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👑5 Ways to Take Your Power Back👑

Day after day, there are a multitude of opportunities for us to feel totally out of control and like shit is “hitting the fan.”

The truth is: we can’t control everything that happens outside of us, but that doesn’t make us victims. Uh un, hunny. ⠀
You’re too powerful to be a victim. ⠀
Most of our suffering doesn’t actually come from the circumstance itself, rather from how we feel about it or what we’re making it mean about us.

Is a lack of engagement making you feel unworthy?
Someone not saying yes to your program making you feel embarrassed?
Someone being inconsiderate of your feelings making you feel angry with them?

Whatever your current situation may be, here are five of my favorite ways to take your power back.

1️⃣Acceptance / Surrender.
Accept what is, where you’re at, and where others are at. Surrender to the inevitability of life. This doesn’t mean you don’t want something to change or you’re condoning someone else actions — it simply means not protesting or attempting to change the reality of what is.

2️⃣Release the Victim Story.
When we’re in blame (“he shouldn’t have done this, I wish they didn’t do that, she should’ve been more understanding”) we’re living inside of the Drama Triangle as a victim, and placing other people as the villain. The truth is, we’re responsible for our own emotional upset.

3️⃣Set Boundaries.
Setting boundaries surrounding your time, your schedule, your energy, and who you let into your vortex is a practice of self-love and self-respect. And when you do say yes, do so from a place of truly wanting to, rather than because you feel “obligated.”

4️⃣Follow Through with Commitments.
Read my last post for more on commitment, but it’s one of the best possible ways to gain power and control back over your life.

5️⃣Choose Joy Over Perceived Obligation.
Similar to setting boundaries, aim to choose JOY over anything that you think you “should” do or “have” to do. The whole entire goal of LIFE is to be happy and more frequently in a state of joy, bliss, and love. We get to have that, we just need to actually prioritize JOY as much as possible.

Flourish & Conquer,


This weekend during Spiritual Psychology School, we got to opportunity to look at what it means to make commitments.

Might seem a bit trite, but when was the last time you reviewed your commitments or avoided making important ones?

...Thought so.

Commitments are what we dedicate ourselves to, and actually follow through with.

All of us can think of the times where we’ve committed, followed through, and felt a sense of pride and confidence thereafter.

We can also think of times where we’ve committed without following through for whatever reason, and how our self-respect pegs get knocked down.

When we commit and DON’T follow through, it connects pathways in our brain that tell us:

“You can’t trust yourself to follow through and keep your word, so don’t bother making more commitments.”🤯

So we either avoid making commitments (like dedicating to a fitness routine, planning successful launches for our business, etc) OR..

We live in a pattern of overcommitting, failing, and feeling shitty about it.

The best way to re-wire the brain is to release the story that you “can’t” commit or trust yourself, and give it a go again.

Choose something small you know you can commit to to enforce a positive feedback loop...

Or, finally commit to that one “big” thing you keep wanting to do but completely avoiding 😜

In the Flourish & Conquer Accelerator, we know how difficult it feels for you to find time (and self-trust) to commit to EVERY SINGLE THING you need to do to get your business - which is why were there to offer the blueprint, accountability, and encouragement needed to rewrite your brain.

Just like every one of our students, you’ll leave not only with real results, but the confidence and brain rewiring necessary to keep going for the months and years of business building to come.

Flourish & Conquer,
📸 @3muh

Once you start shifting away from viewing the world through the lens of “it it’s scary, avoid it” to “if it’s scary, I need to do it,” everything begins to change.

In 2014, moving to LA with no money was scary.

In 2015, quitting nursing was scary.

In 2016, documenting my entire fitness journey (lots of crying) on YouTube was scary.

In 2017, leaving the fitness industry to join the business and personal development industry was scary.

In 2018, scaling my business and investing in mentors and team was terrifying.

In 2019, I’ll be sharing more scary things with you that I’ve been up to (one maybe this week).

