our hearts are so full. I never dreamt I’d go through two first trimesters in one year but we survived (thanks to @creelanejones! 💪🏻) and feel so so SO grateful. Life is such a miracle! (And to those curious, my dress is from @toast! Just sized up for maternity) #18weeks #toastbeing #ajjworn #pregnant #rainbowbaby

By now you know my deep love of well-made wooden home goods that last a lifetime. So many thumbs up for our new dry rack designed and made by @georgeandwilly. Laundry never looked so chic! (Yes yes, I know I picked our cutest laundry to photograph, but still!)

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