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Alyssa Jayson  My favorite place to journey goes far beyond, My Mind (Enterprises LLC) Chief Creative.

In today’s edition of the wisdom we hold in our pockets... a) sometimes we give something more value than its worth.
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In the #archives , making space for things of new. This was an interview I did in being Hofstra’s Alumna of the Month after releasing my first record. It’s 10 years and yep, I’m living up to my goals 💯
. . .
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“But are you looking at the world through rose colored glasses?” said they. “Perhaps,” I replied. . . .
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I’m so happy there was no Instagram when I was 16.

Not because of any embarrassment. But because when I look at the girl in this photo, I see someone who was living life for life, not for post-able images of fragmented moments for others to like.

This girl couldn’t just copy someone else’s feed, she had to feed herself...with experiences and exploration.

She had to learn about things that she liked, or didn’t like, or were different from her, or she was curious going into the world and finding them. Not by hashtags and influencers. She couldn’t just delete a picture of herself she didn’t like. She had to wait for the exposure to develop.
And it still is...

It is in silent conversation that I feel everything I need to see.

What was I for Halloween? The happiest person. 👻
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This has been my prayer for many years now. And after more dark days for all of our humanity...these are the words that found me. So I share.

There is only one way to change this violent, divided and self-destructive course of the human race.
We need to FEEL it.

Desensitized behind devices, we are unknowingly, yet willingly handing over our greatest power, our divinity.

The digitizing of the human race - reducing ourselves and our beautiful world into pixels.
Without feeling our humanity it becomes easier and easier for the mind to dissociate.

Processing only through the visual cortex, we now associate life with characters on a screen...we are becoming just data.

Data is so easy to label, categorize, copy, paste, sort and divide. And destroy.

Hold on to your heart. Do the work to free it from your mind. The heart knows there is only one column, one row needed...Human.

YOU are someone’s child, WE are someone’s brother, sister, husband, wife, partner, friend. This is OUR pain. This is OUR responsibility. FEEL IT.

Listen for the ways you judge, rage, and hate....even if you believe you are on the “good” side of the argument. There are no sides to this argument.
Everything happening in this world is a collective reflection of the frequencies of energy WE are creating. It doesn’t matter who you hate. It is not better to hate one person over another.

What matters is that hate is here at all.

This morning I received the kindest message from a musician in Texas who happened upon an actual CD copy of my 1st album “Use As Needed” - which is approaching the 10th anniversary of its release, what!?!
He spoke in detail, and specifics in relation to the experience it created for him, musically, emotionally... he took the time to reach out and make a personal connection.
And I so gratefully personally connected back. .
Please let’s not reduce ourselves to digital dots. It makes us so much easier to copy, paste, group, sort and divide.
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Inspiration in Aisle 7.

I check in every year to see if I have kept my own promise. . . .
Never Forget
. . .
Today, I hear that ringing call-to-action, assigned as the mantra of this day, differently.
. . .
Knowing that by asking to recall the terror, fear and pain of this day in history, that in some ways we are carrying its same energy from an indelible memory into how we are creating the present.
. . .
There is no way that any of us can or will ever forget, especially as the world grows more volatile.
. . .
But what if true change lies in the way we remember? . . .
Rather than call to the fear, the hatred and pain, today, I vow to make "never forget" a promise within myself.
. . .
I will never forget that hate is learned, and not in our natural state of being. Every "one" enters this world as a reflection of love, completely open and perfect.
. . .
I will remember this pure and unthreatenable type of love through those whose journey ended innocently and heroically. The honoring of their lives, serving as a testament to a love bigger than any "one" could be or accomplish.
. . .
I will never forget to be honest with, and take responsibility for, my own intolerances, judgements and actions whether placed upon a group of, one of; or myself.
. . .
I will remember it is the first moment any “one" feels, is told, or believes; they are less than, wrong in, or unloveable as; that continuously and forever molds the course of all our time here. And the true catalyst which has created our beliefs, systems, laws and karma over the course of all human existence.
. . .
I will never forget that I as “one”, am part of "all," responsible for and creating this world moment by moment. . . .
I will remember that change within ourselves, our beliefs, our cultures and societies never comes by force or defense but through awareness and surrender.
. . .
And I will never forget to let people know how much, and specifically why, they matter to me. Not because they may not be; but because they are here now.

Dip Trip Flip Fantasia.
. . .
I’m most comfortable in the biggest of spaces, where defining the experience and all that is within it; completely unnecessary other than feeling the love. .
. . .
My Beloved Personnel Choices in the Exploration of Magic: the lady @jetolivia and the wisest of us all @thedollyshow . . .
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A little night music. . . .
I wrote my first #song at 14, with a heart so broken it needed expression. I didn’t know how to play #piano but I sat down at the one in my living room and just started making shapes with my hands until the sounds I found on its keys, sounded like how my heart felt. . . .
Here is how that conversation translated into a string arrangement almost 15 years later and now found me again tonight ...because they truly are my #heartstrings . . .
Intro, Hold Me (2009)

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