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"Live a life you never want to escape from"🌞🌾👙

Anybody else have a problem controlling themselves when they see their man in uniform? #RIP #mcm #iliterallycant #straightfuego 😍🇺🇸

Growing more and more grateful for you every second we spend apart. (Every second- that I spend bragging about you to everybody & anybody who will listen.) I love you tons baby, it was so nice hearing your voice today. 💋

Also wishing a happy Mother's Day to my very special mama, & the freakin' QUEEN that raised YOU! ✨ #milso #marinegirlfriend #deployment

It's Friday!! and that means we?? RED. (Remember Everyone Deployed) So I finally get to wear this cute shirt Shane's mom made me & I got my nails painted red to match, courtesy of babe himself... THANK YOU BABE for still spoiling me from across the world. OH & also I was reunited with @sydnie_ross for the first time in months and that warms my heart to an extent you couldn't imagine. AAH I am overjoyed with happiness today. Thank you again for all the love & support for those of you that have reached out I am so blessed and it has made a world of difference! 💙🇺🇸💋❤️ #OOTD #marinegirlfriend #milso

I can't thank everyone enough for the love & support I have been getting today. Regardless of what everyone seems to think about saying "goodbyes", this was truly one of the most positive and memorable days we have ever had. Nothing but love & laughs today and every other day the past 8 months; and I am so thankful for that. No matter how hard it will get, I know it will do nothing but make us stronger day by day. Thank you for leaving me with so many amazing memories, I can't wait to make more when you come home to me. I am so lucky to be so in love with YOU, you are the man of my dreams. Stay safe out there baby. I'm so excited for what our future has to hold, & I wouldn't trade you for the world. Be strong for me. I'll see you soon! & I love you #semperfidelis #adventuresofshanda #milso 💘✨🇺🇸🌙💋

Ain't nothin sweeter than your love 💘 #adventuresofshanda

What's a queen without her king?¿ ♕

Crazy to think you asked me to be your date to the usmc ball the day after I met you, on our first real "date", so nonchalantly and it was still over a month away... In honor of booking our tickets to next years, I decided I had to post some more of deeessss. I'm SO excited and I can't wait to legally take on vegas with you when you get home from deployment and again have the TREMENDOUS honor of being your date! 💘🍻 loves you handsome

Holy molyyyyy; hundreds of miles away but still wishin you a happy fricken birthday 💘 I miss you & so glad I got to spend such a fun week explorin' with you. Can't wait till the next time I see ya and we add to our adventures. (Shoutout to our boyfriends for finally introducing us) Have an amazing day my nigguh, cheeerrrs to youssss 💘🌍🥂 #marinegirlfriends #bumperstickers

CHEEEEERS to you babe. Happy 22nd birthday 💘 so happy I got to celebrate with you today; I love you to da moon & back 🌓 #thearm

It's all fun & games until you make one wrong turn - a little too fast; and want to throw up on your instructor. Such a great experience, huge thanks to mama burke and this guy for being so adventurous. I may or may not try this again 💙🛩⛱#skydiving #adventuresofshanda #areyousickofusyet?

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