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happy Easter 🐣

seeing you and realizing this is actually true is heart breaking Baby boy but you'll get through this I promise πŸ’™just try and try and you will be out of there faster I love you so much staying strong since day 1

National unicorn day πŸ¦„β€οΈβœ¨πŸ’—


Bizzy and byssa


Her heart felt peace because she finally understood . Please everyone keep praying for Conner Howell I love him so much and many more do πŸ’™

Love you bunches πŸ’™ just updating everyone ! Conner is going to be in the medically induced coma for about 3 more weeks :( the good news is there is nothing really changing with him he's doing alright on the machines πŸ’™ just everyone keep praying becuase I promise he can hear you :)

It's going to be okay love you so many prayers for you

Conner I love you so much and I want you to know that this was a big accident and you can recover from it just know you have many many people praying for you stay strong and wake up please you mean so much to me and so much to your family please wake up...I have no emotion I can't feel my body if I loose him I will loose myself he is one of the people in the world I'm happy to wake up to hear from I can't believe this happened it's a blur you don't believe something like this could ever happen until it does...

When someone says what's wrong ?

Change your life a little bit and better things will happen :)

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