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Alyssa Spangler  If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. 🖤

I never thought of myself as someone with anxiety. I never thought of myself as someone who couldn't deal with whatever was thrown my way. But that was the problem. I never thought about myself. Over the past few months, stress has forced me to have to think of myself. Mainly for my health and for my family. I'm slowly learning that it's ok to say no to someone; to change plans last minute because you just need a second to do nothing; and that frozen pizza will be just fine for dinner. I can't be everywhere at once, or take care of everyone else, or keep it all together sometimes. But I'm growing and I'm learning about the person I was sent here to be. My place in this world is purposeful and I will keep going. #motivationmonday #keepgoing #loveyourself #istillhatedonaldtrump

When you look better as a bear than a human... 🐻 #Snapchat #filterforlife #girlsweekend #imtired

No new friends. @maria_maria09

Why the F am I not on a beach somewhere for spring break right now? #ohright #becauseimanadult #springbreak #lagunabeach #ilovemaysa #budlightlime #2010 #fbf @mase9653


If you take anything from this picture, I hope it is knowing that no amount of stress is worth your health. It finally caught up to me but my life is headed in a new direction after all of this. Do something for yourself today. You can not take care of anyone else unless you are healthy first. #stressfreezone #youneverknowsomeonesstruggle #bekind #itsoktobeselfish

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