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So here's the thing: Too many of us treat this planet as if we have another one to go to. Newsflash: We don't. Mind you, I'm as much a Star Trek and Star Wars fan as the next man, but until we get real confirmation (ie. somebody I know and trust - from Nigeria if possible - goes there and comes back with pictures and souvenirs) that says otherwise... Earth is all we have. But that's not the story. On behalf of @myaccessbank, I just handed over the keys and paperwork to the first of many recycling trucks to our waste recycling partner - Parallel Point Consult. This donation (did I already say the first of many?) confirms our commitment to sustainability and just doing the right thing for our planet. This truck will drive by specific points and pick up recyclable material (glass, bottles, paper, plastic - there's a long list) so please look out for it. While I have your attention, I need you think about what you or your organization can do differently to save our planet. None of us reading this is likely to live past 2117, but our kids and grand kids will, by God's grace. So do it for them. It's their planet too and the things we do (or don't do) will impact them. That said, I love the fact that my bank is doing this. Keep watching, there's more to come. By the way, the Seafood Pasta at Vellvett Lounge is slamming. Ps. I know I could have used a more serious picture of me handing over the keys and looking very officious, but where's the fun in that? #sustainability #recycle #gogreen #savetheplanet #reducereuserecycle #bankerslife

Because sometimes, the first hour of the day is the best hour of the day. Shout out to the guys at @rhythm_bikes. See you soon. #cycling #cyclist #cyclistlife #healthychoices #fitness #roadbike #stravacycling #pinarello #humpday

Semovita, egusi and fresh fish. No pepper, please. #madeinnigeria #cycling #cyclist #cyclinglife #healthychoices #Tuesday

Stay dedicated and focused. It’s not going to happen overnight. Whatever your hustle is, get out there and get doing. #thingsiseewhilecycling #mondaymotivation #hustle

Sundays are pretty regular for my ten-year old and I, but today came with an incredible twist of lime. We visited @nikeartgallery for the first time and were held hostage for over two hours. Strange that as much as I love Nigerian art, I had never been there before. Four floors of the most beautiful exhibition of Nigerian artistic talent. Many of my favorites were there - @tolualiki @romisichei @peju.alatise etc. All in one building. It was truly emotional. But that’s not the story. My son and I got to meet and spend an hour with the wonderful and charming Mama Nike. There aren’t too many people who have done more to promote Nigerian art. We talked about the art scene and the incredible strides Nigerian artists are taking around the world. We talked about @ndidi_emefiele’s meteoric rise, and the fact that there were many more Nigerians like her who were gearing up to also take the world by storm. You know that excited me to know end. That’s still not the story. Midway through our tour, she asked if we wanted some wine, and Fanta for my almost-as-tall- as-me sidekick. Before we knew what was happening, there was puff puff and fried chicken, and a second bottle of wine. She introduced me to four up and coming artists who just happened to be hanging out at the gallery. We talked about people and organizations who supported Nigerian art, and a certain King who visited and bought many MANY pieces. It was a beautiful, full afternoon with one of the warmest human beings I’ve ever met. If you’ve never been, please stop by. You won’t regret it. If Mama Nike is there... bonus. #art #nigerianart #madeinnigeria #nikeartgallery #iloveart #sunday

So here's the thing: He that is ungrateful is a great fool. Thank you, God. For everything. First we match. Then we church. Then we brunch. #happysunday

Me and my tribe. It's 630am and we're going dancing. @cycologyclub #cycling #cyclist #saturday #roadbike #girlswhocycle #gooutside

Because no party is complete without musical chairs... Happy 50th birthday, Obinna. Yes, that is Herbert Wigwe, doing his thing. @myaccessbank #humansofaccess #birthday #bankerslife #fridaynight #aboutlastnight

Look at his face. Look at his smile. No, not me; the guy next to me. I know nothing about him, so there's no story. Sorry. I ran into him during this morning's ride. I'm guessing he's in his 60s. He's happy. He's healthy. He's doing his thing. And just seeing him on the asphalt brought joy to my heart. I hope he lives well past 100.
Now, swipe left; I want to show you something. Women are always asking me if girls ride. They want to be healthy. They want to be fit. But they are afraid of the saddle and their feminine parts. They dont want to wake up at 5 or 530am. They are afraid that their legs and thighs will get big and muscular. They are afraid that traffic has the devil written all over it. Trust me, girls ride too, and they are a great part of our tribe. This is Amina. She does not have two heads. She rides like a girl, and she's beautiful. Oh and guess what? It's Fridaaaaay! #cycling #cyclist #healthychoices #fitness #fit #healthy #everyonesdoingit #gooutside #girlswhoride #girlswhocycle #roadbike #comeoutandplay #thingsiseewheniride #strava #friday @cycologyclub

Here's to those who inspire us and don't even know it. @cycologyclub #cyclist #cycling #fit #fitness #workout #healthychoices #mytribe #inspiration

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