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Abdulrahman Mohammed  Singer&Social/Motivational Documentaries Filmmaker for business enquiries: @moooonlight1979

Loud harsh self talk, Social identity pain and contradiction. Deep self prove and identity searching, lost weak moments. Life & career journey tiredness.....

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You don't attract what you WANT, (conscious mind), you attract what you ARE (subconscious mind). You've got to define what you want and plant that desire in your heart of hearts - your subconscious mind.
You can only attract what you are in harmony with.
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🤔 could be My performance style, I’m jamming with the team and the audience are observers and my (home = Stage) guests

@willsmith 🙏

Great meeting today with successful and creative like minded😊 Thanks for meeting you today @imed_alibi @julien_7c

Youtube 👀😊

It was a pleasure meeting you dear @imed_alibi 😊 congrats for the new independent Album ‘SALHI’ wish you all the best in your world tour and see you soon

Imagination faculty 😍 @citedesartsparis see you on my YouTube channel 🙏

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When you are able to control the movements of your attention in the subjective world you can modify or alter your life as you please.
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As music is my passion and my profession while I didn’t study it or practiced it to be a professional musician, composer and singer, and as this kind of profession is not common and rare to find “professionally” in my country and in my conservative classical & traditional society. when I decided to be a professional alternative performer, through my practical journey, I sensed the difference between me and other professional musicians and singers here in Paris. I feel sad that I spend my life “wishing” to be something, wishing to be a full time singer and musicians while the people here studied these subjects and practiced for years and years, gradually, step by step. It’s a way of living in here. no perfect music happens “professionally” random in here, everything goes step by step with enough practice and trainings. So that’s why when I need to perform I usually ask to practice for 2 months with the selected musicians, in order to gain confidence, train my voice, my instruments practices in order to perform in high level energy. In order to improvise and change things if I need. this concept of long time rehearsing importance I won’t find easy and professionally back home. Because most of the people there don’t trust to be a full time alternative musicians and singers. most people there are having double classical jobs and very far from being a full time alternative artist in general. Cause it’s not “enough money” to make a living out of this intellectual type of music and because it’s not respected culturally and traditionally. That’s why I ended up alone, with many doubt, fear, and underestimation from the conservative society around and from the extreme commercial and traditional music scene which is happening there😔 “When We Met” instrumental part live @citedesartsparis @kamaat @ministerecc 🇫🇷 full video on YouTube now 😊 deeply grateful for sharing this with you deep and award people 🙏 stage portrait by @mahmoud.hindawi, filmed by the beautiful filmmaker and wonderful artist @beritjager

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