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Alyssa Cortes  All women are powerful. But a woman who knows her power? Now that's a force to be reckoned with. » • Body Positive + • I workout sometimes

Gotta take advantage of the nice weather while I can so I try to take my workouts outside as much as possible // When life gives you tires lift those suckas up ☀️🌷💪🏼

Damn lyss back at it again with the tires 🏎💨 & yes my shirt says #UnapologeTHICK
Workout will be up tomorrow.

Monday Blues w. @jbadou

Focused. @jbadou

Comfort zones are great but nothing grows there 🌸

•The girl I was a few years ago would have never felt comfortable enough to pose in a bikini let alone post a picture in one. I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin and allowed my insecurities to get the best of me. The woman I am today has embraced the practice of self love in not only the way I take care of my body but how I view it. I now focus on all the things my body does for me and do my best to see the beauty in things I once saw as flaws. I now understand that there is no such thing as perfection and that by seeking it you've already failed. #everyBODYisbeautiful

📸🐼👍🏼: @13o5

Welcome to Miami.
» 📸 by @13o5

Late Night Leg Work. Cause you're not gonna get the booty you want sitting on the one you have. 🍑

» Reverse hack squats
» Glute kickbacks
» Deadlifts
» Reverse lunges •

& yes I know I have cellulite, folds, rolls, etc. But for one I'm human and on top of that a bottom heavy one so it comes with the territory. Still gonna keep loving myself, as should you. Imperfections and all 🖤

Jump Roping. Hands down my favorite form of cardio. It improves coordination, agility, footwork, endurance, speed, and overall conditioning. In this clip I'm focusing on maintaining movement & fluidity with the rope while keeping up my pace.

The first time I ever even wanted to jump rope was after watching a video of @lyzabethlopez who killed it on a tennis court. After many years of whip marks to my legs and back I'd say I finally got the hang of it.

Ended up taking my cardio outside today with some jump roping, I'll have the video up by tomorrow.

Hope everyone's enjoying this beautiful day 🌺

»March 26th - »Today •

This morning I had my regular 2 week check in with my nutrition coach and honestly I was a bit discouraged by the number I saw on the scale. Knowing better I began to look through some of my old progress pictures and as it usually goes had to check myself. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting to see the big transformation picture or the drastically lower number on the scale that we forget to celebrate our small victories. Yes the changes are subtle but it's progress and it's mine. So just a friendly reminder to take your progress pictures and to remember that the scale isn't a direct reflection of your actual progress.

Also for those who asked my measurements » Bust: 36
» Waist: 28
» Hips: 43

So I did my morning cardio at the gym but then decided to take my full body work outside on this beautiful day ☀️
These are a few of my go-to outdoor exercises if I'm not using resistance bands, weights, or .....tires 🙊

Haven't posted in a while so greetings from my fivehead and I 👽🖖🏼

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