The truth of the matter is: without having leaned into any of these things, I would not be on this life path I’m on today.

And I’m so grateful for that fear.
Fear is your guide.
Lean in.

Tag a friend or share with your audience if they need to make a scary jump 👏🏽

I make it okay to be me.

I stand in my Truth, especially when it’s hard to.

I say no to what doesn’t feel like a fuck yes.

I say yes to expressing myself, even when it’s polarizing, different, or feels vulnerable.

I live in integrity with my word.

I don’t sacrifice myself for the sake of others, because that never really helps anyone.

I listen to my soul, and do whatever is in alignment with that—even if it wasn’t a part of my “plan.”

I accept what is, and make peace with what I can’t change.

I take full responsibility for creating what I want.

I own my shortcomings, and do the real work to get better.

I recognize that I am not a victim of my circumstances and can always change them.

I am giving myself love in the places that hurt the most.

I’m making friends with my feelings, knowing that they’re always there FOR me.

I am owning my power as a young, successful woman whose got some big things to do in my lifetime.

I have no time to waste living anything short of the above. Wbu?


One of my favorite journaling prompts -- asking my soul what I need to know, and listening to the highest aspect of myself for it's wisdom and insights. Share with your audience 👏🏽✈️

Everyone’s over here worried about time management, but what about ENERGY management?

This morning, my first “fuck, I’m overwhelmed” thought popped into my head.
I was tired, knew I had a lot of errands to do (clean, grocery shop, schedule appointments, etc.) and wanted to make sure I got my work done as well.

I almost went into a pity story about how taking care of my errands was taking time away from my creative work…

…but the reality is, taking care of errands actually gave me more ENERGY for my creative work.

It also relaxes my mind, knowing I don’t need to worry about any of those things when I’m headed into a weekend of all-day classes.

An hour of time is just that: an hour of time. If your energy is low, it typically takes far more time to accomplish any given task.

However, ENERGY isn’t measured in time: it’s measured in actual fucking results. The amount of energy you get when you finish something, or the result that came out of the time you spent doing it — thats how you measure it.

Similarly, energy is not measured in the task itself. It’s measured on if it fills you with energy, or if it depletes you of energy. ⠀
Let’s pick 4 examples: ⠀
Going out to party.
Closing a sale.

Not one of these things is energy giving or energy receiving: it all depends on how YOU relate to it on any given day, time, or situation.

✅ Going out to a party may deplete your energy by being around people. Other days, it’ll give you all the energy you need because it’s the exact environment that will fill you up.
✅ Errands may make you feel depleted. Other days, getting them done will clear energetic space in your mind.
✅ Netflix may deplete your energy by numbing your brain and being a form of escapism, or it may be an enjoyable place to be entertained.
✅ Closing a sale by give you energy by giving you money, or it may drain your energy if you signed a client who wasn’t a good fit, just for the money.

If you’re not filling yourself with energy, you’re depleting it.

Ask yourself today: what can I do that’s going to give me the most energy?


What lessons do you need to learn in order to evolve into your next level? Share with your audience if they need to hear it 👏🏽

Tactics Vs. Strategies (Are You Moving the Needle Forward?

The Physical Realm: DOING [2/4]👩🏽‍💻

What we DO on the physical realm largely creates our groups and communities we choose to be in.

The tendency to be in communities of like-minded people is a basic human desire, so naturally—when we share about what we DO, others who relate tend to join us.

Physical realm aspects can include (but are not limited to): what clothes/brands we wear, what we eat or don’t eat, where we live, what we do for work, what our hobbies and interests are, how we identify sexually and relationally, who are friends are, etc.

Sharing these aspects are unconsciously building your personal brand out, and therefore: attracting the right clients.

People tend to "meet” or connect on the physical realm FIRST and foremost. It's that initial impression, level of compatibility, and entertainment or beauty value that people are drawn to.

