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Amanda Grind  🙏🏾Matthew 6:33🙏🏾 Professional entertainer with Bloc Talent Agency [ tanisha@blocagency.com] 💜


#FullCircleMoment ....I danced in this intensive and showcase 10yrs ago😱 and now I'm asked to be a teacher at this same intensive !! I'm genuinely blessed and honored to be asked to be a part of this!! Hope to see YOU all there this weekend !!! 🙌🏾 #ThankYouJesus #FullCircle #DebbieAllenDanceAcademy 💜

TOMORROW !!!!! Join us as we dance in honor of Brandon !! ALLLLLL info is on the flyer !!! I'm excited to share in a space with my peers and come together to celebrate the life of one of my dearest friends!! All the proceeds go to Brandon's family so anything helps!! Even if you can't physically take class click my link in my bio to donate as well! We love you Brandon! 🙏🏾❤️ See you TOMORROW at ML!!! #RipBrandonRogers #Purpose #Love 💜

My baby girl NEVER disappoints !!! I love how mature she moves without compromising her youth and innocence!! Thank you baby sis @kyndallharris for always staying true to you every time you come to my class!! I love you so much and I'm proud of you!! You're growing up!! 😩🔥❤️💜 #AmandaGrindChoreo #Sade #ThePowerOfStorytelling💜 @sade

Absolutely!!! These women came through yesterdayyyyyy!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thank you @d0mb___ @alainiwalker @makia_chantel @taylordeethomas & I don't have the other girl's IG !! 💜🙏🏾❤️ Y'all FELT THAT!!! #AmandaGrindChoreo #Sade #SweetestTaboo #ThePowerOfStorytelling💜 @sade

So class today was a challenge for me in particular because I wasn't able to physically teach the moves due to my injury so I had to explain it while sitting down while I had assistants holdin me down with the demonstrations ! Boooyyyyy that was tough for me but the class HELD IT DOWN!!!! I learned a lot about myself as well as those who take my class today! So many great movers and storytellers in the room!!! Ahhhh loved it!! Shoutout to these fellas for SMASHING today @_jjenks @kebahb @kendawg_ @jamaldeandre @lilrichswagg 😍😍Lawwwd!! Y'all felt that !!! 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾 #AmandaGrindChoreo #Sade #SweetestTaboo #ThePowerOfStorytelling💜

😔💔....the fact that I'm even typing this doesn't make sense....none of this makes sense....I just talked to you a few days ago..I'm honestly not sure how I feel and I don't know when this will all process because it really doesn't seem real...Brandon, thank you for 4yrs of an incredible friendship...your love, your smile, your voice, your passion and support for me and anyone around you will be missed...the random voice notes along with a Gif to match🤦🏾‍♀️🙄😩😂 ...lawwwd and you couldn't wait to text or call me talkin bout "ayyyeeee ! Shenanigans is coming your way so you BETTA be in town😒😂" ...always loved to create a good ol' night of shenanigans as we called them..❤️...My heart hurts...I'd be lying if I said I was okay, but God knows what He's doing even when we can't understand it...I'm trying to stay strong and push through for you and my bro @dannirogers ...I've experienced death every year since I was 12 and honestly it got to a point where I wasn't affected by it because it was so frequent in my life...but this one hurts badly...To my prayer warriors please use your gift and pray..If you say you love someone TELL THEM...FORGIVE anyone who hurt you...LET GRUDGES GO...We don't know when our time is up...Love is really needed in this time...I'm glad I was able to tell you I love you after our last convo before you were called home but I do wish I got to see you again.I really can't believe that you're gone😔....Rest In Honor Dr. Brandon Rogers aka "My Main Shenanigans"🙏🏾❤️ @drb_rog

