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Arcana: a mystery  British daydreamer and night lovin' creature πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Seeking collabs with designers/artists ❀ I use IG and FB only 🀘 Make my day: 😍

"Formaldehyde calms my nerves" πŸ’€ Bloody love my shirt from @toxictoons πŸ–€ Check 'em out! Serving up your ghoulish needs.
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And they said it was just a phase πŸ–€ Happy World Goth Day!!!
This was taken when I was 17 by Jennie Ardley.

#worldgothday #goth #gothgirl #gothic

I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched ~ Edgar Allan Poe.

I'm sorry to anyone who is waiting for work replies from me or just replies in general. I've just been signed off by my doctor as I've got a nasty virus so I'm trying to be good and rest which has made me fall behind. I'll hopefully be back on form shortly πŸ’• In the meantime I'll be over here doing a Lord-of-the-rings-athon (the 12 hour extended edition, of course) and being a human mattress for my cat, Avalon.
#redhead #katesclothing #necessaryevil #goth #altgirl #worldgothday

You can leeeeave your hat onnnn...Bow chicka wow wow 😎 Ignore me, I'm delirious in bed right now. Kimono and jumpsuit from @katesclothinghq πŸ’•

Hotel aftershow.

It was good to see The Mission again tonight...even if I did almost pass out because my sickness πŸ’• Worth it!

#themission #oxford #redhead #goth #blacklips

I've done nothing these last two days except sit on this. Still feeling like death but it'll be good to go out and get some fresh air tomorrow I think. PS I like booties. A lot. A lot a lot <3
#butt #bum #bootyπŸ‘ #ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie

Clear your mind of "can't" ❀

I wish I felt as magical right now as this wig from @evahairofficial made me look πŸ’• I'll shoot in this beautiful piece soon once I'm feeling better.
#evahairofficial #evahair #syntheticwig #brighthair #mermaid #cutehair #ombrehair #alternative #altfashion #bluehair #bluehairdontcare #blue

Here goes a post that, as a big foodie, I never saw myself making! I'm really happy to have been asked to try @huel for a month ❀ In a nutshell, Huel is nutritionally complete food in liquid form that you can prepare in just a few minutes. It's 100% vegan, creates zero food waste, and essentially it aims to leave the planet in the same or even better condition than we found it. Oh, and did I mention it means much less washing up?! Of course a nutritionally complete meal of whole food is the best solution but it's not always possible in a busy lifestyle so that's where Huel can step in and ensure you get all those things your body needs. I've lost count of the times I've ordered a takeaway or reached for some crap because I was short on time. Some people do replace their entire diet with this but most just replace breakfast and/or lunch then have a traditional meal in the evening, which is what I'm doing. I've only been having Huel for 3 days so far so I'll make another post at the end of the month. So far so good though! I've also found some tasty ways to mix up the flavour which I'll share soon too. Today I've made banoffee flavour 😍 You can use it to lose weight or gain weight too, as you're in control of how many calories you consume with it. Any questions, fire away! I've done a lot of reading on Huel's website and I'm proud to be promoting such an ethical company that does no harm to the planet and is looking out for our health πŸ’•

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Gothic mermaid πŸ’• My glorious wig is by @evahairofficial. I could never abandon my red but that's the beauty of wigs πŸ˜€ I know a code if you want to get a discount yourself! It's EVA9OFF. Now I'm going to go mermaid around...x

#evahair #evahairofficial #syntheticwig #bluehair #ombrehair #mermaid #mermaidhair #pendulousthreadsuk

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