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✨  Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me 🔥❤

Tried to record a yoga sequence for my first time and cut myself off for half of the video 😂 Clearly I need to work on my recording skills 🧘‍♀️#yoga

ALWAYS ✨⚡️ #harrypotterforlife

Today there are two things to celebrate... 1. Baby sister graduated college, woo hoo!!!! 2. We embraced, she actually didn’t fight it and smiled the whole way through 😍🙌🏻 Kerr I am one proud sister. You did really did it!

Happy Mother’s Day to this super model 😍 To the woman who has taught me all I know. Thank you for being the phenomenal mother that you are and above all thank you for loving me unconditionally ❤️

Look, Tucker, everything the light touches is our kingdom #goodlucktuck

This little face warms every part of my heart and soul 🐾 #goodlucktuck #tuckerjames

No matter the distance, the moment you come home it’s as if we were just hanging out together the day before. Thankful I got to see you as much as possible while you were home. Have a safe flight! Love you Ariel Lynn 😘

I want to take a moment to congratulate this stud for all his accomplishments. Today is his first day of his new job!!! He works incredibly hard and is full time student working towards his career. I love you babe, I’m so proud of you 💕

Dear yoga,
I’m bananas 🍌 for you, let’s never split.
Love always,
Alyssa •
Thank you @bacashaw for teaching me your lovely moves and to my sweet babe @master_hack thank you for always capturing my best side 💕 #aerial #aerialsilks #yoga

To my forever puppy, happy national puppy dog day 🐾 #goodlucktuck 📸: @master_hack

Red’s commentary was rated PG-13 and was not appropriate for all viewers 😂 🎥: @yeah_like_the_color #acroyoga #yoga #babe

I know SH always has my back when he spots me... thanks guy 🤣 📸: @master_hack #joshuatree #nationalpark #climbing