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Amalie Zaar  "Mother" of VuvuzelaFamily. World Dance Academy; Coach: Kazoo Crew, The UnXspected. Vuvurifi/RificalTeam. Spiritual tours

When Adam is injured I have to step Out of my unisex comfort zone and start with a little female vybz. @queen_promo is definetly One of the female dancers I Really appriciate and respect-being in the industry for Many Many years; have a lot of tecnic and foundation to give ( not only steps) and always give you the energy to Freestyle and work with you own flow. This is just a little sumsum She did in the end of the class. All About attitude and confidence😍

Shingski's own Pool! #MommyLifeKingston2018

The competition in the danceworld always made me sick-dance is art and emotions, not a footballmatch- that is why this video make me happy! When different flows and strong Jamaican dancers hook up for a couple of hours Magic happen!


With Mommy on tour #bigboyshingski

I think most dancing mamas Know when this seems to be the only way to a happy baby: Dance Dance Dance ! Just jammin and vybing with some of last weeks steps... no hardcore dancing...
Just easy vybz to a sad little boy!

... How to freak Men Out... Breastfeeding in public😂 #boobyEverywhere #mostnaturalthingthough

BEBS and BasseMand😍

If people wonder what I have been up to the last week go follow ! Even though I am at maternity leave I still have to maintain me and "work" with my passion! World Dance Academy Summercamp is officiel over! I am sooo Happy for the big support at this event where Old and New Meet eachother and the unity between us ! And I am sooo proud of the teacherteam that definetly was the Best of the Best! Thank u everybody for this amazing event! Now Shingski and his mom is tired! My boy still sleeping since 10 o clock last night! 😴😴😴😴 #14hoursnonestopsleep #gratefullandhappy

Trying to keep up with the young and babyless. When you finally have a sleeping baby Düring @srilanka11rifical s Class and have 10 minuts to learn last weeks routine 🤤😲😨😁 #thedayponijamademefeellikeherstudent #badteacherbackontrack #13weekspostpregnancy #bodyyearsbehind #heavyMilkyBreast

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