Lawwwwd!!! Class earlier today was so refreshing !! We all were definitely trying to figure it out but I'm excited to definitely teach this again!!! Thank you everyone for just JAMMIN and feeling good! Shoutout to my friends @januszjotpe @jamaldeandre @__peterpinnock @armandoooj for JAMMIN and FEELIN with me in this clip!! Geeeeezzzz😍😍😍😍 #AmandaGrindChoreo #Sade #SweetestTaboo #ThePowerOfStorytelling💜 @sade

Maaaannn!! Class was so much fun today !!! Thank you everyone for just JAMMIN and truly listening to the music!! Y'all know I love a good JAM! Shoutout to my people @_jjenks @ami_takashima @januszjotpe @karonlynntv for JAAAMMMIIINNN with me!! Y'all are so fly !!! 😊❤️ #AmandaGrindChoreo #ThePowerOfStorytelling #Shanice #iLoveYourSmile #90sJams @shaniceonline 🙏🏾

I feel like no matter what, there's no place like home....it's something about people from back home that keeps my spirits up no matter what...I've known this guy for YEARSSSSS and I think the most impressive thing about this man is how much he values ME and our friendship !!! We never miss a beat no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other! 🙌🏾 another example of pure loyalty and love! Thank you for always reminding me of that and I pray you receive everything you desire in the next level of your life! HAPPPPYYYYY BIIIRRRTTTHHHDAAAAYYYY to the one and only @patcruz 🙏🏾 #HappyBirthdayPatCruz #BayKids #NothinLikeHome #HonorYourFriends

Loyalty isn't simply who's always "physically present" in your life...I know that's how most people view that word, but for ME it's much deeper than that...many people can be loyal to your POSITION, or even their "idea" of who they believe you are and in the end that's not loyalty at all...the reason why this woman in this photo is LOYAL to ME, is because 1. She truly loves ME... 2.) she's connected to the true ME and not the idea of who she wants me to be. And last but not least, she allows me to evolve without questioning our relationship and where it's going...many people take things personal when you begin to choose YOURSELF and your alignment process because it might separate you from being so accessible but I love how no matter what we NEVER skip a beat! She allows me to grow and "figure it out" without being selfish about how accessible I either am or not 🙏🏾❤️ because she always reminds me that it's bigger than US! I can truthfully say this woman has my back, front and ALL sides! 🙌🏾 and it happens to be her birthday!! Happy birthday to my SISTER, FRIEND, PRAYER WARRIOR, INSPIRATION @cocohontas530 !! Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for allowing me to grow and just BE without changing who you are around me or away from me...God knew what we was doing when he brought us together the WAY that he did and I couldn't be more thankful !! I love you💜🙏🏾 #HappyBirthdayChanel #FriendshipsWithPurpose #BlackGirlMagic #Sisters 😊 #35NeverLookedSoGood😍

Whooooo!!! I'm excited to get started with this 30 day detox pack from @teamiblends !!! Join me and use my code GRINDTIME to save on your purchase !! 😊💜#Teamiblends

RESTORATION!!!! ....When I think about what God has ALREADY brought me through it makes me excited for what's He doing next! There's been PLENTY of times when I thought that I wouldn't make it out of "bad" situations, relationships(friendships), financial hardships, but God consistently shows up! I've seen Him MOVE in mysterious ways FOREAL! Your answer to your prayer won't always be in the structure or form that we're used to! But when we get used to pressing through and aligning our spirit with His plans for us we'd be surprised on how God shows up through the very thing we're scared to press through. It's time to reposition our spirits in the space of reception...even though there are obstacles we're currently facing that are definitely stretching us uncomfortably, there's peace in knowing God factored out the victory over it all in every level we grow into! 💜🙏🏾❤️ if you happen to come across this post, that's confirmation that you still have DESTINY and PURPOSE to fulfill...PRESS ON THROUGH😊 #Message #Growth #Alignment #KeepGoing #GodIsGood #Love #Peace #OneChurchLA @toureroberts @sarahjakesroberts @onechurchla 😊 #NeededThisReminderToday🙋🏾

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