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Friday thoughts.

Throwback to when @wale came to Nigeria. We drank great whisky, rode in a race car with Formula One legend #mikahakkinen, and had an incredible time. @diageo @johnniewalkerng

So here's the thing: Even though it's been almost three weeks, the asphalt doesn't hold grudges. She always welcomes you back with open arms. She'll kick your butt, and make you wish you never left, while whispering softly in your ear, "welcome home." #cycling #cyclist #healthychoices #fitness #itsbeenalongtime

When there's a line to get into Gucci... All that was missing was the bouncer doing ID checks and the pretty promoter with the guest list. #thingsthatmakemesmile #thingstodoinlondon #shopping #gucci #champagneroom

This is Eseosa (@ruudsoso). She is a member of the @myaccessbank Corporate Communications Team and single. She is incredibly smart; hardworking; six feet tall and gorgeous. I am convinced she moonlights as a super model. But that's not the story. We are here today with close friends and family (some might say 'customers,' but I much prefer 'close friends and family') of the Bank for a day of Polo, champagne and beautiful people. In partnership with @unicef and #fifthchukker we host this polo tournament every year to raise funds for orphaned and vulnerable children in Northern Nigeria. Children are the future; we all have a role to play in safeguarding their tomorrow. #polo #champagne #beautifulpeople #workmode #london

When all you want is a shot of the fabulous @osayia and photo bombing expert, Guy (his real name) swoops in and steals show... #photobomber #thingstodoinlondon

Last Friday, the ACT Foundation headed by @osayia and in partnership with @myaccessbank hosted a very impressive breakfast event. It was attended by several charitable organisations and some notable personalities. But that's not the story. I'm wearing a tee shirt and it looks like we've taken Casual Fridays to another level. We have. Remember I told you that we are on a mission to get every Nigerian to start thinking about the future and to start saving for a rainy day? This branded tee shirt aids that drive and is now my Friday uniform. So, if you see me or any of my tribe in our super cool black tees, say hello and ask about opening a Savings account for your family. Start putting money away right now. Your future self will be glad you did. #SaveToday #TGIF #workmode

I dont have a story to tell, but let's just agree: Everything tastes better when you're this high up. #foodie #theview #hellolondon

So here's the thing: I. Love. Dessert. #foodie #hellolondon

So here's the thing: Teach them well. #parenting #dad #love

So here's the thing: When you can't decide on dessert, have a bit of everything. Shout out to the guys at #trattoriatoscana for the exquisite dinner. #hellogermany #foodie #foodgloriousfood #karlsruhe

So we are in Karlsruhe to pick up an award on behalf of @myaccessbank for our efforts in sustainability. It's the second time in a row an African company is winning this award. But that's not the story. We had some time to kill so Bolanle (our Sustainability Queen) and I hit the streets to do a bit of sightseeing. But that's not the story. As luck would have it, the Natural History Museum is around the corner from the hotel so we head there. Never mind the fact that the description of the exhibits are all in French and German (not a word in English or Igbo), I noticed that everyone was staring. Had me feeling like one of the exhibits. Except that my description would have come in English, and certainly Igbo. We incorrectly guessed they did not get to see a lot of 6 footers in maroon pants and blue shoes. Turns out the average height for men here is 6ft 1in. Anyway, this kid (no, I did not ask his name) walks up and answered our question. He said he liked my jacket. And here we were thinking it was something else. #hellogermany

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