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Amanda Halsvik🐇  📍SWE vegan forest elf🍃 DM or 💌

Can't stop looking at that fluorite✨ Perfect day to charge some energy!🌞

Tb and it's 30 days until we leave Sweden for Bali. If you have been to Bali before please share some must-see locations/vegan restaurants etc!💚 Our first stop is Canggu. The rest is unknown so far.. And happy full moon ya beautiful people!🌝


Pikaboo🌼 I just want this above my bed pls

Never seen such a bright sun in the morning. Even if your sky is grey remember that I'm sharing this light with you today🌞

Don't be fooled by the green smoothie.. I got loads of cookies in ma belly🌈


when u feeling low, climb a tree 🐒 but don't slip and fall pls

You were chosen to unite - not divide 🌏✨
📷: @martinlarssson

Life update:
1. I've dropped my phone in the toilet and the camera kinda sucks right now but it's gonna be fine.
2. I got the stomachflu🤢 But hey, at least I get to read books or play Sims all day! When you're falling asleep underneath these stars every night with your soulmate you don't have much to complain about. Always believe and focus on what's positive in your life and the universe will give you even more to smile about.🌝💫⭐️

Staying in my pjs all day thinkin about cute animals n stuff🌻