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comment and I'll comment on your Instagram for a word that I think describes you ;) doing ones I want

sweet like candy.

happy, Mother's Day. Thank you mom. Thank you for all the education you teach me. not in the way of school education but education in my right and wrongs , in death or life , love or hate, thank you. I thank you for carrrying me for 9 months!! In your stomach suffering through morning sickness then contraction last having me. I'm here because of you so I must have a purpose because you have a purpose on this world for being a nice and generous person to so many people . Taking care of 2 little girls and running around for us is so hard on you but you do it anyways thank you. I love you



Low quality pic but high quality sibling love . I love you little Perry

I love my mom soooo much she loves me she disciplines me and shows me right from wrong I've made mistake but I got my punishment and now we joke about it (except for the really bad things) but I love you


who's ready to go back ??

momma since day1️⃣

grew up with these 🙄💗hate and love

l Love you . And Ill always mean it.

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