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AMALIA PEÑA 🇲🇽🇺🇸  ✧*˚Travel Enthusiast (ง^︠.^︡)ง *.⋆✦˚•:⋆✧†.*•˚⋆📍CA ˚·.✦.⋆Go.beyond•what✧the⋆world˚⋆beau✞✧Converting strangers into friends(⊃ˆ◡ˆ)ಠ_ಠ)⊃.⋆·*˚✦

Huge shout out to Jeff @restauranthabana for the wonderful hospitality! If you're looking for a great place to have brunch in OC this is it! 😋

And mini shout out to the sweet lady who blessed me with her eye roll, I'm sure she just had a speck in her eye 😇

Adelina this is me trying to hug you 🤗I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you sweetie 👼🏼August babies are one of a kind 💖

I'm probably one of the scariest roller coaster rides but I'm also someones favorite type of ride... the ride you wait for in a long line because it scares the crap out of you but you like the fact that it makes you feel. This season has really taught me the complexity of being a woman... one minute you are happy, over the moon the next you're crying for no reason (could be time of the month) either way your feelings are valid and all you want is for someone to hug you, tell you they love you and that it's going to be okay. I am thankful that I'm able to be vulnerable in Christ and among friends and family who choose to be in my life. Being vulnerable has made me feel more liberated and reminds me that I'm not alone on this ride. The complexity of a woman is what makes her so beautiful. Being fragile is not a weakness it's what makes us human. We brake, we heal and trust that God is doing something good in us. Whatever ride you choose to take just know that your maker loves you and made you that way and when you break down He will restore you.

2 years ago I remember trying to make your mommy @erikapena0905 laugh through the labor pains (since we opted out of getting an epidural). Yes I was that tía who thinks she's a doula 😄
I'm also the tía who will be there when you need someone to talk to, who takes you on crazy adventures that one dreams of. The tía that prays for you and only sees the best in you.

Happy Birthday my sweet Grace. 💖your tía Amalia

One word to describe her spirit... "Contagious". Your fiancé is one blessed man! Excited to celebrate life with you!👰🏽💍

Oh you know...just stopping traffic 💃🏻 Well kinda 🤣 A big-rig knocked over a utility pole leaving the wires draping down in the middle of the freeway and then my tire decided "this is a great time to go flat" with a car full of family visiting from Texas 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sister Sundays 💖

Happy Birthday to this beautiful gem named Jen! Using her God given talent to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry in the efforts to stop human trafficking. Your work shines just as bright as your soul 💖 May God continue to bless you and use you for His Glory.

Huge shoutout to @shaunamiller for capturing moments like this. You made me feel so comfortable...can you tell? 😄

@uncvrdjewelry @symbologyclothing @citizenanddarling are fashion statements! Setting those who are enslaved free through jewelry and apparel! It brings me great joy to introduce this beautiful collaboration, a movement where chains and garments set people free.

Do not let your relationship status rob your joy or let it be the only source of joy, make the most of your singleness and if you're in a relationship don't forget your friendships. 💞 #France #tbt #Paris #travelphotography #treatyoself #backpacking #travel

3 months and counting ....✈️

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