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I love this picture for so many reasons- 70 degrees on December 26th, sand in every crease and crevice, two healthy toddlers + a healthy baby growing inside me, and a husband who never takes pictures yet turned on portrait mode and captured this one. I’ll never claim our life to be a perfect one, but if you’re close to me, you know I’ve never had a single negative thing to say about motherhood. Maybe it’s a blessing of how hard we worked to make this all possible, or maybe it’s something I know I’ll be held accountable for in the next life, either way- there is so much sunshine in my soul! 💛👧🏽👧🏽👶🏼 #londonandfinley

This guy has never once left the house before work without giving me a kiss. Even when I’m dead asleep in bed and probably wouldn’t even remember❤️

MY ENTIRE HEART ❤️ The one thing I love most about family pictures is going through each image and saying everything I love from the backdrops down to the chub on the twin’s fingers. How do you even begin to thank someone for capturing moments you could live in forever with the people you couldn’t live without? But maybe next time in 80 degree weather instead of 33! 😉🎄❄️
#londonandfinley 📷: @dalhunt

How we talk about our children is intimately connected with the way THEY feel OUR love for them. Not only does it reflect in the patience we give, the way we act, or our thoughts throughout the day, but is reflected in the self worth of the child and safety in any situation they will encounter. It’s easy to be caught up in a moment of despair, but it’s even easier to remember it’s just a moment. I am grateful for every ounce of London and Finley and every ounce of our baby growing inside. Everyday I am overwhelmed with joy that they are mine forever and you better believe they hear that from me ALL DAY LONG! •

“We need women who can detect deception in all of its forms. We need women who know how to access the power that God makes available to covenant keepers and who express their beliefs with confidence and charity. We need women who have the courage and vision of our Mother Eve.”- Elder Nelson

Happy Halloween from my little Sandra Dee’s! 🖤⚡️👯#londonandfinley #matchestheirpersonalitysperfectly

The BEST SURPRISE we’ve ever experienced! Baby #3 coming in April 👶🏼🎉 The girls are still warming up to the idea of sharing our attention, it’s a good thing they have each other! (Swipe left)😂 #londonandfinley

One year ago I was heading in for my weekly appointment at the hospital when some very in-tune nurses thought it was time for the twins to come out. I was sent up to labor and delivery (thinking it was for more monitoring) when Dr. Jeff Nance pushed through the doors, rubbed my shoulders and said "I'm off to deliver this baby down the hall and then I'll be back for yours!" I looked at the check in nurse and said huh? She quickly double checked with the doctors downstairs and said "Looks like we are having these babies!" I frantically tried to juggle changing into the gown, answering all the paperwork questions, and getting ahold of Dallin who wasn't answering because he was at football practice! Luckily he got there with 20 minutes to spare in his flip flops and quite possibly the most adrenaline he's ever had running through his body. We had a quick quiet moment just us two before they wheeled us back and the entire experience felt like a slow motion dream. The second we heard those cries both of our hearts changed in the very best way and instantly life without them was completely forgotten. This past year has been nothing short of the way we felt the moments they were born. They are exactly what makes our heart whole and our house a home. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom because this last year has been the best of my life. Happy birthday London and Finley!!! 🎀🎀🎉🎉 #londonandfinley #oneyear #twins

Our guy comes home tonight and man have we missed him!
pc: @dalhunt

When I was wheeled into the operating room to deliver the twins they stopped dallin at the door and continued to push me through. They stared maneuvering my body, hooking up machines, and telling me to turn this way and that. Looking up at the ceiling trying to stay calm, all I could see and hear was a lot of voices muttering and nothing but white walls. I immediately felt very anxious and scared and before I could get a word out I turned my head to the left and Dallin was right there beside me. He looked me right in the eyes with the biggest mask-face grin, grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. My eyes get tears every time I remember that moment because when I needed him the most I didn't have to ask, he already knew. Our whole (4 years) of marriage has been just that. Me needing him and him already being right beside me. Not in front, or behind, but a very equal companion. I am so humbled to be married to you Dallin and especially grateful to raise our children with you. Happy anniversary!! I love you ❤️

Moments before my #instagramhusband left for football practice-which is the only thing keeping me from weeping that summer is coming to an end. Also this is very accurate of what it's like taking two 11 month olds to the pool, waving hi and going different directions! #londonandfinley

Realistically what it's like having a twin sister. Happy #nationaltwinday to these two best friends! Lots of hair pulling and binky stealing, with a side of loves and kisses 👯 #londonandfinley

Not a doubt in my mind, these two were supposed to come together. #londonandfinley #twingirls #ivfsuccess

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