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Flashback to August 18, 2014 when #ebola was a clear and present danger in Nigeria. The bravery and sacrifice of #ameyoadadevoh who will be forever be credited for helping to contain the outbreak at its source will never be forgotten. But that's not the story. In the face of this crisis, Nigeria acted quickly and on a large scale. A national health emergency was declared and everyone did their part to manage a potentially catastrophic event. To the glory of God, and much to the disbelief of the Western World, Nigeria was declared Ebola-free in record time. There's so much we can do as a nation when we put our hearts and minds to it. Ps. I'm still looking for national recognition of Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh's spirit. #flashbackfriday #tgif #godisgood #tallguy #proudnigerian #remembertheheroes

Jet plane #sockgame. #daddyduties

I wasn't as into today's ride as I usually am. Yesterday's century really did me in. But that's not the story. Take a closer look at my post-ride shot and you'll notice a photobomber. He's the one in the orange vest with a look that says: what a strange tall man. Since he had 'ruined' my shot, I decided to have a chat. His name is Tunde and he's a street cleaner. He is 22 and lives in Obalende though he's from Ogun State. He graduated high school in 2014 but never went to college. I asked why and he said he had money problems. Hmm... Don't we all? Turns out his father passed on right around when he finished school, leaving Tunde and his brother to run their used tire business. For reasons he would not divulge, the two men got into a fight and Tunde was cut off and left to fend for himself. He'd heard about the opportunities in Lagos and make his way here to earn and put away enough money to return and continue his education. That was what led him to this bridge where he works every day cleaning up trash and keeping it beautiful. "It's worse on weekends; people throw bottles and other things from their cars." I asked what other income streams he had and he said his mother who sells gari back home sends money when she can. He also does odd jobs to help his hustle. As he talked, my thoughts locked onto the words: "I'm putting my money away," so I launched into @myaccessbank mode. I talked about the ongoing promo at the bank and the fact that he could win a scholarship (car, generator, house, etc) just for saving. We both acknowledged that things were tough. Then he hit me with: "...but I will not do bad things, Sir. I will not steal and I will not do ritual. My father is watching." I was blown away. Here is this kid, doing his thing in spite of major challenges but still determined to fly right. He hopes to attend the University of Ilorin and plans to return to take over the family business. I have no doubt that he will. This young man moved me on so many levels, and I hope his story does same for you. He has not eliminated malaria or solved our poverty problem (yet) but he gives me hope. #cycling #nigerian #photobomb #savetoday #goodpeople #lekkiikoyibridge

This is my new friend Vladimir. He is from #slovakia and is 6ft 7". He came out to play with us and we are thrilled to have him. Of course you already know Mabogs. He doesn't look it but he's a monster on the asphalt. But that's not the story. Let's talk about Vladimir for a minute. For the four years I've been riding with this merry band of cyclists, I've enjoyed being the tallest guy in the club. Until today, when this guy shows up and messes up my program. Yup! I definitely don't like him. #cycling #cycling #fitness #fit #healthychoices #roadbike #bikeobsessed #saturday #strava #tall @cycologyclub

So here's the thing: You don't
need a special occasion to eat cake. It's Friday, and that's good enough for me. #justbecause #tgif #happyday #livelovelaugh

So here's the thing: In my past life I sold the greatest whisky ever blended. #johnniewalker #whisky #diageo #tbt

Focus on the positive. #happythoughts

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