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Amanda Brite 

Tell me this piece of butter doesnt look like a shoe.

Part 2

Part 1

Working on another making-of. This one has an interesting story.

Been wanting to be people's emotional outlet for like 4 years now. Damn. #emotional #song #safezone #understanding #confidante

Working on a new song with a crazy guitar solo, courtesy of @zakialinj

I've been featured on Redshift Recording's new website,! Thanks Redshift! Needless to say, you rock.

Hire me for session work! (Backing vocals on stage or recording, score for your video or movie, beats.)

Coming out of my shell at the North Carolina Zoo.

I've been sampled!

Trying to figure out what key this song should be in; so i just kept pitching it up.

Working on alllllll new stuff! Check out for an exclusive look at the production process.

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