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Amanda Grind  🙏🏾Matthew 6:33🙏🏾 Professional entertainer with Bloc Talent Agency [] 💜

Spent the day in Riverside with these amazing souls judging for Ultimate Brawl !! Always great to reunite with the homies from the community scene and watch the newer generation give their all on the stage!! 🙌🏾 Congrats to all the teams who competed and shoutout to those who placed! Great job tonight everyone💜

Boooooyyyyyy the push was REAL today!! I've always been an *NSYNC fan and it felt really good just to have fun and JAAAAMMMM !! I'll definitely teach this again but I wanted to share this rough draft of this feel😩🙌🏾 thank you everyone for jammin today and figuring it out with me! Y'all were DANCIN! Shoutout to @honeybits @neddjamal @ivyfijal @ami_takashima for rockin with me in this one! 💫 always appreciate your energy!! 🙏🏾 #AmandaGrindChoreo #NSync #JustGotPaid #Jams #ThePowerOfStorytelling💫 @jcchasezofficial @justintimberlake @lancebass @realjoeyfatone @nsync

Happy birthdayyyyyy to my brother, my ace, and one of my first friends out here in LA!!!! I'm so proud of you and I'm excited for what God has next for you !! Keep pushing & moving forward through your purpose because greatness is attached to your every move! Love you bro, you getting OLD😩👴🏾🤷🏾‍♀️😂 #HappyBirthdayJohnny #Family #FriendshipsWithPurpose #KING

She had a vibe and a n**ga started diggin' it...😉

Ooowww!!! Brought back an oldie but goodie combo for my class tonight and the class was FEELIN IT!! 😍😍😍 Shoutout to these two gems @miguelajr & @jamaldeandre for JAMMIN in this clip !! Two different movers but y'all say SO much!! I appreciate you both and the artistry y'all bring!! ❤️🙏🏾☺️ #AmandaGrindChoreo #BlackBuddafly #RockABye #ThePowerOfStorytelling💜 @aminabuddafly @jazzbuddafly

These 3 !!!! 😍😍😍😍 GEEEEEEZZZZZ!!! 🔥🔥🔥Thank you @anthonymarquis_ @tacir.r @_jjenks for FEEEELIIIINNGGGGG this piece in this video !!! Maaaannnn these conversations were REAL! Love y'all so much!! Shoutout to the entire class as well for JAMMIN cuz foreal y'all were IN IT !! Great class tonight y'all ! ❤️ #AmandaGrindChoreo #MintCondition #PrettyBrownEyes #ThePowerOfStorytelling @mintconditionmusicofficial

C R E A T I V E 💫 V I B E S 😜 #MyMains🤗 @akoswag828 @lilrichswagg

What I like about this picture the most is that me and @dancin_darina look real sneaky in the back🤷🏾‍♀️😩😂 Why we into my phone like that?? Hahaha #Caught😩😂#SisterSister💁🏾💁🏾 ...back to that time on set with @jessicajarrell !! Good times FOREAL! 👌🏾💜 I love when I work with friends because it doesn't feel like work❤️

It's amazing how God shows up and through us time and time again...I pray that whoever comes across this post has their faith restored! Allow them to remember that storms don't last and more importantly they don't prosper !! That dream you instilled within their hearts is just as valid 3yrs ago as it is RIGHT NOW. Their faithfulness is what is going to ELEVATE them in ways beyond their expectations!! "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,” - Ephesians 3:20 ❤️ Keep going !!! Don't let your "setbacks" keep you from the promises that God put in your heart! It's time to restore your faith, trust, and determination in your purpose again! 💜 You're closer than you think😉 #Message #Faith #OneChurchLA #Love #KeepGoingForward #Purpose #Perspective❤️ #HappySunday☺️ @onechurchla @toureroberts @sarahjakesroberts

Honesty moment : I felt CRAZY in this class but the one thing I took from this class in particular is "Commitment"...especially when you feel you're being stretched to do something different...and boy was this different for me😩🙈...thank you @willdabeast__ for getting me out the house for this one and for challenging me to learn something different cuz this was hard for me lol but I at least had fun! Appreciate you foreal !! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾Shoutout to these fly kings for jammin with me too @__peterpinnock @djmarv625 @kendawg_ 😍🔥👌🏾Always love y'all energy cuz we ALL was in there fighting hahah #willdabeastchoreography #ChrisBrown #privacychallenge @chrisbrownofficial #NewThings #GettingComfortableWithTheUncomfortable 👌🏾 #ThePowerOfStorytelling 🙏🏾

"Start making sense and quit playin these love games" - whoooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥Class yesterday was FEELING IT!! Thank you everyone for just focusing on the feel/story of it all !! Really beautiful to watch everyone open up! And thank you @mr_tomquise @_jjenks @davioncoleman__ @lilrichswagg @sorahyang for telling YOUR story!! Everyone clearly had something to get off their chests 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 love y'all and appreciate EVERY time you take my class! ❤️ #AmandaGrindChoreo #MintCondition #PrettyBrownEyes #ThePowerOfStorytelling @mintconditionmusicofficial

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