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Haven't gotten the chance to record a workout in a while so I made sure to get to that today. Had 45 mins before work that I had to make the best of, so here's a few clips from my back day.

Each exercise was for 4 sets of 12 reps. Except for the pull ups which were until failure. My goal is to one day be able to do unassisted pull ups.

Think you can't get a pump in 45 mins?
That's a lie 🎶

Just a girl and her awkward hand

The little label on the inside of my truck said it weighed 5,500lbs......I took it as a personal challenge. #JeepGang

I didn’t get more than a few sentences into this article before cringing. The article stated that promoting body positivity and that brands and public figures using statements like “embracing your body, being proud of your body, and LOVING your body” were propaganda. That brands promoting the acceptance of “thicker” females were responsible for contributing to the obesity epidemic in the U.S. The article even went as far to say (and I quote) “Aerie model @iskra , known for her Instagram post on accepting her body, may not realize that she influenced a teenager to not do any sports, a teenager who ultimately developed diabetes, because being over weight is no problem according to what she sees on social media” and that “ Sports illustrated @si_swimsuit may not realize that they indirectly caused a young women to DIE from heart failure because she decided to accept her body instead of exercise, after seeing @theashleygraham cover.” For me to read this hateful and completely untrue article and remain silent would go against everything I believe in and stand for and would only allow these kind of ideas to be put out into the world unrivaled. First off the @huffpost should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this hateful, biased, and completely unsupported article to be published on their immense platform and for having the nerve to refer to the woman who wrote it as a “contributor.” The only thing you’re contributing to the world Ms. Valdez is ignorance, hate, and misinformation about female body positivity. Which is even worse coming from A. a female but B. one who claims to be in the medical field. If we’re going to talk stats let’s start with some REAL ones. Like the fact that 60% of women compare their bodies to fashion models in mainstream media who’s average sizes are a 0-4 and that 2/3 of U.S women are above a size 4. Or that 78% of women over the age of 17 are unhappy with their bodies, so much so that 86% of them develop eating disorders by the age of 20 and that 90% of eating disorders are found in women. How about the fact that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric diagnosis.


The rewards I see from working have made me an addict.

Transformation Tuesday with a Twist 🌀✨ _______________________________________________
So I realized that I hadn't posted an updated transformation picture in a while so I figured I'd get to that on my day off. This is my shape as of this morning in comparison to my shape a few years back. Again all of my results have been attained naturally through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and consistency.
But I decided that this post would be a little bit different. By its nature alone social media tends to lack transparency, let's be real no one wants to post about the negative or unflattering aspects of their lives. But when it comes to body image social media can be a dangerously deceptive place for everyone, especially women. Between photoshop, cosmetic surgery, paid product promotion, extreme dieting, and unrealistic fitness accounts women are now holding themselves to an unattainable standard. We are forgetting one fundamental trait that we all have in common. We're human. And as humans we're not intended to be physically perfect or rock solid. Our skin folds, rolls,
stretches and ripples to allow us to be able to do our daily tasks. Why is that something to be ashamed or self conscious of? And yeah some of us may have cellulite, what about it? It's there and it's part of you so love that sh*t. The point of this post is to remind you that wellness/ fitness/ and self love isn't about having the lowest body fat percent possible or the most ripped six pack (because trust me there are plenty of people out there who are aesthetically pleasing but aren't healthy) it's about caring for yourself both physically and mentally to create the best version of YOU possible. Stop looking in the mirror and thinking about all the things you dislike about your body or wishing you could be someone else and instead start thinking about all the things your body does for you and how there's no one else built like YOU. Let's be the generation of men and women to break this cycle of self hate and negativity and replace it with self care, healthy mental and physical habits, and most importantly self love. With that said I'm out ✌🏼

Mismatched socks & Milly rocks to get this leg day started 😂

Met up with my soulmate @jayceesquats for an intense leg session. Let me tell you by the end of this one I was wobbles McGee but the energy we brought to that work out pushed me through it. First of many sessions you're going to be seeing of these Wonder Women 💪🏼🍑🏋🏻‍♀️👑💕

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it." -The Alchemist

Little recap of this weekends #Socialsweat event hosted by @fueledbyculture @mercedesclubnyc

When you ask @jayceesquats to take a picture of you and it turns into a full blown photo shoot & new friendship 💕
• Thank you to @fueledbyculture for inviting me to their #Socialsweat event. I'm still running on a high from yesterdays vibes 💫

• 🔥 CARDIO // HIIT 🔥 •

This workout was for a total of 60 mins. 30 mins of intervals on the stair master and the other 30 mins consisted of hiit circuits with 30 seconds to 1 minutes rests in between.

Majority of my cardio now consists of the stair master, incline speed walking, high resistance biking/ elliptical, or hiit circuits (squat jumps, jumping lunges, burpees, sprints, etc) For me personally long distance low resistance cardio like jogging narrows out my lower body too much so I'm not much of a cardio bunny 🐰🏃🏽‍♀️

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