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Alyssa Wright  marketing & training coordinator📈 📍sweet home alabama

h o m e 🏙
I see so many people doing so many great things in this city and it makes me so happy. Growing up in Mobile, all you hear is how lame it is and how you need to move somewhere else to get anywhere in life, but I don’t 100% think that’s true. We have so much opportunity in this city and we are growing everyday 💙 No matter where I may go in the future, this will always be home #mobile

y’all it’s too it fall yet 😩

the colors are endless and that’s just one of the reasons that I love this city so much💕 also, I believe I have decided on my next travel destination and your girl is preeeetty pumped 🤘😆

b r e a t h e 🌫
whenever something makes you mad, ask yourself if you think you’ll care about it tomorrow...and if the answer is no, then don’t waste your energy on that negativity! ☮️ breathe it out and let it go! life’s too short to be mad✌️ // obviously we all have our bad days, but this is something I have learned that helps me so I figured it might help someone else tewww💕

Nola Airbnb vibes ✌️ so happy to be in my favorite city! 💙

you can be aNytHinG you want to be ✨🌈

the best sunset spot on the island🌴 road trippin’ to a different kind of sunset this weekend! Super stoked🌇✌️ happy fridayyyy

am I the only one who always has to have something to look forward to? 😩😅 once I go on a trip or on a vacation, I’m like alright.. time to plan something else haha! It’s so much fun looking forward to exciting things like taking a trip🤘 once I figure out where I want to go next, the countdown will be on🏝 any suggestions?? drop ‘em below👇

for those of you who haven’t known me since I was little, I’ve always loved spending time on photoshop🙌 idk why I stopped using it butttt I finally got back into the groove of it this year. Yeah this is pretty weak, but I’m re-teaching myself everything 😅 I’ve been so inspired by the 70s lately so here’s this:) (song is from 1967, but you get it✌️🙄)

last minute drives to the island 🏝 @blackboughswim

s u n d a z e — a day of rest and rejuvenating ☀️ don’t forget to put aside time for yourself! It’s so important ✌️ Have a great day, instafam💟

summer treats🍦

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