Example: lots of you asked me where I got this dope jumpsuit ( @lulus ) and either remembered me for wearing it, or got it for yourself. I mean, check the comments section on the outfit appreciation 🔥

In terms of audience attraction, the physical realm is the biggest driver of traffic and attention on Instagram— so, caring about it IS important. And no, it doesn’t make you a surface level person.

Focusing not just on looking cute in your pictures and using a nice camera (this is important, surely), but sharing the PHYSICAL REALM parts of yourself (for example, what you’re watching on Netflix at the moment) will be one of the fastest ways others can connect with you.

However: the physical realm is simply the beginning of the relationship, not the end all be all for conversion.

Mastering this realm in business will grow your audience and allow you to “meet” more people (because your first impression is noticeable and enticing), however — tomorrow, we’ll dive into how the Mental Realm plays a role in our audience relationships.

Tell me: when have you connected with someone online through the physical realm? Where can you enhance that on your own platform?


The 5 Realms of Consciousness & How They Work in Your Business [1/4]✨ Understanding the layers of the human experience is one of the fundamental tools I use in my interpersonal relationships—specifically, client and audience relationships.

Integrating relational intelligence into your work will help you with pretty much every single step of your business growth. This week, I'll dive deeper. But for now, here are the 5:
The Physical Realm: Doing 👩🏽‍💻
- What we look like, what we wear, what we do for work, what music we like, what experiences we have, where we travel, where we live, who were with,
These are things people can connect with on the most *basic* human level. The vast majority of what we do for attraction.
The Mental Realm: Thinking💭
- Intellect, Expertise, Teaching, Opinions, Thoughts, Beliefs. Anything that happens in the mind. This is a large chunk of what makes up personal brand and authority.
The Emotional Realm: Feeling🎭
- Emotions, Bodily sensations. The location of intimacy and connection, or disconnection.
Descripting emotion in your caption/email writing, IG stories, or podcasts will allow you to connect intimately with your ideal clients. This is the beginning of any close relationship. Without emotion, we stay above the surface in our relationships.
The Unconscious: Being 🔮
- behavior affected by seemingly inaccessible parts of the mind
- The Psyche, Ego, Superego, Inner child, Trauma, Inner Self, Highest Self
- These are the aspects of our psyche that are the most challenging to access, but when we can - they can heal pain we’ve had living in our bodies for years. Therapists can help you access these, and coaches can also work to understand these layers (even if you refer out for your clients).
The Authentic Self: LOVE. ♥️
Pure love. Beauty. Joy. Happiness << which is the core of who we truly are, underneath all the layers.

So: how can you expand your reach by focusing more of the physical (content, visuals, imagery, sharing your life), and get more intimate in the deeper realms?
@3muh 📸

Follow the thread….

Back in 2015, I felt the thread emerge for the first time. This thread was a piece of fabric inside of me, wanting to be woven together— giving me pretty clear hits of intuition on how I could go about following it.

“Quit nursing and go do this fitness thing full time.”

“Really?” I exclaimed, confused and concerned. ⠀
“I don’t know, it feels unsafe and unpredictable. I don’t even know what i’m doing. Are you sure?” - me
⠀ “I’ve never been more sure about anything, girl. GO.” - Soul ⠀
And so I went.

That thread and I have become friends over the last 3 years.

It’s told me to compete in bikini competitions, go to events where I didn’t know anyone, share my darkest thoughts with the world, speak on stages even though I was terrified, “keep going,” when I felt like quitting, pivot when I felt my next evolution of self emerging, and say “no” to opportunities and relationships that weren’t in alignment.

Following this thread WILL lead you to joy. That’s EXACTLY what it’s purpose is.

Those nudges you feel? They’re real. Don’t ignore them.

If you feel the nudge or the thread calling you to apply to our next round of the Flourish & Conquer Accelerator so you can truly start your business…

…I highly recommend listening.

In my experience: It’s always been the best decision I’ve ever made.

In hindsight, those are some of the very most important moments in your life.

Tell me about the last time you felt this and LISTENED below👇🏽


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