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Meg Myers: “I have a shaman, and I see him also as my therapist. You sit and work through shit. It can be hard. There can be a lot of purging. Those are some of my favorite ones, even though they’re the most painful, because I release so much shit that I’ve been holding onto for so long. It’s enabling me to feel more grounded each time.”
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@onejointwith @megmyersofficial 🍃 “You’re sitting there, under the influence of the psychedelic, and your hands want to do something. My hands reach out, I start following something with my right hand, and it can tap into things from my past, maybe things from my future, I don’t know. It’s almost like it’s unlocking stuff.” 🍃 Link in bio.

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Stona Mane of the Compton Cowboys: “I like riding with no shirt and some sweats. When a cop sees me they know I don’t have anything, I can’t conceal nothing in my skin. Automatically they already know, ‘ok, he’s not a threat.’” Full interview at

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She’s live 🤗

Happy 31st birthday, you gorgeous freak! You are the ultimate dreamboat; how lucky am I to call you, this wildly entertaining, stupidly handsome, incredibly intelligent man, my best friend?! I threw a surprise in to keep your head from getting too big.
The last one is what would happen if we had kids.
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Sunday family fun day 🌞

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