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Abdulrahman Mohammed  Singer&Social/Motivational Documentaries Filmmaker for business enquiries: @moooonlight1979

Intention for a world tour with this project through international light jazz & experimental music festivals 🙏😍

The Hope will Never End "Album"
A 4 years trip from 17 years life journey in the independent & alternative Arabic music industry @carthage.festival

Yes we started by short Cinema part😃finally the idea is a live & real 😭 Thanks to @webartsprod @rabii_baltagi for organising it & making it real in the show 🙏 Thanks to "aggressiveness" video illustrator The Artist @mahmoud.hindawi who spent 3 months with me writing & creating its story with 56 original portraits😭 it was such a long, enjoyable & very interesting project, but the hardiest and challenging part of it that all of its story writing and drawing process was made by phone calls, emails, text messages between different countries😰🤕😭 Gratitude Mahmoud for all your creativity and patience

@carthage.festival Carthage concert Arabic / English / French introduction in Tunisia the city of music festivals 🌹

@carthage.festival Carthage concert Arabic introduction 2

@carthage.festival Carthage concert Arabic introduction 1

A moment from @carthage.festival

Live improvisation part 2 from "Resemblance" Piece @carthage.festival

Live improvisational part 1 from Resemblance piece at @carthage.festival

#Repost @carthage.festival (@get_repost)
・・・ عبد الرحمن محمد على ركح مسرح مهرجان قرطاج
🇹🇳️🇹🇳️ #تحيا_تونس 🇹🇳️🇹🇳️
Abdulrahman Mohammed
عبد الرحمن محمد Abdulrahman Mohammed

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